Friday, August 20, 2010

Run n' Swim. Sand n' Sun...

Every morning I get to wake up on the Big "little" Island. Mornings begin with the sunrise over Hualalai and finish with views of a sun setting on the Pacific Ocean. What happens between the sun up and down sometimes dictates my mood. When its a calm day it's easy to appreciate the views, the simplicity, and the way life flows in a small town. When things are more difficult it's easy to focus on them rather than the beauty that surrounds me.
This morning was a run along the coast line where checking surf breaks between checking intervals on the Garmin entertained me and gave me that smile that sort of makes all things in the world feel like they are going smooth, cherished in fact. A good strong run, a good strong self confidence, a good start to the day despite the minor @$$ kicking I gave myself on that run.
From there, without further details, my heart was greeted with a kick. Id much prefer an @$$ kick to a heart kick any day. Matters of the heart have never been my specialty, especially since I wear mine on my sleeve. Knowing next up was a swim I needed to shake it off so I wouldn't miss what the ocean was holding. You know we tend to miss out on the good when we look at the unpleasant. That said I let it all go and swam deep into the sea, thankful for my job in sport and my life on the island.

Thankfully my eyes were open to the world around me, to the manta ray floating along the ocean floor, the honu at the waters surface, and the fish surrounded me on all sides. It was really as if the old saying, "What we focus on tends to grow", was holding true. Ahhh, the beauty of letting go...
After the swim all things felt good in the world again. Amazing how the ocean has that ability to just solve so much for me. I made sure to give a little smile and feel the sand in my toes long enough to grab hold of the feeling and take it with me, in case life back on shore got challenging again today.

It's my last weekend at home before the big trip across the Pacific, across the main land, and into the town of Louisville, Kentucky. I'm thrilled to bring Kainoa along, its like a little piece of my heaven on Earth gets to come along for my triathlon-ride. As for the training-most of it is pau and it went pretty smooth. The taper is going along pretty good too (ill update you on my major taper event of the week later). As for the packing, I'm on day 4 of that. It's not my favorite part of traveling as I kind of just like to have the clothes on my back, a camera, a journal, and a book-however for an Ironman its better to bring a bike and all the other stuff too :)

Okay, weekend, here we go! ENJOY yours :)


SSB said...

So glad Kainoa gets to go with you this time. Can't wait to track you (and the other Hawaii pros).

Samantha said...

You always have the best blog pics - I always steal the Honu shots for my wallpaper

pedalpower said...

Super pics! Good luck in KY!

SHERRY said...

The Honu are the turtles, right? They are just so beautiful! I adore every picture that you post of them. I was fortunate enough to dive in the Epcot tank (I know, not quite the ocean) with a couple of pretty large sea turtles. I just kept following them around. They are glorious creatures! Enjoy your last bit of time in HI before heading to the Bluegrass state!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Sorry about the heartache and happy that you shifted your focus successfully to better things. Not easy to do but so good for us. Love the photos and the story they tell.

Lucy Francis said...

What a beautiful morning, wish mine could all be like that. BLISS!
have a good trip

CoachLiz said...

I wish that you and Kainoa have a smooth plane ride to Kentucky. You are going to do great things this weekend Bree!

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