Monday, August 23, 2010

Pau Hana!

It's all pau and it's all good! Today I climbed out of my final ocean swim (with 4 or five different well earned tan lines from all the swimbikerun training in the Kona sun). I'm officially ready. It's now the point where the work is in the bank and it's just a matter of time till the gun goes off and all those precious hours of pouring your very heart out training come together for 140.6 miles. This is the week to rest easy, appreciate all those that have helped me get to this start line with coaching, equipment, supplies, and support. I'm more than thankful. In fact, I looked out over the ocean this morning, had a few tears fill my eyes, and felt so blessed for this opportunity in the palm of my hands.

I wish I could sit here and write to you that I'm ready to go get my World Championship slot, that I'm ready to go-fight-win. I'd love to say those things and more, but I know life and an Ironman aren't always easy and weird things happen. I also know that you gotta keep going and go some more and when you are about done, just go one more time, at least. So I'm ready to do that all the way to the finish line. Whatever the day brings...I'm going to go with it, and of course hope all the precious work and my head and heart are up for the ride.
My day home on the island before catching my flight (soon), was the ocean swim. Then finish packing, whooop whoooop, 6 days later it is done and I'm proud to confess that both Kainoa and I fit all our things in one luggage. That's it, that and the bike. Talk about packing light! A last visit to the doctor (I had 4 to do, today was the last), then swing by the surf shop, a must. From there Da Poke Shack! Check out the catch of the day! YUMMMMY... already missing fresh fish. Ate the poke, some seaweed, and edamame-called it good, then home to wrap up final stuff around the house. Now I'm hiccuping seaweed big time and watching the geckos make out on the lanai. Ah, life on the island. Love it. It's now time to get Kainoa from school, some dinner, then we fly :)
The biggest mahalo to Trakkers for unconditionally supporting my every move. To KSwiss for all the shoes and training gear that help me get my work done! To Argon 18 bikes for my favorite ride, to Splish for the coolest, most fun swim suits ever, to Healing Island Massage for helping keep me injury free and taking my last minute pains, to Bike Works for always looking out for me & my bike in and out of the shop, to Johnson Blanton and Travis for MAN-aging me because for sure I'd be lost, Cerasport for helping me keep electrolyted up! To Blue Seventy for the speedy suits that keep me warm!! Thanks to Coach Jimmy for sure, for everything, for helping me to love what I do day in and day out and taking the time to coach me. Of course thanks to my training partners, Kona Aquatics & coach Steve, my family, Kona community, my friends, my son for always cheering and loving me, and to the Big Guy for all of this! .... and... last but not least, to my friend Dave for carrying my bike and bag down my stairs and into the truck! Every girl needs a bike helper :)
Okay, Hawaii...see ya next week, Kentucky we will see you tomorrow (after our long overnight flight!).


M. Brooks said...

Good luck in Louisville! I live in Lexington, which is just about an hour from Louisville.

I hope you and Kainoa have a great time in the Bluegrass State - I think yall will like it! I look forward to reading your race recap next week!

Christi said...

I love reading your blog and cheering you at your races and in your life in general. I wish you the best in Kentucky and hope it brings you everything you need!

Good luck and best wishes!

bkreger said...


Best of luck to you! You have done the work, now go and enjoy the sport you love. Make it your race!

tinaparker87 said...

Rock The World Bree! Have fun Kainoa and give mama lots of hugs!

Libby said...

time to put that head heart and mind all to the test. all the best vibes in the world to you bree and never lose sight of the love within you and around you!!! GO BREE!!!

Clair said...

You've been working so hard. Good luck in Louisville!

Andrea said...

Hope to run into to you in KY! Will be there to cheer the BF on in his first IM.


gelmertri said...

How fun to travel with your little guy - I bet you kick ass on the run in Louisville! And you will have Kainoa to cheer you on - how cool is that!

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