Friday, May 7, 2010

Love Song...

Bitter sweet, but more sweet than bitter... I am running again! I got the clear to run this week and managed a little jog in the park Tuesday, (or tready in case I had to stop). It was like rekindling a know how good it can be and you know how much you want it but it is just is so bumpy getting back to that sweet spot. It was like learning to run all over again. Nothing felt right, everything was so uncertain, not painful, just really awkward, but I knew I wanted to run and be running, patience would be my friend.
The only thing all week that was saving me was my love for the ocean. I would just escape there everyday this week. I'd look at fish underwater, swim with the swim team, chase down dolphins, sneak under the coral caves, pick up wana trying to live "dangerously", and I'd let go of all the stuff on the shore that had me a little sad while I smiled in the ocean.

One morning driving along Alii on the way to the ocean I felt a love song invade my heart. It was the best feeling, that feeling you get when you are so in love, it feels like you can climb over any mountain and you can't stop smiling, the kind of love that fills you to do incredible things. I'm telling you this feeling was crazy in me...I wanted to call all the girls and tell them I was in love, but I'm sure they would wonder with who and how I met him and when they get to meet him and I'd have to explain it was with the ocean, I think...or just being at peace in this moment of my life despite the little things...needless to say, I was content with returning to the ocean even though my running was just not right-yet.
This morning after swim something very cool happened. Coach told me to run, again. And I ran...pain free. There was one moment in the run when I felt like me again and I tried to run hard and fast, I didnt even have on the IPOD. I was deep in thought with my own breathing as my music. Of course running looked a little ugly as my rhythm is lost & my run shorts are now a size too small, but I was running. In fact, I got honks as some friends saw me finally back out there in action! I even had a truck full of very good looking boys stop...oh don't get excited, I did on accident, but as I got closer they began to yell, "Miss Myers, Miss Myers" and the cute local boys were my students from 8 years ago...sheeeesh...

Oh, if you plan to fly FAR, be aware of "Deep Vein Thrombosis", that's what kept me from running and made it so blood couldn't circulate and I got a minor case of "hypothermia" in Africa (that still cracks me up), it was the worst pain my legs ever knew. AND be careful, 3 people died of it last a little research if you plan to race after a long flight, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Ever. Even my ART/Chiro told me today this is the worst shape she has ever seen me in. Come on legs, we can get back our love song!!
Other than lots of moments with Kainoa, swim-bike-AND a little run, this week had a few good laughs. Like begging my open water swim partner to play "Dirty Dancing" with me. The lift was on my "things to do" and 12 tries later we got it! Here ya go, in case you need a good laugh...

Body slam, ran but forgot to jump!
Ooop's, 2 left feet, coordination to run,jump,fly isn't too easy for this mermaid...
Try number 12...GOT IT! Thanks Monroe :)
Okay everyone, enjoy your weekend to the fullest! Hug your mommas!


Christi said...

Love the dirty dancing move! My husband and our friend tried to do that one night after a night of drinking and it was not near water. Needless to say it didn't work out but it was sure funny!

Keep keeping better and don't rush the run!

CoachLiz said...

Scary stuff with that Deep Vein Thrombosis! Glad to hear that you are on the mend and can run a little.

Lynn said...

Had leg/running issues myself this past week so was VERY interested in reading about your come-back! Had a TERRIBLE virus & on couch for two weeks...NO training. Once better, legs would not go! Atrophied! Quads barked up a storm. But ran conservatively until I got my running legs back, which finally happened today! PERSEVERANCE and PATIENCE pays off!

Welcome back!

Beth said...

AHHHH - Bree I can't believe you finished that whole marathon in SA with a DVT! That's what a lot of WILL will get you! Hope the running feels better soon. I know you'll get back there. I've been in your position before with injuries, missing running so much and then when you can run again it feels...not right...but it won't be long until you feel like yourself again and are getting your groove on! Happy mom's day to you!