Sunday, August 8, 2010

Running Mana Road...

Mana Road is a little gem of a road tucked in Waimea cowboy country. It's a 45 mile trail that wraps around the Eastern/Northern side of Mauna Kea. Its some of the most fresh, beautiful air I've ever breathed! The pastures are all shades of green cluttered with horses, cows, and turkeys. The trail itself is a reddish small rock dirt trail. It rolls, it winds, and it totally amazes you running out of Kona on a path like that.

Yesterday was biking up Mauna Kea and you guessed it, today was running around Mauna Kea, but only 10 miles of it. I reccomend BOTH races to the entire world and to the brave tackle them back-to-back as 4 of us did today. With no temptation for the IPOD (and not just because it always rains in Waimea and was raining too much for an IPOD), I just wanted to RUN, because I love, LOVE, love running!
On the 1...2...3 count down that happens in Hawaii race starts, the bad boys took off down the only paved section but soon had red mud flying in my face. Oh I wanted to take off with them, really bad-hold on-blow up-survive to the finish line, like usual. However, today was another "lesson in pacing practice". Coach told me to be smart at the start and I needed to "respect" the Volcano climb lingering from yesterday. I was in 10th place, shaking out the legs, very impatient not to be dying after the lead boys. Believe me I know the "go till ya blow" plan never works for me but it's SO HARD to be patient and I've yet to really "embrace" it. However, today coach said to chill out and what better place to practice that than a local off road 10 mile run in the rain on red mud with cows mooing at me.
Holy cow, we hit a massive head wind and I wanted so much to tuck behind one of the guys, so I picked up the pace just a little and found a man bigger than me to tuck behind. We ran about 2 miles together and he did not like it, at all. He did that breathing thing that makes you think they are working so hard and it distracts you, then he would speed up then slow, then cough (okay, maybe the cold rain and elevation was getting to him), but I think he was wanting to shake me off. I'm sure I was annoying, but isn't that what "real runners" do? Use each other? I was using him. In fact I used him to 6th place :)
Just before the half way was a hill that made me think we were running up Mauna Kea! Holy cow it had my legs screaming, crying, and of course a girl who lives in "tsunami evacuation it's so flat land" was already struggling to breathe with the minor elevation we had going on. However I saw the 5th place guy ahead and thought, "shoooots Bree, maybe you can run into 5th place!!" So I went for it, while being patient of course, I mean come on, I ran the first 4 miles so chilled out I thought it was time to sit in hammocks. At that moment 2 of the best guys in our state came FLYING down the hill and then Tim Marr, then the 5th place guy. I was still trucking up, wishing for an oxygen mask, dry shoes, a sweat shirt, and hot cocoa!
Turn around and time to FLY down the hill...ooooooh it got so fun at this point! Except I'm not the best down-hiller and Im clumsy as anything on a trail so I was a bit timid to trip and fumble and mess up myself before Ironman Kentucky, so there went the 5th place guy. BUT HELLO, it got flatter and a few more rollers and he came back to me! 3 miles to go and I decided to "go till I blow", seriously, I did the first 7 miles smart...that was enough. I saw a 6:10 on the Garmin and a minute later I saw Tim Marr! Sheeeeooooots I thought, I know he is digging deep with Mauna Kea still in his legs or he would be up there with the first 2 men. I told my self out loud to "move my @$$".
I got a 5:35 on the Garmin, discovered I was about to trip in the rocks and nearly ate cow poop crossing a cattle guard (we had to tip toe over 3 of them each way, well, the boys leaped over them), and I decided to just chill a tiny bit till we hit that paved section into the finish. Tim in his yellow top was the best target and I knew he was a much better runner than me but I tried to use him to get me my best possible run on the legs I had with the conditions given on that course. And 10 miles later it was good enough for 1:06 and 4th place. I'll be honest, all the "pacing" coach made me do this weekend was super fun being able to finish a race not half-dead, blown up, or bonked out. It's also fun to catch people when usually Im being eating alive by everyone and their dog passing me while I blow apart. I'm happy with the way my legs handled 2 hard races and the way my head is starting to find its way to my feet and heart in this sport.
Okay.... talk about recovery, where is it?! Tomorrow is ocean float time all the way! Happy Sunday!


SSB said...

Awesome. Some day I hope to do both those races. NOT back to back though. No way.

ADC said...

Amazing Bree. Now I hope you are floating today ;)

tri-ing races not cases said...

Congrats Bree on 2 awesome races in 2 days!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Congrats Bree on 2 awesome races in 2 days!

Christi said...

Great job Bree!


Some good training and racing to get the blood pumping for 3 weeks from now.

CoachLiz said...

Oh wow! That was a super fast time and on toasty legs. Great Job chica!

Furacán said...

Congrats Bree!
I take note of both races. I hope travel to Hawaii one day !

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