Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Little Fix....

This was my fix for a painful swim and an even more painful ride. This was the sunshine in my life that made the cloudy (and less than stellar training sessions) fade away...
It's a funny thing to wake up with all the motivation one can handle and dive into a pool ready to tackle a swim/ride brick only to feel like you were just tossed into the sea swimming against the tides. Ahhh, is this taper? Is this just a rough training day? Am I catching the flu that is flying around Kona? Without details, both the swim & ride had more challenges than I was hoping to endure in a single day...but no worries, I never worry, I did what I KNOW works-relax. Because this close to a race its not like pushing harder, trying more, or doing anything else would make me any better off, however, less stressing and more going with the flow would help me stay calm....so I landed at the beach.
Don't worry, we didn't stay long and let the sun knock us out. It was just a little escape from all the things that make you feel stress of any sort. You know, being home and feeling the need to clean the house, checking the computer and seeing a pile of emails to respond too, looking at mail that needs stamps, wondering what to dethaw for dinner, answering the phone when you don't want to make any plans, turing on TV when you don't even like TV. In a moment like that, the beach has no source of outside stress...its all about sitting still.

My next favorite fix is ice cream. Okay so it's not really ice cream, but it's cold and tastes like ice cream. I'm in love with the Vitamix-er and have learned to turn my smoothies into "ice cream" at less than 300 calories a bowl (not that I'm a calorie counter) but I know Ice cream gets a naughty reputation, mine is not naughty, and the fruit makes it sweet. This is my spirulina, banana, tropical coconut flavor...and yes, it made me happy.
This is another good fix for a less than stellar training session...
And this... but I didn't have any today.
And this. Not the pro boys on tri-bikes, my little sister cruising with the nephew. I love driving home and seeing them out running or riding, it always makes me smile to have them live on the same island, same town, same mile too! I suppose today I was destined to stop and smell the plumerias, not just race through the day. Another beautiful sunset happened tonight and tomorrow I'll start again...
Life is good.


Oscarjet said...

Ok, another fix from Spain , look:
BIG BIG :D smile !!!!!!!!!!!!

come on Bree, Vamos !!!!

Furacán said...

We must open a fan club in Spain haha

Ange said...

Hope you're feeling better today. when I was there last year, you recommended a quiet beach for my husband I to relax at After the big race. The picture on the top of your post with the picnic table looks like the one we found. (you drive down a loooooong road through the lava fields?) I have no idea if it's the same place but it brings back memories.Memories of laying there just like you were, relaxing with the ocean waves and playing with that abundant white coral.
Best to you in this final big week.

Xocas said...

Another spaniard in this nice place! Very good post, lots of inspiration for anyone dealing with stress.

Sarah Giacomarra Schrader said...

You always have amazing pictures but the one of your son smelling the flower is amazing. I love, love, love it!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Ah it's good to find the comfort in life.

Nibbles said...

Can you share your recipe for the faux ice cream? I have a terrible sweet tooth that really needs taming. It looks great!

Keeping you in my thoughts all the way through October 9 and beyond!


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