Sunday, July 25, 2010


Long run days are my favorite training days. They always seem to put you in that zone that for me, only happens in running, long. Hearing my breathing reminded me just how alive I am and even along the morning streets cluttered in runners it was easy to feel as if I was the only one awake. The coast on one side and the sun popping up on the other, it was near perfection.
My mind was entertained with thoughts of running in a race the way training runs go. That smooth, natural, unforced run that just happens when you run for the sheer joy of being a runner. It was also bouncing between a couple of my favorite surfer boys quotes that hang on my fridge.
Bruce Irons..."My teacher told me, "You're never going to be able to eat your surfboard. Surfing is not going to feed you." B-tch, now I am eating my surfboard." Yes, Bruce went on to be one of the worlds best surfers and a hero in Hawaii to the youth. The other one is from Julian Wilson..."It's all about creating that comfort zone around you where you can perform at your best and not have to worry about what else is going on."
Between both those quotes my run felt like it was dancing some sort of fast paced semi-attitude type run (that was Bruce's quote during the faster pace parts), and some sort of "breathe-calm-relax-it's just me here" type of rhythm (that was Julian's quote) during my longer, steady sections. Both of them were good for me to bounce between as I focus more on growing into finding my own spot in sport and racing with a purpose.
A lot of running for one day has left me smashed. Its the good smashed feeling, where you know you did something you love and feel it in your legs, shooots, maybe even your whole body! On that note, it's bed time!! ALOHA AHIAHI!!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Yay for feeling smashed in a good way! I totally love that photo Bree - you two are SO happy!


Books in the mail..... hey, I noticed from the last post your bike has Reynolds wheels. Which ones? and do you like them?


Trigirlpink said...

Nice suit Chicka! Ok I'm just guessing here but SOMEBODY professional captured that shot, no? It's super "crisp" and the color is exquisite. You don't look to SHABBY yourself. Ha!

Xocas said...

I also enjoy long run days. They are tiring ones but you feel complete during and after the exercise. I really agree you!