Saturday, July 10, 2010

One For The King....

This week has been a whole bunch of ocean on top of bike/run for me, truthfully that's the way I like life best, so no complaints. Today was the King Swim, our islands most prestigious open water swim of the year. It's the 1.2 mile swim also known as the old Keahou Half Ironman swim course, but even more known as being the swim that Coach Steve started 16 years ago in honor of King Kamehameha. The swim starts in the exact spot of the Hawaiian Ironman swim and we even have to swim around the exact same Body Glove Boat. That means the "jittery butterflies" are there as well, just a lot less people and no bikes on the pier.

You know it's officially one of the "more competitive" races we have because we actually have to get body marked, have official entry forms, there are awards at the end, and speed suits help you keep up better then bikini's. Oh it's still small town style with hundreds of athletes talking smack about who-beat-who last year, and the year before, and the year before.
I remember the first time swimming it a 30 was my "goal time to break". That would be really cool. I swam it in a bikini (of course the "back then" surfer girl had no other swim suits). The fast girls always swam 24 something minutes. My goal for the race TODAY was to break a 25. I'm not sure I've ever even swam a 25 something in this race, but I wanted to break a 25.
I've been doing some homework and "mental exercises" from a sports doc and I figure today would be a good time to see how they work...
Under pressure you can perform 15% better or 15% worse- Scott Hamilton
Competitive toughness is an acquired skill and not an inherited gift- Chris Evert
Okay, back to the plan was to try these exercises in focus, belief, visualizing, and ENJOYING what I am doing, because if you know me at all I LOVE RACING. I lined up next to my friend Nick, him and Rachel just got back from Samoa representing our state in the open water long, VERY long distance open water swim races. I knew he would win and decided I was going to hold on for as long as possible and go from there. That meant start position was a lot like being tackled on a foot ball field-oooooh battle wounds in open water swimming are HOT!
That was the start. The actual swim race was me and my head working on our racing. The finish went something like this...about 300 yards out Madison passes me, soon after that Noe passes me. Another 100 yards later Rachel passes me, and just after that Hillary passes me then goes on to pass Rachel. I know very well an entire pack of girls is still out there so I do whatever it takes to hold on to those 4 in front of me...I think I threw up when Hillary passed me because I was trying to hard to hang on, I knew they would all swim in the 24 minutes and that was my goal... up the beach Noe & Madison 24:07 win the thing with Hillary & Rachel just behind....holy $h!t that is insane & it wasn't even glassy ocean today. Well.... good news and enough to see me laughing running up the beach in sheer joy...24:15. I about crapped my pants I was so happy.
I told Coach Steve how thankful I am he took the surfer girl who started in the "almost guppy lane" in a bikini and helped her finally break a 25. Then I called Coach Jimmy and don't even know what I told him, I was just so happy rambling 200 words a minute. It was insane for me. It was like a night and day transformation from bikini to a Blue Seventy (and of course all the training between).

Okay....back to icing my arms (not really). Tomorrow is more racing fun BIG ISLAND style, the Bike Works surf & sport 10k. ooooooh talk about a fun weekend of training races mixed into training!
:) Bree


Teresa said...

Way to go Bree! So happy and excited for you!


Christi said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you Bree! You are a fish!

TRI-ROB said...

What the??? That is badass... congrats !

Heidi Austin said...

congrats on the swim PR. looks like a fun race :)

Regina said...

congratulations!! Way to want it, visualize it and go get it!

How does one throw up and continue swimming? A question for the ages.

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Beth said...

That is so insanely fast Bree!!! Congrats!! So happy for you to accomplish that goal (that I'm sure seemed impossible just a few years ago). Wooo-hoooo!