Thursday, September 30, 2010

Easy Breezy....

The ocean is so beautiful lately, such paradise. It's been nothing short of my "favorite spot on Earth". Maybe with all the commotion on land it's been a bit of an escape too. Out to sea you can look back at the massive crowds on shore and feel as if everything is still calm in moments of chaos. Ahhh, the Ironman in town. As crazy as this sounds, sometimes I feel less freaked out with the ocean (including the sharks out on Monday) than I do on the streets, however, I love it more this year than last as I'm learning to find balance in the Ironman World that takes over this time of year, and I love Ironman...
Supposedly this is taper time, rest easy time, and I'm still undecided on how much I like it or not, even though I believe in it. Yesterday felt really out of whack. Nothing was really clicking, so I invited a friend to run with me for my easy run. Now this is not a normal friend, he might be one of the best looking (or at least top 5) in the universe, not a triathlete, in fact he has been known for his modeling around the islands & Tahiti. I thought it would be pretty fun to get my island groove back running the streets of Kona totally island style and he would be game. He certainly was. He showed up in hilarious tacky tourist shorts that were almost as short as mine in neon blue colors with bright white palm trees. I could not run and look at him at the same time without busting out may have been one of the best runs of my life. So funny cruising the run with the Hawaiian boy in shorts smaller than mine. Let's just say I dropped a few good memories on that run that I plan to pick up on race day when the going gets tuff and I need a little smile to push on through.
Back to this taper thing. Its like up then down. Energy then lazy feeling. Hungry then no appetite. Tired then rested. Sometimes I feel like poop on a stick, other times I'm thinking about how cool it would be to go run a marathon RIGHT NOW. I've endured taper before but all these emotions have never accompanied the rest like they are now. Perhaps this is because I have been "tapering" for A LONG time thanks to the injury and forced time out or perhaps this is because my back side is growing and the very thought of fitting into a Splish is making me laugh. It's kinda weird and I'm not sure how I feel about it so Ive been asking around and well, turns out every pro, sports person, and training partner that I have chatted with said, "This is so normal". Dude, I think getting too much sun and forgetting sunscreen feels better than this! I wanted more info, so I googled it, really...
Here is what I found:
When you rest for a big event after working hard-

  • Often you feel more tired than when you were running & riding massive amounts
  • May feel flat or fatiqued in some workouts, other workouts might feel as if you are a machine
  • Grouchy, irritable, and a pain in the @$$ to those around you
  • New aches and pains you maybe never had
  • A slight case of the blues

SO I read all the reports I could find and scientific research too, because I wanted to know why I needed to run with a hot Hawaiian boy in tacky tourist shorts just to bust out a smile, and well, I found those answers and am satisfied. The best article I found also said that about 2 days before the race a feeling of "anxious" will most likely take over, as if you are READY NOW to get on with the race. That means another week of this, oh boy. A few more good books, a couple more movies, and of course a dip or 3 in the ocean should get me through. Ultimately, Im ready cause I love this, it's just getting to that start line through this maze of emotions that is trippin' me up...

Okay, looks like bed time, then swim in the morning. That's it, just swim. WOW, I am missing the training to say the least. Hope your taper days are going super if you are one of the 2,000+ athletes about to jump into the Ironman with me October 9th!!


Oscarjet said...

Morning Bree! ya ha llegado Pablo? esta contigo?? que lo pasaeis macanudo !

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I feel the exact same things when its taper time, drives me nuts!!

beth said...

just bottle up all that crazy energy and unleash it on race day.

see you soon! (but not soon enough, i gotta work until wednesday!)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Taper freaks me out - you've got a good plan though!

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