Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kulia i ka nu'u...STRIVING :)

Who wants to swim deep?? I do, I do, and today...I didn't make it. BUT I tried, really hard. Woke up to some amazing words of encouragement and a lot of support (thanks all around to so many). One little quote from a friend stuck out the most though, "Kulia i ka nu'u". It pretty much translates to keep striving for the top of the mountain, you know, for your goals. Once I read this I was out the door and training for my Ironman as if everything was the same as it always is...
The goal again was 6th buoy (400 yards). Usually it takes me about 5 minutes, on a speedy day we do some intervals around it and we break 5 minutes pretty good. Today, drum roll took me a whopping 31 minutes! You read that right, 31 minutes, but the hi-light was I swam more than the 50 yards yesterday. Sad, frustrated, angry, bitter...nah, this is what I got and from here it can only get better! Called coach as soon as I was out of the water so eager to tell him I swam, not sure he was impressed with a 31 minute 400 but he was so thrilled I am moving and offered a world of support! We agree there is for sure a reason for this, maybe we don't like it but perhaps it's a good thing for future use.
I've been given a nice prescription to manage the pain but I have not and will not pick it up. Yeah, the pain sucks but when you read the warning label "Can cause liver this and that, could upset this, you could fall asleep"... I just can't bring myself to take it. I've reached out to some all natural foods like pineapple for the inflammation and some other little tricks and things I've learned on the island.
Other than resting I'm booked filled with all sorts of fun Hawaiian and Chinese injury fixes! Today was acupuncture, needles all over the front, ears, back, spine, feet, ribs. Good stuff. Then went for the fire! Flaming ginger on the ribs, nothing to lose right?! All of this is pretty cool to try out as I am willing to try it all at this point. Still feels like I have plenty of time...

Tomorrow is some other muscular fix thingy that I really don't understand fully, but I'm going to that too. Then there is a cellular sauna to try and of course I've got chiro coming too. I'm freaking scared of that only because I can barely turn to the left and I'm afraid to shift over like I usually do when Nancy cracks me, but she promises to be careful and we have to get my spine back straight. After all this I will be sure to have tried everything from ti leaves, fire, needles, sleeping, fruits, to cracks, muscle relieving whatever it's called, ice, and vinegar (don't ask about that one).
Oh....and the super news, today I ran 6.2 miles! It was awesome! All I had to do was wear the hot blue PT tape, super tight sport bras (yeah way more than one), and not move the right arm. It was great, it had me all smiles...I totally got this Ironman.
Happy Training!


Teresa said...

Your head is in the perfect spot! And your body will be there soon too on ironman kona day! Sending healing vibes your way. Xoxo. Tn

Furacán said...

You're a strong girl, come on!
I don't know how say that i want to say in english... mmm, it's only a little steeple (?) in your way. Soon you are ok, sure.
A spanish quote not as much beautiful as "Kulia i ka nu'u" but efective (with the children at least :-)): "Sana sana culito de rana"


Libby said...

lovin the positive attitude girl, keep it up. this is all part of YOUR journey to kona and a reminder of how much you want this. all that positive energy will help you heal!!!
(btw... I tore some muscles between my ribs when a heavy wind caught my longboard walking back from surfing... I thought I broke em. it was ungodly painful. I had a professor manipulate my ribs and he made it super duper worse so be SUPER careful with manipulation!!!!)

Christi said...

Things are coming your way so keep the positive attitude and keep your ears and eyes open!

Christy said...

So sorry you are hurt. Stopped by and caught up today. You are really tuff w/ an amazing attitude and sweet honesty. Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery for Kona.

Nibbles said...

Sure seems like you are making progress! That's great!

Regina said...

Keep up the positive thoughts, you will be healed soon. YOu are a machine, woman, you will be fine for Kona.

referring back to you post about the new splish and the hula girl and shaking what you got....I want to see THAT butt shot! ha!

Here's to a speedy recovery!

Lucy Francis said...

I agree with you on paikillers, they only mask the pain and don't heal you. Might as well live with the pain for now but know that each day you are 1 step closer to being recovered. I'm sure it is going to get a bit stiff before it gets better: it's the tissue creating new fibers in the injured area. Good luck Bree. take one day at a time, one swim to buoy 6 at a time...I would give everything right now to spend 31 minutes in that ocean:-)

Jill Costantino said...

If anyone's got this, it's YOU! I am just so impressed with what your little man gets to witness - the TRUE strentgh and perserverance of his Mom. Never EVER give up - push through and try, try, try!
Wishing you a fabulous day:)

bart said...

Gee! Never a dull moment in this girl's life....
Great to see how you handle this one. Positive attitude all the way!!
Good luck Bree - you're going to make it and come out stronger mentally.