Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whew, Training Days Got Me Good...

I think I'm on the pink bus, is that a real thing? Remember the big bus, the short bus, the field trip bus back in school.... this girl is on a hot pink bus that I'm naming the "Hawaiian training bus". This week has been nothing but swimbikerun, I confess I'm loving it like mad crazy. It really doesn't take much to get me out the door, however this week has smashed me silly that by the time I take my shoes off I'm asleep. That's what the hot pink bus is doing to me. This bus never stops at the beach, no little side trips to cliffs for jumping, not a single detour to check the surf, it just zooms me to swimbikerun. I've even forgotten what my friends look like this week. That's life when Kainoa is at his bus life. In fact, I missed a few sunsets.
Yes, there have been a couple moments of, "holy cow another mile", a flat tire, stuck in the wrong run shorts and now wearing a lovely rash on my hips, chlorinated fun, and a few other "tri related" experiences I'm sure you all endure too. And with each of those, I say, "bring on the opportunity to get mentally tuff" because those are to the mind what training is to the muscles and they are an opportunity to get stronger in the mind. SO I loved my flat tire this week, the head wind, rain, and heat too.
Monday was swim then spend the afternoon with the "man of sports & the mind" over in Hilo. I'm pretty sure it was the most effective afternoon of my trilife, more so than an all day training session on the bike. It would take pages to spill all I learned and am learning onto paper. I'm just thankful to have his help, its like a second mind coach. Tuesday I trained through what I think was dehydration but who really knows, its always hot. Wednesday was 7 hours of fun, mostly on my new bike, THANK YOU ARGON 18, all IPOD-less too. Today was run-swim-run (those are my favorite days). Just when you think you are maxed out you find the way to go a little more. Like the way the swim in the run sandwich was supposed to be cake yet Coach Steve convinced me to jump in with the fastest high schoolers on the island and I didn't want to get lapped, so I swam...swam...swam. Then of course top it off with Poke from Da Poke Shack, best on the island & my favorite I can do it all again tomorrow...
I must confess, I did have some motivation this week. One day had a run off the bike, it was at my "goal pace" and my energy level was pretty low. Soooooooo... I told myself to run to the lifeguard tower, I knew of a cute lifeguard watching the swimmers and if I could just find myself running in that direction it would speed me up to my "goal pace" and if I happened to pass out (of dehydration) I could jump in the ocean for a little CPR rescue. I know, I'm bad, but it was desperate measures and made me run fast and get the job done. Another day was the promise of Jamba Juice after the intervals. Another day was run company with a boy in surf trunks (it was my recovery run) and well, it kept the pace "recovery" and he reminded me that my problem with running with an IPOD is the music, I have to turn it down a notch and "chillax" in my own zone. Another bribe to myself was sitting on my sisters couch all evening talking about nothing and avoiding all chores as a reward for training hard all day. Hey, some people have beer, oreos, ice cream, or pedicures as their bribes... I'll stick with life guards, surf trunks, jamba juice, and not doing my laundry.

Tomorrow looks a little easier on paper. Saturday I will be out of my house more than in it, and Sunday I hope I'm still walking. BUT Monday...Kainoa will rescue me with that smile, I'll recover a little, and sunset will be waiting...till then, more hot pink bus moments for this girl!!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Bree I'm SO happy that you've found the man of sports and mind and that he's giving you some tools to swim/bike/run your best. That is awesome!

You are SUCH an inspiration...just look at you go!

Love the pink bus metaphor.

Chad said...

You would be disappointed when you found out that the recommended CPR procedure no longer includes mouth to mouth. Now it skips straight to 2nd base.

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Bree. I wish I was about a foot shorter. Then I could plan on riding one of your bikes when in Kona next year.