Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Coach...

Yes I've been training, really focused, really motivated, really ready to race. I've sort of dropped a lot of play time and added in a lot of book nerd time in hopes to get a race out me that reflects the training that comes out of me. This morning was tops though. It was a run super easy, but it had a few intervals to get the legs wide awake and ready for action. I'm not sure what happened but I dropped my run partner at Banyans...maybe it was all the guys we passed with pakalolo that had him mellowing out...I'm hoping it was my legs happy with the book nerd in me that has let them chill out a little between training sessions.
Don't worry, I haven't become type A: eat sleep swim bike run. I promise. In fact, as a reward for this sincere dedication to my sport & passion I'm indulging the day after the Hawaii 70.3 on Saturday. Sunday I'm going to wake up and race the Kukio Challenge! Back in the canoe baby! I've been out of the boat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. When something is in you, something you love there is no hiding from it no matter how far you run. I miss paddling. Took Kainoa for a little spin on Memorial Day just to see if my arms, lats, back, and shoulders remember...and they did.
When I asked coach about this little "day after the race" race...he said, "Bring it on". Coach is racing! I'm not kidding, (I had to ask him if he was serious). He is so serious! My goal is a great race on Saturday and show coach to the kiddie pool on Sunday & paddle loops around him! I'm sure he just wants me to race well on Saturday then smack the crap out of me on Sunday...anyways, the race is on!! Bree Wee VS. Jimmy Riccitello!
4 days till the fun begins! I LOVE race week!! And I love it even more when it leads into 2 races on a single weekend!
ALOHA nui loa!


Christi said...

Good luck on both your races! I am also racing this weekend in Kansas. I am doing my first half. I will seek motivation from your race on Saturday.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Good Luck Bree!

kerrie said...

see you soon! let us know if you head up close to the fairmont pre-race with kainoa cause lucie would love to play with him.
i'm just hoping there is a little pakalolo in the air around the golf course on saturday morning ;)

Trigirlpink said...

Ok.. that is a way cool looking boat. Will miss you at Quassy. Have a great race this weekend.