Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Chillaxin'...

It's arrived... the sit down, chill out, rest easy, enjoy the sea breezy days of the Ironman Journey. It's so close now, like NEXT WEEK close! Butterflies already flutter within and thoughts of a day spent swimbikerunning have fully invaded my heart & mind, I'm very excited! First of course, is getting through the chillaxin' better known as taper, recovery, rest, or less is more, whatever you prefer to call it.
Lucky for me, I've got great company to do "less is more" with. Today's swim and all that followed will go down in history as one of most hilarious moments I know. It's a dangerous thing sometimes to live a full life, but I like it. All that I had on tap was a cruisy ocean swim, so we swam out to sea only to discover the IM Champ and his crew doing a couple loops. Of course I have not felt IM pace swim in A LONG time so I jumped on the feet of a lot of strong men & held on, leaving my original swim partners in sheer, "oh she is crazy" amusement. Let's just say it felt so nice to go that pace again, to feel a draft again, to push. I am totally enjoying all these amazing athletes surrounding Kona training grounds.
Since today was to be recovery of course I only hung on for maybe 300 meters, tempted to go back to shore with them, it wasn't time, and my right side let me know that. In fact today I was shared the news that most the swelling on the back side is gone, the right shoulder blade is out of place, I'm missing some strength & flexibility on the right side, and the reason it gets hard to breathe is because when my lungs go to expand the inflammation (which has really gone down) is not allowing a lot of space...however, I'm healing like a champ!! Oh it still hurts to sneeze, laugh, and cough, but I'm just thrilled to be racing and to know it's still going to be a good day out in Kona on October 9th, 2010!! Today I also managed to reach the ocean floor again, that was perhaps one of the high-lights of my day. Then we swam down knowing the rest of the day would be spent at home, feet up, reading, writing, and movies. It was so easy...tomorrow will be swim practice in the pool then 4hours on the bike. Looking forward to both and knowing fresh fish will follow for lunch!

Ahh, another good day on the island...
Aloha ahiahi,
PS. Thank you for the support through the rib thingy, I think thats been a big strength, all the encouragement from near and far. Oh, and of course the hilarious comments on different posts, I appreciate you reading along and so many of you I'm going to have with me on race day...


Trigirlpink said...

So happy to hear that your ribbies are better and you are RACING! Yay! Enjoy all the Island company. :-)

miles99999 said...

Great that your ribs are feeling better. I predict that you will have a great race because it seems like you are in a very healthy state of mind. Also, saw you on the IM Louisville race coverage (Universal Sports) last night. Good stuff!

tinaparker87 said...

Hey Bree,

Your ROCK! Check out what my planner said today..

Without Involvemet, there is no commitment.

I'm so excited for you.


Nibbles said...

How do you put the wana in your mouth without getting zapped by the spikes? You are brave!

Lucy Francis said...

oh Bree you're so sweet. we love reading your blog and posting messages here, it's one of the highlights of the day/week for me. I'll be checking your progress online on race day.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Bree! GOOD luck in your taper into the IM and ENJOY all your friends coming to visit! Glad the ribs are good - GOOD LUCK! :)

NJ said...

Best part is that you are able to take part in the big game...injury and all. It could all be worse, right? Good luck and happy taper!

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