Thursday, September 30, 2010

Easy Breezy....

The ocean is so beautiful lately, such paradise. It's been nothing short of my "favorite spot on Earth". Maybe with all the commotion on land it's been a bit of an escape too. Out to sea you can look back at the massive crowds on shore and feel as if everything is still calm in moments of chaos. Ahhh, the Ironman in town. As crazy as this sounds, sometimes I feel less freaked out with the ocean (including the sharks out on Monday) than I do on the streets, however, I love it more this year than last as I'm learning to find balance in the Ironman World that takes over this time of year, and I love Ironman...
Supposedly this is taper time, rest easy time, and I'm still undecided on how much I like it or not, even though I believe in it. Yesterday felt really out of whack. Nothing was really clicking, so I invited a friend to run with me for my easy run. Now this is not a normal friend, he might be one of the best looking (or at least top 5) in the universe, not a triathlete, in fact he has been known for his modeling around the islands & Tahiti. I thought it would be pretty fun to get my island groove back running the streets of Kona totally island style and he would be game. He certainly was. He showed up in hilarious tacky tourist shorts that were almost as short as mine in neon blue colors with bright white palm trees. I could not run and look at him at the same time without busting out may have been one of the best runs of my life. So funny cruising the run with the Hawaiian boy in shorts smaller than mine. Let's just say I dropped a few good memories on that run that I plan to pick up on race day when the going gets tuff and I need a little smile to push on through.
Back to this taper thing. Its like up then down. Energy then lazy feeling. Hungry then no appetite. Tired then rested. Sometimes I feel like poop on a stick, other times I'm thinking about how cool it would be to go run a marathon RIGHT NOW. I've endured taper before but all these emotions have never accompanied the rest like they are now. Perhaps this is because I have been "tapering" for A LONG time thanks to the injury and forced time out or perhaps this is because my back side is growing and the very thought of fitting into a Splish is making me laugh. It's kinda weird and I'm not sure how I feel about it so Ive been asking around and well, turns out every pro, sports person, and training partner that I have chatted with said, "This is so normal". Dude, I think getting too much sun and forgetting sunscreen feels better than this! I wanted more info, so I googled it, really...
Here is what I found:
When you rest for a big event after working hard-

  • Often you feel more tired than when you were running & riding massive amounts
  • May feel flat or fatiqued in some workouts, other workouts might feel as if you are a machine
  • Grouchy, irritable, and a pain in the @$$ to those around you
  • New aches and pains you maybe never had
  • A slight case of the blues

SO I read all the reports I could find and scientific research too, because I wanted to know why I needed to run with a hot Hawaiian boy in tacky tourist shorts just to bust out a smile, and well, I found those answers and am satisfied. The best article I found also said that about 2 days before the race a feeling of "anxious" will most likely take over, as if you are READY NOW to get on with the race. That means another week of this, oh boy. A few more good books, a couple more movies, and of course a dip or 3 in the ocean should get me through. Ultimately, Im ready cause I love this, it's just getting to that start line through this maze of emotions that is trippin' me up...

Okay, looks like bed time, then swim in the morning. That's it, just swim. WOW, I am missing the training to say the least. Hope your taper days are going super if you are one of the 2,000+ athletes about to jump into the Ironman with me October 9th!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Little Fix....

This was my fix for a painful swim and an even more painful ride. This was the sunshine in my life that made the cloudy (and less than stellar training sessions) fade away...
It's a funny thing to wake up with all the motivation one can handle and dive into a pool ready to tackle a swim/ride brick only to feel like you were just tossed into the sea swimming against the tides. Ahhh, is this taper? Is this just a rough training day? Am I catching the flu that is flying around Kona? Without details, both the swim & ride had more challenges than I was hoping to endure in a single day...but no worries, I never worry, I did what I KNOW works-relax. Because this close to a race its not like pushing harder, trying more, or doing anything else would make me any better off, however, less stressing and more going with the flow would help me stay I landed at the beach.
Don't worry, we didn't stay long and let the sun knock us out. It was just a little escape from all the things that make you feel stress of any sort. You know, being home and feeling the need to clean the house, checking the computer and seeing a pile of emails to respond too, looking at mail that needs stamps, wondering what to dethaw for dinner, answering the phone when you don't want to make any plans, turing on TV when you don't even like TV. In a moment like that, the beach has no source of outside stress...its all about sitting still.

