Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Bully & Me...

Insanity... doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result. This week has been my experiment in breaking out of the insanity. It's been a lot of me, myself, and I. A lot of digging deep when there were no distractions to help me "not look or feel". It's been a real workout, for the mind more than body.
Today however was where "girl who likes to ride her bike" meets "play ground bully". It was another IPOD-less, training partner-less session where I would be faced with whatever the day would bring and have to find a whole bunch of ways to be stronger than the circumstances. Without full details, it was like being picked on all long ride long. They were such little things that would hardly be noticed if I was jamming to my tunes or laughing with the training partners...and that is when I discovered why "race day" and "training day" are so different yet so similar. I just have yet to mesh them together in some sort of harmony, hence why some days, some races, are pure insanity.
Before setting off on this long journey I read a not from a friend, he told me I have to find that "happy place in training and take it to my races". Then I remembered what my brain n' sport coach told me, that I have to get my head to stop thinking by changing my thoughts completely. You know when you say, "dont think on red, dont think red, dont think red" or anything like that, then you cant help but think on it...? SO my re-focus is to think on something 100% different then what I dont want to think on, so I took that plan with me. My other plan of attack was to bring a song, but a more mello one, so I listened to one while putting air in my tires, tucked it in my head for later use. And my final trick was to do it for someone else. Life works better like that, when we let go of the focus on us & do things for others, even something simple like training for them because they can't. (with this I had a personal mission, but it was put in my bag of tricks for the day too).
So Lucky, (that's my new bikes name, it was my horse growing up-Lucky Charms), we set out and of course took a few good punches from the play ground bully. Coach must have known what he was doing giving me the same long day today that he gave me Wednesday, while the workout was basically the same, what happened in my head was so very, very different. Let's just say it was a really good workout mentally & physically. And like the Hawaiian port-o-potties above, it was pretty & stinky all at the same time...
To top off my insanity-break through I did something insane, that could land you in one of those hot Hawaiian port-o-potties if you want... I put 11 oranges in the juicer and drank them all! It was the only thing that felt like it was recovering me from that long, windy, hot, day...
Tomorrow is a whole lot of running, but I plan on giving my head a break. No, I wont cave & use the IPOD, but I plan to fill the post run with some serious mental relaxation, like a beach cruiser ride to get some poke and look at fish under water.
Enjoy the weekend & GOOD LUCK to everyone racing IM Placid & IM Switzerland.


Root said...

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Bebedores do Gondufo said...

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Chad said...

11 oranges! That reminds me of Cool Hand Luke. I can eat 50 eggs.