Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth Of July....

Come on trusty-never-let-me-down Blue Seventy, get over my bum without ripping :)

3rd, 2nd, first place women....
Hapuna Rough Water, ah..... I love this swim! Hapuna was the very first open water swim race I ever did and not to my surprise I just fell in love with open water swimming on that day. It took me like 23 minutes to swim the mile, maybe more, maybe I was snorkeling a little, mostly I was just a surfer then and not much of a swimmer. One thing I discovered in those 23 something minutes was that I was going to swim open water for the rest of my life, how did I miss such a thing all my life? How did it take me 24 years to discover such a thing? It was one of those things that you just know you will do it forever, fast or slow, win or lose, good clear water, choppy water, warm water, cold water...its awesome all the way around.
Anyways, here we are again, year after year at the Hapuna Rough Water swim. The only difference this year is that after all these years I finally made the overall woman's podium in an open water swim race! Swimming for me is one of those things I just enjoy doing so much and pretty much sucked at when I first started so I never thought about podiums with it...I just did it out of love. Today however I was top 3 and will let it serve as a reminder that sometimes when the things you love get so challenging and you start to get a little discouraged for whatever reason (poor results, injury, burn out, out of shape, ect.) you have to go back and do them out of love. Just love and not for any other reason. The next few weekends in Hawaii serve as our open water swim season..bring them on!

After the beach it was the rodeo. It's sort of a holiday tradition we had growing up with our dad, rodeo and fireworks. So... the little sister and I took our families to keep the tradition alive. Yeeeeeehawwwwwww! The next best thing to the ocean for me is the country! Something about the smell of horses, cow pies, and that rodeo food. Believe it or not I grew up on a farm and learned to ride a horse before I could walk, somewhere deep inside the of the ocean loving, triathlon loving, beach girl I've become will always remain a little cowgirl who had boots before slippers.
It's now time to think about fireworks and watching a sky light up all sorts of sparkle and shine! Happy 4th of July :)


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Happy 4th Bree and nice work at that tough race!!! I wish I was a fearless and fast open water swimmer!!

Va'aHine said... reading your blogs. Truth be told it's the first I've ever followed and it's inspired me to maybe star one in the future. Thanks for all the inspiration in triathalon and motherhood...I've got a long road to travel but with lampost as yourself, I'm it won't be so bad...I think, hahaha.
Aloha de Kona

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