My next favorite fix is ice cream. Okay so it's not really ice cream, but it's cold and tastes like ice cream. I'm in love with the Vitamix-er and have learned to turn my smoothies into "ice cream" at less than 300 calories a bowl (not that I'm a calorie counter) but I know Ice cream gets a naughty reputation, mine is not naughty, and the fruit makes it sweet. This is my spirulina, banana, tropical coconut flavor...and yes, it made me happy.
This is another good fix for a less than stellar training session...
And this... but I didn't have any today.
And this. Not the pro boys on tri-bikes, my little sister cruising with the nephew. I love driving home and seeing them out running or riding, it always makes me smile to have them live on the same island, same town, same mile too! I suppose today I was destined to stop and smell the plumerias, not just race through the day. Another beautiful sunset happened tonight and tomorrow I'll start again...
Life is good.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Chillaxin'...

It's arrived... the sit down, chill out, rest easy, enjoy the sea breezy days of the Ironman Journey. It's so close now, like NEXT WEEK close! Butterflies already flutter within and thoughts of a day spent swimbikerunning have fully invaded my heart & mind, I'm very excited! First of course, is getting through the chillaxin' better known as taper, recovery, rest, or less is more, whatever you prefer to call it.
Lucky for me, I've got great company to do "less is more" with. Today's swim and all that followed will go down in history as one of most hilarious moments I know. It's a dangerous thing sometimes to live a full life, but I like it. All that I had on tap was a cruisy ocean swim, so we swam out to sea only to discover the IM Champ and his crew doing a couple loops. Of course I have not felt IM pace swim in A LONG time so I jumped on the feet of a lot of strong men & held on, leaving my original swim partners in sheer, "oh she is crazy" amusement. Let's just say it felt so nice to go that pace again, to feel a draft again, to push. I am totally enjoying all these amazing athletes surrounding Kona training grounds.
Since today was to be recovery of course I only hung on for maybe 300 meters, tempted to go back to shore with them, it wasn't time, and my right side let me know that. In fact today I was shared the news that most the swelling on the back side is gone, the right shoulder blade is out of place, I'm missing some strength & flexibility on the right side, and the reason it gets hard to breathe is because when my lungs go to expand the inflammation (which has really gone down) is not allowing a lot of space...however, I'm healing like a champ!! Oh it still hurts to sneeze, laugh, and cough, but I'm just thrilled to be racing and to know it's still going to be a good day out in Kona on October 9th, 2010!! Today I also managed to reach the ocean floor again, that was perhaps one of the high-lights of my day. Then we swam down knowing the rest of the day would be spent at home, feet up, reading, writing, and movies. It was so easy...tomorrow will be swim practice in the pool then 4hours on the bike. Looking forward to both and knowing fresh fish will follow for lunch!

Ahh, another good day on the island...
Aloha ahiahi,
PS. Thank you for the support through the rib thingy, I think thats been a big strength, all the encouragement from near and far. Oh, and of course the hilarious comments on different posts, I appreciate you reading along and so many of you I'm going to have with me on race day...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Another Day In Plumeria Land...

