Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Island it's BEST!

Today was so much fun in my swimbikerunning life! It began with oatmeal sharing with Kainoa while seeing the sun pop up over Hualalai from our lanai. So simple... From there it was just me and run #1 of my day. It was one of those runs where you start out and just feel like running. Not the kind where your mind is cluttery and life is moving too fast, it was a calm start to a steady run at my Ironman "goal pace". Of course it's almost eye rolling annoying that I run this pace SO MUCH yet have just not let it happen race day, yet again though I strolled through my Ironman "goal pace" and just let my mind soak it up and imagine doing it in a race.
From the run to the bike. Me and my bike. No training partners, no IPOD, it was "focus" on being in the moment, all the moments, each moment I was on the bike. Not tuning out a single moment with singing a song or drifting off to lala land with some music, and not filling my ride with chatter and talk with the training partners. Not that either of those are bad, in my opinion they both are AWESOME, however, this is part of my "get in tune with me" practice so I did it all and actually can recall each moment of that ride believe it or not.
Then the best part. Run #2 with Amy. She's my speedy pants pole vaulting friend who could out jump (and maybe out run) most the island. This run was in the middle of the sun, hottest hour of the day, and it was a more relaxed pace run. That means we did what any girl running the beach would do... we ran in swim suits. It's totally normal, guys were out on the sandy loop in surf trunks and another chick was out in her yellow bikini. Every surfer and their son was out surfing, its a beach! The run was awesome having company and just enjoying training on a favorite loop with my KSWISS tubes on (those are the perfect sandy trail running shoe in case you want to know what I think those shoes are made best for).
After that is was off to Waimea Surf Classics. Our friends are opening their surf shop tomorrow and we wanted to check in on them and see all the new stuff before the grand opening, oh it's FANTASTIC! From there it was cliff jumping and you would never believe this... I DID NOT GO. Really. I honestly wanted to let the hard days training soak up and not fill each breath of my day with GOgoGOgoGo. Instead I got Kainoa a little early from school and we recovered with Jamba Juice :)
My temper was then tested with a broken phone. Trying to remain calm under pressure I let it go when the phone people said a new one will arrive Saturday, Monday at the latest. They don't have a "loaner" phone I can use, I guess all the island is borrowing those as everyone seems to have broken phones these days, whatever. Driving home Kainoa could sense my almost frustration, truthfully I was stoked to have no phone, it's like Costa Rica living all over again and I know the island survives on coconut was all the potential dates that might roll in and I'd miss! haha totally joking, my only fear of no phone instantly reminded me of the time Kainoa & his dad had that little surf accident and Kainoa landed in the hospital having his face stitched back together, it bothers me not having my phone when I'm on long rides in case his school calls or his dad calls. I'm pretty sure that's every parents concern not having instant contact with some trouble matters when it involves their child. But other than that, no phone NO PROBLEM :)
Now that I'm phone-less I might end up rambling more on the computer, I'll try to wrap this up... swimming adventure #982, I was once again behind a pod of dolphins when they decided to on an island, dolphin poop, totally worth it!
Happy Training.


Robert Lejeune said...

Training in such nice places must be awesome. I am just not sue about the dolphin poop ;)

Christi said...

That is too funny about the dolphin poop!

greyhound said...

I obviously live and train in the wrong place. Sure, it's hot here too, but no bikini runners. In contrast, you and Hills both posted about bikini running at different Kona locations on the same day. Too many abs for one little island.

Chad said...

You must be mistaken. Dolphins, like beautiful women, do not poop.

Lucy Francis said...

I didn't know dolphins pooped???? urgh! I still like them though