Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thursday is one of this girls FAVORITE days because it usually ends up with the view above! The South Loop never gets old and about once a week I get to ride it. It's a nice ride off the beaten path, smothered in hills, covered in mango filled roads, and topped off with views unspoiled with traffic & clutter of a busy life. Some weeks I do all the hills in the South Loop, sometimes I do repeats on one certain hill, and other times I just do one loop. Today was 2 loops of the big loop. However, it was a little feisty as the tour must have had the boys fired up. Oh we climbed, must have been competing for the yellow jersey or something.
I had a feeling the ride would be a little more painful as all the boys were on road bikes ready to climb rather than tri bikes just looking to do the loop. Me, I was the only one on the tri bike (it's completely busted by the way). Nick rigged it to "sort of work" so I could spend all morning on my tri-bike. Bad idea as a few times I thought for sure the rickety noises meant any minute the entire bike was going to smash to the road. We survived and now I'm certain that I can ride anything, even a banana seat with a basket up those hills after today's adventure. It was an awesome ride that left me smashed in my pillows, snoring, with compression socks on.
From the nap to a late afternoon run. I'm really learning to love the late afternoon and sunset runs, they used to be dreaded as I felt the urge to get them done first thing in the morning, but now, I'm learning to embrace them as the finishing touch on my day. From the bike to nap to run tooooooooooo dinner!
Tonight's dinner was certainly more like "summer vacation" back in middle school. It was a pajama party. It's been so long since having a completely non-triathlon sporting event filled evening! In fact, it's getting past my bed time, the movie is rolling, everyone is still eating junk food, I'm typing this, and we all have swim practice first thing in the morning. The part about slumber parties is falling asleep. Back in the day I was the first one with my eyes closed and as an adult I am the same way....a little nervous to fall asleep with this crew that's for sure! Hopefully they play nice. Good night from the neighbors house!!


greyhound said...

Alas, I would like that program during a race. Swim, bike, NAP, run, dinner.

Jill Costantino said...

hahaha love the pillow fight!
I am with you - I was/am still the first one a sleep and the first one to wake up. My friends used to have parties around me! Your crew looks like they are capable of ANYTHING - hope you woke up marker, shaving cream, whatever FREE!
Happy Weekend:)

SHERRY said...

Fun times! That room is so colorful and full of energy! How could you not have a pillow fight in there!?! :-)


Nice socks...
Can't make out the printing on the right one though..
By the way, be careful on the bike. Wouldn't want to read about a crash in any upcoming posts.

Christy said...

just bought this song and thought you'd like it... "Braided Hair" by: 1 Giant Leap.

Pulling for ya!

Bria said...

Hi Bree! I'm just catching up on your posts :) The sleepover looks like it was a great time! I will be interested to hear about how your meeting with the sports psych goes. I find the mental challenge of endurance events is an obstacle to my success too. For what it's worth I think you will win many Ironmans in your future. You are the best swimmer out there, you can bike like a machine and run like the wind. All of that AND you have a lot of heart! If you're like me you will use the DNF as fuel to fire your next win. :) happy belated to Kainoa the cutie!!!! Xox