Every single day, no matter what, Kainoa picks me a plumeria. He expects me to save them all too, pretty much my life is covered in new and wilted plumerias all the time. Today was just another day where I'm greeted with a plumeria from my favorite 4 year old in the world. However, it sort of felt like high school too, and I'm at the nerdy table.
I'm not complaining about the nerd table, I loved sitting there with my friends, we were an awesome bunch. However, we were not the coolest table, the smartest table, the fittest jock table, or the popular kids. Right about now town feels like high school all over again. Except this is not the lunch table it's Alii Drive.
The fastest in the sport, some of the most jock-ed out fittest bodies I ever saw, the famous names, and the cool kids are all up and down Alii Drive. It's very exciting and very much the same feeling you have in high school when you walk into the lunch room. I don't think it's a good or bad thing, its just a thing, naturally you just sort of tend to sit at the table with the people you mesh well with and Alii Drive is similar. I spotted some very fit looking men, shirtless & tan hauling tail running in a pack, they belong at the same table for sure! Then I passed by some girls with big boobs, huge smiles, laughing, the cutest matching outfits I ever saw, and eyes popped out with jaws open looking at the finer looking men, they looked like a lunch table that would have made fun of me in high school. Then I passed a group that had the compression socks up to their belly buttons, the Garmin, numbers written on their hands (I think it was pace info), shades and a hat, and more sponsor logos then I knew existed (the smart table???). Of course some of us were running solo too, just doing our own thing, my point is, town is very much transformed and it felt like I needed a lunch table to belong to.
It's a strange feeling and I know it gets to some, as I'm discovering a few of my friends won't leave their house to train until the crowds go home, that's like not going to the lunch room in my opinion. Other friends are out there soaking it all in as this is such an exciting time on the island, as I find some are so confident in their own skin that it's no big deal. I got a cool saying from a friend, "At the end of a chess game the king and the pawns all go back into the same box, life is the same way, at the end of the day we are all human". So totally true...
While the lunch room, I mean Alii Drive is full of this sort of athlete and that sort of athlete, we are all like that game of chess my friend was sharing a quote about...when the Ironman day gets here we will all be in the same box (I mean race), the king and all the pawns. Thinking on it that way makes it a little less intimidating when the speedy king (Crowie himself) speeds past you.
SO today on Alii Drive I was back at a table, not with the pace info on my hand, not in compression socks, not the topless man hauling tail with a pack of fit good looking guys, not the girls that were matching, (clearly that was not me and I could use tips from them on looking like I picked my clothes out with my eyes actually open), I wasn't the one just cruising out into space happy to have qualified (however I am totally stoked to have qualified, but I wasn't cruising, today had focus all over my face), I was the one in the giant orange hat representing Kona. My lunch table was the Kona Gold girls, while I'm the only one in this group that has actually ever done a triathlon, (they are marathoners), the local Kona girls, born and raised have taught me a lot about being confident in my own skin. That was my table, just doing my last long run the way the girls of Kona do it, simply running...
Holo Happy,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Visiting Big Island??

Come play in Hawaii! I mean, train, rest up for the race, and enjoy the island after you cross the finish line. Every year I get asked to write up some scoop on Big Island for the athletes, coaches, sponsors, and their families coming to race in the World Championships. Truly, I love talking story about all things Hawaii...however, it always comes down to "matter of opinion", so these are, in my opinion, some helpful tips while here for the Ironman.

