Saturday, September 11, 2010

4 Weeks Till The Big Dance...

To look out at my life I just can't help but think-"shoots, I have it so good", so while today I hurt way worse than yesterday, (because I "trained" yesterday), I'm still okay with this bit of a jam up I'm in. Reality is, whether what we have going on is "good news or bad news" depends on our while I would rather be smashing myself silly with hot, sweaty miles, I continue to see the beauty around me and believe it'll all be okay in the end...

Today I had a goal for my swim, yes I still make and reach for goals no matter my physical condition, it was for no aqua joggers to pass me. You think I'm joking when I say I swim that pace at this moment, it's not a joke, I can officially draft Kainoa now. I did find a snorkeler a tiny bit slower than me, it was wonderful to feel that sensation of passing someone, in fact I smiled. Thought to tell him if he would actually put his face in the water his rear end would come to the surface and then he might go a little faster... but I let him be slower than me. The other snorkelers looked at me as if I was the new fish in town. My bright bikini, neon pink cap, and the float I had going on looked rather entertaining. I'm considering not even wearing a swim cap till I actually am "swimming" again. With so many Ironman athletes in town now, (yes it's getting full around here), they all sort of stare at the pier as I (and everyone else) put on swim caps and point and watch to see how "fast" you swim, then I get in and sort of go backwards to their's a fun show to give them.
In 4 weeks it's the big dance, I'm still thrilled beyond words. Yesterday was "training" for me. I had 3 hours on the bike, if the body would allow, and I made it. Of course the credit really goes to my friend Jason. He was on the opposite side of Queen K and saw me jammin' with the Ipod as I set out for a solo slow-o session and he crossed over to pull me through. He gave up his long, long ride just to help me through. It meant the world to me, in fact I made sure to work as hard as I could appreciating it. He set a pace that would feel like my "IM pace" and let me just hold his wheel so my legs could feel that pace but my lungs wouldn't have to work to make it happen, (because they weren't ready to do that alone). It was unreal to ride again and feel like I was "training" and of course to be following someone who was giving up their ride to help you make yours...yeah, I'm blessed and that's why even when there are "not so pleasant" moments around us we have to search out the desired ones that are happening.
From there I had a run. I was training on the rock!! It was hot, humid, and lacked any tropical island breeze, perfect. Ah yes the boob area was not so happy and the back was not liking me, but if I'm not making anything worse I'm allowed to move. So I did. Then off to some Reiki, that felt good as I just had to lay there and I was told to be quiet and let my muscles just sit still...enjoyed that, so much!
Then a little visit to the ART/Chiro where I had some "activation" done on my spine where the back of the ribs connect to it. That was weird, but the nerves needed to be told to simmer down and quit fighting to protect my body, but relax. And some ultra sound on the front side. I never feel anything with that darn ultrasound but if they say it helps then fine. Now the week is nearly over and I have a lot of people to thank... so we baked for them and made some deliveries this afternoon. If this ever happens to you, I'd like to forewarn you that you will lose all embarrassment of your boobs being seen in public. M-F, all days of this week I've been in less than I wear to the beach, that's what happens when it's the ribs that hide behind what your bikini covers...I'm already over this accident controlling moments of my life, but I'll keep on keepin' on...
Enjoy the weekend!


And Miles 2 Go said...

"yeah, I'm blessed and that's why even when there are "not so pleasant" moments around us we have to search out the desired ones that are happening."

LOVE this, Bree. Words for all of us to live by.

Get better fast! And thanks for all the motivation.

Sarah Giacomarra Schrader said...

It's a testament to you that your friend would give up his ride to help you train. I can only assume you would do the EXACT same thing if the situations were reversed.
Thanks for the reminder that you get what you give and if you give a lot you get a lot.
Oh how I wish you well. Take care.

CoachLiz said...

I hope that Jason got some of the Guava blueberry jelly you made.