Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Left Over Shoyu Ginger Chicken...

The high-light of my day was playing on Kainoa's new skate board. I'm pretty sure we enjoy the new toy equally. I'm taking full advantage of it while he's still smaller than me. The other high-light was finally finishing the ginger shoyu chicken! The crock pot was so stuffed with it after the weekends back-to-back racing as recovery fuel, it was taking too many days to finish it off. In fact I had to invite a lunch buddy over today to eat the rest just so I wouldn't have to look at it anymore! On to the next meal-finally!

Thankfully this was my view today. Monday I felt like I could do another hard day! Friday's hardish run, Saturday's climb, Sunday's run just had me so filled with adrenaline I was ready for more. Tuesday, another story. After a little swim and little spin it was refreshing to see the words, "chill out" & "relax". Both became best friends for the day.
Wednesday woke me up to that skateboard. Honestly it's like being a little kid the day after Christmas. You know the feeling, waking up to that new toy!!!!!!! Kainoa must have been thinking the same thing because he ran into my room, "Mom, can we go skate?" We took one loop. Just one. Then it was time for him to inhale breakfast and get to school and me get on with my run. Now the fun began. After nearly 3 weeks of running IPOD-less and not having a run Monday or Tuesday today I felt like running! Oooooh, mix of a couple run-less days and music was a speedy combination for this girl! It was a very beautiful morning to say the least and over and over my smile was replayed with the thought of how much I love my sport.
Then home, there I saw the skateboard looking me in the face, along with a note: 18 days till IM Kentucky. Of course, I know, don't do anything silly and get hurt. But just one spin... It felt like college (see above photo). That's me sneaking past my classroom, while it's in progress, oh the temptation. Took a shower, breakfast, then got some business stuff done. Sorry skate board, I'm a grown up now.
Then I saw the board again. And I saw some dehydrated bananas I was supposed to bring over to my sisters. Well.... just this once I could ride it to drop off the bananas, so I did, like old days, just dipping under the bushes like hiding under a breaking wave, to take the bananas of course.
Now its time to get Kainoa from school. Oh I'm so thankful to have a son, someone to bring back the fun I used to play all the days of my life.... but don't stress, the board is his, he picked it out, he owns it, and this momma won't take it anymore, besides, I have swim practice....
Skate on dudes!



OMG!! I would be SO dead if I tried that. Although it might be nice on the run in Louisville....hmmmmmm

Jamie said...

I love old pics! More people need to blog old school pics like that.

Don't get any skinned knees before KY! (Read that in your best nagging mom voice)

Kiet said...

Bree, love the old school skate pics, reminds me of that skate scene in Dear & Yonder, our surf movie, but you failed to mention you're a skater when we watched it. Girl of many talents indeed.

Luis Recuenco said...

I also love skateboard. When I was a child I played all the day near my home-the mountains. Nowadays I play with my child.

Sincerly yours

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You were a total skate-girl! Love that!

CoachLiz said...

Ok, I am going to break out my kid's skate board tomorrow before he gets home from his trip.

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