Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like a Little Girl Scout...

Today was the last LONGISH run before IM CDA. I felt like a little girl scout, not that I know the feeling-I never was one growing up, but I'm thinking girl scout because I had SO MUCH STUFF with me just to run. Today coach gave me a pace to hold even if I felt better than that, no faster, that meant I had to wear the Garmin 404. 2nd time this year, 3rd time in my whole life, that little GPS, Pace, HR monitor, calorie counter, timer, clock, really is so much just to run. SO I ignored it all but the pace, except when the lovely beep sounded every mile (yes it counts miles & laps too).
LONGISH also means fuel belt. That thing REALLY brings out the "girl scout" in me. Seriously, all that nutrition wrapped around your waist, while running in a place loaded with pit-stops and snack shops! Not to mention my hips in no way resemble those of the the typical lean-mean-triathlon machine, I HAVE hips (think birthing hips, mommy made), that thing was bouncing all over Queen K with every stride! Fuel Belt makers, I love your invention, really, can you please invent one for women with hips (think J LO). Me, the Garmin, the Ipod, the Fuel Belt ran our pace all early morning long with very little traffic in site, and I felt amazing!
Speaking of amazing...amazingly, I have not raced on the main land in over a year! No joke. Over 10 races last season and only 1 was on the main land, the rest Hawaii and a couple other countries. In 2 weeks that will all change, this island girl will be on the main land racing. I'm looking forward to seeing big trees, country side, and potatoes. Over and over I hear rumors of the beauty of Idaho and I'm so excited to see it for myself. The other rumors are of the very cold water. Thanks to the cloud cover in Kona today my ocean swim was cold, I can't imagine the cold I'll experience in Idaho water. After my run/swim I made a giant ice bath (mostly to recover the legs) but also to pretend I'm in Idaho water. That pretty much feels like hell on Earth to me, even in a wetsuit.

2 weeks to go...Ironman number 2 of the season and I am more than thrilled & excited! Once again my time-between-training sessions has become sit, relax, read, paint, draw, and sleep. Friday was the final HOOOORAH with a couple jumps off a favorite cliff. Somehow I still manage to count those as swim sessions, this weekend I was told "only one ocean swim"...ha ha.... so that's all I did & a little baking session with Kainoa (almost as dangerous).
Cheers to another good weekend!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Super happy to hear the run felt so great! Even with all the stuff you had to lug along.

Love the cliff jumping photos. They make me smile.

Enjoy baking!

Amanda said...

I hear ya on having hips. those fuelbelts get bouncy!

great pics, as always!

Caratunk Girl said...

Wahoo!! IM CDA is coming, you are so ready! Love the cliff jumping shots!

Furacán said...

amazing shots!

Catching up with Jessica said...

You are SO ready for IMCDA!

And thank you for your plea to FuelBelt b/c most of us DO have some good child bearing hips! LOL!


A couple of suggestions from St George's cold water. If the water is below the limits for booties, wear them. I hope you have long sleeve wetsuit if below 65F (I didn't and paid for it). Wear a hoodie if cold also.