A few good places to eat:
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is "Da Poke Shack". It's fresh fish, sea veggies, and other yummy ocean eats right from the Pacific. If you want fresh, this is the place. Good portions for fair prices, clean, great service, they offer samples to all "poke rookies", and close to K-town. Location: Alii Drive, near Banyans Beach between mile marker 2.5 & 3. (old Pupu Pantry, 808-333-7380) Carbo Loading Places:
Macaroni Grill: Located in Waikaloa (Queen Shops), about 25 Miles North of K-Town. Also try: BoldBoston Basil's: It's under new ownership and they can whip up some good pasta plates that are pretty filling. Located right in town, less than a half mile South of the Kona Pier. La Pasta: In my honest opinion, the food is super and you can get your carbs for sure...BUT... you need to order a lot. It has yet to fill me up after a long training day, so you might have to order 2 plates and it's a little pricey, but tastes good. Located on Hualalai Rd. If pizza is more your style the hit up Bianelli's. They are located inside Island Naturals in the Safeway plaza. Really amazing pizza for a "fast service, small shop" kind of place. Also, Kona Brew Pub: The name Say's it all-you can get Kona brewed beer there too! The menu has all sorts of things including salads and sandwiches. Eating outside is always a nice option if you aren't into the bar setting. Located across from the King Kam Mall, old industrial center.
Farmers Market: LOTS of "side of the road" stands sprinkled all over the island, however they aren't always in action, just depends if their fruits/veggies are ready, basically if you are driving and see something STOP and DROP. Yeah, that's right, most are on the honor system and they ask you to put a couple bucks in for what you take. Most of these can be found heading South to Captain Cook or Kealakekua Bay-lei stands are obvious along that route too.
My favorite is the K-Town Farmers Market on the corner of Hualalai & Ali'i. It's open Wednesday-Sunday and have everything from food, flowers, and shells, to soaps. Kona Green Market is cool too, it's about a 30 minute drive South out of town, Captain Cook area on the upper hwy. That market has a lot of food from local vendors such as Mexican, Filipino, & Lotus Cafe. There is also a really good Filipino market in the New Industrial Market Place... but caution as A LOT of the other produce is actually brought in from Costco, so you aren't really supporting the local farmers. And of course, Waimea Market. Waimea is about a 45 minute drive North on the upper hwy and I highly recommend it as a scenic drive and to check out all cute shops & eats up there, but bring a jacket-it's windy & freezing!
Plate Lunch & Local kine grinds:
My favorite plate lunch is for sure the Sumo Deli. (Located in the Sack n' Save plaza). I'm guessing not too many of you will try it out, but if you want to eat a typical plate lunch this is the best. It's rice with eggs and your choice of spam, ham, back, or Portuguese sausage. It's about $3 bucks a plate and you feel full and tired after you eat it...but you know, when on the island. Krua is AMAZING (located on Kuakini & Henry corner). It's Thai food but tastes like it came from a garden that sits in the restaurant! It's so fresh and not greasy like some Thai places. Lotus Cafe (Costco neighborhood-Old Industrial) is also a nice spot and in that same plaza is Ceviche Dave's. Super good mix of fresh fish migled with some spice and tropical flair. A favorite of mine, and they sell bikini's there!! You make the Roll (Hayashi's) & Saketumi are also good eats. You Make The Roll is the most affordable sushi in town and has been around since Kona pretty much got kicked into gear. Small family owned place, only a couple table outside to eat. Located in the center of K-Town down the back alley by the pub & Mexican resturaunt. Saketumi is more fine dining sushi as Kona goes, located in the King Kam Plaza (Wine Market shops). Teshima's is also a VERY well known local spot, it was one of the first restaurants on this side of the island and to claim it as GOOD FOOD is an understatement as one of the owners & eaters just turned 100! It's a little old fashioned. Drive about 20-25 minutes South out of town and you can't miss it on mauka side (left side) just before entering Kealakekua.
Other Eats: If venturing local isn't really on your mind, I suggest Bongo Ben's for breakfast, Rosa's Cantina for lunch, Humpy's for dinner (you can mix them up anyway you like, they are all open most the day and located in town on Alii Drive).
Cool Eats N' Treats:
It's hot, gotta cool off. We have TONS of places that offer "pour yourself" frozen yogurt or cold food, like dessert. The most popular picks are Orange Tree (located in the KTA plaza on Palani), Blue Wave (Located on Hulalai near the local librabry), Bastik Acai Bar (Located on Alii Drive in the Huggos parking lot), its Kainoa and I's personal favorite. Jamba Juice (Located in the KTA Plaza on Palani), and both Kona Gelato shop & Kona Soft Serve located in the Coconut Grove Market place. Also, the number one pick on the West Side for pies, cakes, and other baked goods is Epicure. It's located about 30 minutes South of Kona on the old Mamalahoa (Makai side). Below is one of the Epicure famous pies, we happen to stop there on really long hilly rides to refuel on the way home :)

