Friday, September 3, 2010

Maui Minute...

Today started with a swim in the ocean, beautiful. Swimming is pretty much my only sport during this recovery with the very occasional bike cruise along the coast. Sunday I get to add running back into my life, so excited about that and come Monday BACK TO BUSINESS. For now, it will remain "Maui Minutes".
Today's adventure was a cruise to Lahaina, then a hike up Kapalua to collect guava. All hike long I was singing the Bob Marley song, "Guava, guava, guava, come rub upon my belly guava jelly". Let's just say I overdosed on guava and felt it...whatever that means. We collected so much that I'm taking more than enough home to Kona with me to make some guava jelly of my own!

We did a little surf check too. Flat. Well, really small. Tomorrow it looks a like a swell is coming so it will be really nice to get back in the water with a board under me. To just play in the waves and tumble underwater...
To top off the day it was of course fish. Poke rolled musubi, yummy. The triathlete in me is already for bed, it's about 8:30. However it looks like the night is still wee maui.
Aloha :)

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