Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Weekend...

It's been one of "those weekends". The ones where you have some training, but not much. The kind where you just sort of wake up and begin after breakfast...after cartoons...after your training partners are done...after you play Hot Wheels just a little. At first I felt bad about it, maybe even like a bit of a "slacker", except I still did it all, just not first thing.
In the recent issue of Surf Girl magazine there was the most beautiful photo of a giant wave being ridden into a sunset, the caption said, "Perform Beautifully". It's been my motto for the week...just live, train, and do the things I do as beautifully as I can (ignore the clumsy me, like losing a bike shoe mid ride today). All week I've been working on how to do that and this morning over a bowl of cereal with Kainoa it came to me. It's when we do things out of SHEER JOY and without pressure. So for the weekend I gave myself permission to take off the pressure of waking up and tackling the miles before the sun pops up. In return, somewhere during the wind spanking me on my ride, I was lost in love on my bike. It was like I was riding for the first time again, as if I found triathlon all over again. Fresh motivation, second wind? Whatever it was I liked it.
It was really weird starting a bike ride at 9:30 in the morning, I'm usually done or at almost half-way point of a ride by that hour, but today it was like taking a big breath of fresh air rather than that anxious feeling to get my training done right away. Of course it meant Kainoa and I made it to the Saturday beach date with blankets in the sand a lot later than normal, but we still made it. Really, I don't think I like training this way, I prefer "wake up and tackle it", but for the weekend it's "so-far-so-refreshing".
Kainoa has been a big part of this weeks training too. As he gets older he is learning more about what the people in his life do all day. He wants to see it all and be part of it all. He loves filling water bottles for me, putting air in the bike tires, (he usually does a better job of deflating them), he grabs my run shoes & socks while grabbing his, its awesome. The pool has become his favorite though. He has officially began "laps". It makes me smile... "My love, my little one, I will go before you and make the crooked places straight" (IS. 45:2) ♥

Back to the motto for the week, performing beautifully.... I think Kainoa has it down perfectly! This is swim practice at it's finest, for a 4 year old.
One more day of easy, breezy, training weekend, then I'm ready to tackle it again-first thing. Good night from Kona, well, that hasn't changed...still early to bed on my easy weekend.


Charisa said...

I'm the same - always out the door at sun-up. But every once in a while I'll try to go the "lazy" route and sit around at home for a bit, start the bike late, etc. It's refreshing for a change. Happy training!

Caratunk Girl said...

I also am out the door early and when I have a later ride or run scheduled it screws me up!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I love that he's figuring out what all the people in his life are's pretty special.

CoachLiz said...

We need that bike shoe story. I saw the photo and laughed till I started snorting.