Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Brick N' Breakfast...

Morning started off with a swim, in the "almost dark" hours before 6am. The high-light was the amazing view of the sun rising up above Hualalai and of course, me being the very first person in the water. The not so-high-light was the very cold water! I can tell it's becoming "winter" in Hawaii...using big blankets means it's cold and wishing for a wetsuit means the same, cold.
...and this was my view. Lovely, you couldn't see sharks or dolphins even if you were looking! Generally I wouldn't swim this early in the ocean (it's too cold) but a group of my 5 favorite boys were riding bikes to Hawi & over the Kohalas so I wanted company. Coach wanted me to do a swim/ride brick and it was a good way to test out the ribs/arm/boob after a swim then how it would handle on my bike. Ugh, it wasn't as happy as I was hoping. HOWEVER, the boys and & I got a brilliant plan. In my T1 bag I'll put one of those ice packs that get cold when you twist it and shove it down my suit, I know, we are SMART!
What a wonderful way to start the morning, a sunrise at sea. From there it was a long ride following behind the 5 boys that literally kicked my rear end. It was pretty good to start, then I had one of those, "I am doing so good, I think I'm almost at least 60% better" kind of feelings and I took a pull into the headwind, up a hill, then lost my breath. Bad. As in I was wanting CPR that very moment. From there it was "chase" and I just fell off the back and only saw their rear ends for the rest of the way to Hawi. Then I was humbled. Not so much by Pele, she always gets me good, this time by my own anxious ways lacking in all sorts of patience...
Spinning easy to catch my breath, it was still MIA, then I was feeling like a severe asthma attack, I think my lungs were just not ready to go that hard yet. Literally I had to stop for a breath, catch it, then get back rolling. A tiny bit of frustration fell over me, I had all the endurance in the world and my body felt so much better than it had in a couple weeks, but I never thought the short breaths from the bruising would still be with me, I guess just because the physical bruising is gone the internal isn't...YET. SO I got sad and rode 48 miles home just going as best as I could with where I am today, and that IS SO MUCH FURTHER ALONG then last week.
Warned not to do the 1 step forward, 2 steps back thing, to be on the safe side I tried to do a perfect recovery. Ice bath-full body. It was horrible, I will not lie or even soften the truth. I almost got out 2 times thanks to uncontrollable shivers, I'm not even sure if that's a smart thing or dumb thing or even a safe thing totally immersing a body into ice, but shoots, I had to do the entire rib cage and back while doing the legs. It took forever to dethaw. Then I actually forced a nap. Oh, refueling was top on the list too...
Get all these ingredients plus 2 eggs and you can literally be eating for recovery in 3 minutes! Yes, that is all it took to fill the "refuel requirements of protein, carbs, electrolytes, hydration". On the stove boil water and crack 2 eggs into the water, then add the noodles (you can buy the ones in the photo or I prefer soba), then spice it up with the sea stuff.... AMAZING...and you know after those long rides waiting to eat gets crazy, so this will hold you off, all within 3 minutes!

The break down:

Carbs-52 grams, Protein-35-45 depending how many eggs you use and how much Wakame you add, Calories-375, Sodium-1385 (you might not need that much if you dont sweat a lot of train/race/live in a hot place, so use less of the seaweed salt), Potassium-725, Sugars-1


Alright, to carry on with the recovery so I don't take anymore steps back... early to bed, good night!!



Regina said...

I LOVE Furikake!! An old Japanese b'friend introduced it to me and I put it, not only on rice, but on quinoa too! That meal looks awesome!

Regina said...

is there avocado in there? what is that green stuff that looks like avocado?

Trigirlpink said...

Oh Bree.. I donno know... TGP could not do 2 things regarding this post: Swim AT that hour.(Certain fish FEED at that hour.. eeeks)and #2 I'll stick with chocolaty skim milk for recovery. :-) Glad you are feeling better.

Lucy Francis said...

Geee! I have some fo these ingredients in kitchen cupboard. finally got a recipe for them:-) cheers Bree