Coffee: Despite the fact I live in the land of fresh roasted coffee, I don't actually drink it. BUT I can recommend spots. Lava Java (on Alii Drive) is the most popular among tourists. The view & location makes it a nice place to relax. They also offer a few meals and of course their baked goods and fresh juices. However, heading South or driving along Hualalai is even better as most of it is literally picked, roasted, then served right to your cup (and without name dropping, a World Champ himself is often found in these shops as he prefers to keep away from crowds and appreciates the simple cup without distraction). It's a nice stop-out-of -town for sure. Oh, if you go the upper hwy route Kunitake Coffee is a MUST STOP (UCC). If you want to be closer, Green Flash Coffee near mile marker 1.5 on Alii Drive is home of fresh coffee and small sandwiches. Very friendly and pretty speedy service for Hawaii eating.

The AWESOME Pacific "Aquarium" Ocean :)
The Pacific Ocean surrounds all the Hawaiian Islands. In fact we are so far from anywhere else in the world (as in another major land mass) that we are known to be furthest from anyone anywhere. We also hold the most Southern Point in the United States, next stop would be Tahiti. The water is warm enough all year long to be without a wetsuit, thus making the Ironman non wetsuit (Yes, that's a popular question). The Pacific Ocean is home of 25,000 islands, about 130 of them are Hawaiian Islands (we have only 8 main islands, Kauai the oldest and Big Island the youngest).
The ocean should be approached with sincere respect as it is home to live coral, fish, dolphins, sharks and other life. The biggest dangers are surf, currents, & rips, and the occasional jelly sting if it is intense enough or you are allergic. Sharks are not a main concern despite they are plenty around the islands. The last reported shark attack was April 2010, 2009 only had 3, and 2008 only had 2. Most of these can be avoided if you don't show aggression towards the ocean life, avoid swimming near fishing boats or piers when fisherman are chumming or fishing, and often times sun up and sun down are feeding times. Take a swim buddy if you are nervous as ocean life can smell fear...

Sun Protection:
While on the island sun protection is super important especially if you come from a place that has you in long sleeves most the year, so bring your sunscreen. One request is that you check the sun block you are using in the ocean. Our coral is alive and many sunscreens do not care about protecting the ocean and sea life, only about protecting the humans... if possible, please check your sun screen, if it has any of the following in it, buy something without before you swim. Octocrylene, Butylparaben, Octylmethoxycinnamate, and Benzophenone-3 (those are the ocean killers, try to avoid them).
A few things to do:
The island is filled with hikes, adventures, and tons to explore. A good idea is to pick up a copy of "101 Things to Do on The Big Island". Its a free magazine that you can grab while waiting for your luggage at the airport, then you have 101 ideas. If you want to hike: Pololu'u, Captain Cook, Hualalai, Mauna Kea, Waipio Valley, Volcano, and South Point are a few faves. If you want to be on the water for a sunset family snorkel cruise where you can jump off the boat and slides (see above photo) hit up the Fair Winds, great crew for sure! Movies: Makalapua & Keahou are our 2 theaters unless you want an old fashioned theater with plays, check out the Aloha Theater. Children will love a visit to the Sea Horse Farm (located in the NELHA). Of course you can always check out one of the 274 different beaches, a waterfall, the volcano, zip line tour, parasailing, bowling, or just watch the Ironman on October 9th if you aren't racing :)Ocean Activities: If you are looking to try surfing this is my top pick for a little help. The beach boys are super helpful and really ocean intelligent. They have lessons and rentals, the beach is directly across from the shop. Located near the end of Alii Drive, Kahaluu Bay. And if you happen to forget your bikini, they sell BoomBoom :) Kahaluu Bay also has some of the best snorkeling, is safe for children, and easy access. Hyper Nalu is the best shop for SUP-ing. If you are looking to play on SUP boards this place as all sorts and are made with a lot of aloha. The family operated business is home of the fastest swimmer girls on the island too and they can help you with all things SUP, swim, and ocean. The shop is located across from the K-Pier, can't miss it!
If sitting in a kayak is more your thing then I suggest heading South to Kealakekua Bay. On the drive you will pass about 4 kayak shops, take your pick, each of them will strap the kayak to the hood of your car for you and send you on your way. Easy. Kealakekua Bay is beautiful and full of rich Hawaiian history as well as a lot of special land marks and burial grounds. If you decide to check it out PLEASE have kokua (respect) as the coral and reefs are fragile, don't climb on it or up it to visit the landing of Captain Cook himself, just admire it without touching, without killing the ocean life. By the way, this is where Captain Cook was stabbed to death, so really, respect the area okay...

Shopping & Other Needs:
Our shopping is pretty good if you don't mind looking beyond the shopping mall. If you do want a mall drive to Hilo, they have one. As you can tell by this grocery store photo, things are hit or miss and not always where you would expect them to be, like cereal in with baking things. Todays biggest questions was, "Bree, where can I get coconut water?" I told him second best to a fresh coconut is KTA on Palani (its the lowest price) but Island Naturals, Safe Way, Costco, and Sack N' Save all sell it. Intrique Hair Design: Best hair cut, perm, dyes, eye brow wax, ect. (located in the Kamehameha Mall). Ginger & Koi: Awards party dress and other beachy high fashion clothes/make up. (Kamehameha Mall) Massage: Healing Island Massage:808-756-1996, Chiropractor/ART/Physio: Makai Chiro: 808-327-7900Bike Shop & Bike rentals: Bike Works Kona & Bike Works Beach & Sport Waikoloa, Run stuff: Big Island Running (Coconut Grove Market Place) . Need a treadmill or gym: The Club in Kona Places to train: Other than the Ironman Course, Kona is jam packed with little spots all over the island. If you want to run long and off the road, Mana Road (Waimea, 45 minute drive North from Kona) is literally longer than a marathon on soft packed dirt, beautiful country land. BUT show respect there, locals aren't big fans of people leaving water bottles or gel packs so please respect. Another good run is Walua Road, again this is a neighborhood and they enjoy the quiet life. Tracks: Kealakehe High (near town, hot, gravelish type), Konaweana High (awesome soft track and great cool air).Swimming: The Kona Pier, Kealakekua Bay, Kona Aquatic Center (Kuakini/Old Airport area), Konaweana Pool (30 Minutes South, in the high school), Keahou Bay, and Hapuna are all super safe for swimming. Of course you can literally get in anywhere along the beach for a swim, just know-before-you-go as far as conditions for the day. Bike: Queen K, South Loop (Head South out of Kona to Captain Cook, small shoulders but great views and good climbs), Kaloko (super hill climb), Upper Highway (a good route to take back from Waimea rather than head towards Hawi hang right), Kohalas Loop. Okay, that's all I'm gonna say, can't reveal all the spots as we like to keep some secrets, but that should help a little...and please, even if you are smokin' fast or super hot, please don't ride or run in the middle of the road (see above), a lot of locals have to travel these roads everyday to and from work, school, and taking children to school, they appreciate you sharing the road too...

Surf Shops (for those all important moments when spandex is just not cool):
Waimea Surf Classics-2 shops, one in Kona (Sports Athority Plaza & one in Waimea-Starbucks Plaza known as Parker Ranch). In my opinion it has the best selection for family, they have all sizes for parents down to babies, skate & surf, beach fun too. Kailani Surf Co: This shop gets attention for the hand sewn bikinis by a local Kona girl, really sexy styles and bright colors (located on Alii Drive). Pacific Vibrations: Kona's original surf shop, leaders of the water patrol for the Ironman, one of the best surfers on the island is on hand as it's his family's shop, and a cool selection of Kona branded things (FBI). Kona Surf (South end of Alii Drive) home of the biggest selection of Boomboom bikini's on the island.
Sunsets: I just know you came to Hawaii for a sunset! Well, I won't tell you our secret spots because we like some spots for skinny dipping and won't share those, but we can share these: Kua Bay, Old Airport, Honls, Hapuna, Maks, Manini, Pawai Bay, A-Bay, Kekahakai State Park, Pine Trees, and pretty much any place you see along the coast :) ENJOY the island, take lots of photos, make a bunch of memories, leave only your foot prints, and I hope you find lots to smile about and tons to discover as you travel along the island...
Much Aloha,

Friday, September 24, 2010

Caught Day Dreaming....

After swim practice & dropping Kainoa to school it was just me and a run left to tackle. However, my drive home just happens to pass by Honl's, where in deed the most beautiful views of big blue waves and strong flows of water captivated my every thought and all parts of my heart. Without a rush, in fact lots of time to run, I sat in the early morning sun just taking time to breathe as the rest of Friday sort of unraveled around me.
Sitting in the sand admiring the surfers as they waxed up and strapped on leashes, then paddled out and ducked under waves, I was wanting to be out there too. Dangeling my feet in the water and letting all things beach invade me, I realized the most happy place I know is the beach. I glanced back to Alii Drive and watched as runners tackled their runs. It motivated me to get a move on, despite the fact I don't need motivation to run, its always a "love-love" thing for me, I wanted to go do my run. At that moment it was as if I wished to be in two places at the same time, in the water and running along Alii Drive. Really, running in Hawaii is nearly the best of both worlds and most runs travel along the coast line...

Taking a few more moments to enjoy a new sunrise and the ocean I began to day dream about Ironman. The entire race was flooding my mind, the butterflies that happen just before the start, the day before when you have to pack your bags, the bike check in, all of it, every emotion that accompanies the Ironman week, night before, and the morning of was suddenly all I could think of, and I was caught there, on the beach, in the sand day dreaming Ironman thoughts. Busted by the surfer boys, not even thinking about surfing despite the swell that landed on the island.
My slippers were soon off and my run shoes were on. It was the first time I didnt think about my ribs too. I just took it easy and enjoyed running because at that moment it consumed me more than surf thoughts (which is very rare when we have waves). Then my thoughts went back to yesterday where a friend asked me my goal for the race. He said, "Bree, I know you are busted up and I'm sorry. But you still have to have a goal, what is the goal now?". And then without even taking a split second to think, I answered. It was as if the goal all along, throughout all that happened this season, was something that perhaps matters to me more than envisioned and so to tell him, was easy...
I think we both smiled the same smile and knew it is what it is and life happens the way it does but goals keep us moving and sometimes that's all we it was nice to know I had a goal I embrace without even thinking too hard, or at all...

If you don't know by now I am in love with Da Poke Shack, so it was a wonderful surprise to run by and see my friend outside eating some stuff from the ocean. Thankfully my house is only .9 miles from Da Poke Shack (yes, less than a mile), so I called that my run, got a good kiss from a fresh fish, and let the cool down begin. What an awesome day on the island.
To top it off, Kainoa has finally mastered separating egg whites! We bake/cook a lot in our home and coconut macnut-aroon clusters do NOT use the yoke, check it out, he has no yellow and I did not help! Such a chef...
Today I have an overwhelming appreciation for my life, it was so filled with simple things and now as the night is calling me to sleep I'm discovering how they all add up to make such an incredible life. The good friends that surround me, my sponsors/supporters who help me reach my goals, the training partners who still like me even after I make fun of spandex nonstop and tell them how surf trunks are so much hotter, the girls that keep me laughing, my family, my friend for caring so much about my goals, coach, the beach and how I live just across the road from it, especially my son and his ability to crack eggs, even kissing a fish today, this day has been amazing...
Enjoy your weekend!

ps: I have a song for you, love to share :) It's a favorite and had me smiling on my run and throughout this gorgeous day... listen here...HI Town (Hilo boys)