Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still Wanna Touch The Bottom...

There is this song, real popular here, one of the lines are, "Like a fish in the ocean with nothing to do so they wait patiently". I've taken over that song...I'm a fish waiting patiently. Still unable to swim down to the ocean floor. It just feels like someone is choking my lungs to go deep, very frustrating for a girl who is somewhat fixated with touching the ocean bottom at all depths and seeing how long she can hold her breath...
However, recently I am swimming faster than the honu's that were kicking my tail last week. (no disrespect to the turtle, they can reach up to 35mph out in the Pacific), but you know, I've been drafting their slow pace lately. Yesterday patience paid off a little. Amee, (one of our islands super swimmers in training for the Kukio Blue Water Ocean Swim), was kind enough to pull me all over the ocean yesterday. Usually her and I like to give it to each other and push-push-push, it was her letting me hold on yesterday, and finally I was strong enough to last buoy to buoy to buoy then to Coast Guard buoy and back with her. Well, I take that back, she enjoys racing the CG loop and she dropped me, however that usual swim course I was only 4 minutes off my usual swim time, so I'm stoked-to say the least.
The only bummer is it hurt like a B7j83hnK*&6b#1)>!! I"m not sure what that says, but it means it hurt. Racking my brain for ideas on how to manage the pain when I jump out of the swim and hop on the bike without crying through 112 miles because I swam 2.4 miles. Any ideas appreciated, and don't say "swim real easy" because for sure it will be more cautious than usual but really, honestly, when the gun goes off who is gonna just float...? Really?

I love being deep in the ocean once again and now my new distance is 1.5 miles :) Only a mile more to go and Ive got the Iron distance down, maybe tomorrow I can go for the entire course. AND I want back on the Coast Guard Buoy and to touch the ocean floor again! (no, that was not me jumping off yesterday, this photo is old, soon Ill be strong enough to climb up there again!)
The island is full of athletes and it's eye candy for some, annoying to others, and entertaining to say the least. Yesterday's entertainment was the ride. The Ironman Champ himself let a few of us cruise with his posse on his recovery ride. That was entertaining. Today was entertaining as it was my own personal bike intervals. The bike and I have not gotten along at all for the past few weeks. It hurts to go into bars sometimes, I can't get compy, and well, it's not all that fun. I'm trying to get a bike fit that will work with my current condition and ignore all possible "aero-dynamic-ness" and "power positions" because right now, its about 112 miles with what I got. So I've made my own adjustments and it looks funny, but I can make it. AND today I'd like to report my first good ride back on the bike. It was awesome to feel the bike and me "friends" again. It hurt pretty good and that makes me happy, I wanted to know that feeling looks darn ugly though, so Ill get a proper bike fit sooner than later...really. And to Jason, who was kind enough to pull me, then push me, then race me through the intervals, THANK YOU, on race day you will be with me all 112 miles just like today!
As for the run, it's going well. In fact 3 sports bras and a bikini top on my last long one set me up for ZERO pain. Yes, none. It was awesome. However that set up is itchy, rashy, chaffing me, and I doubt it will be fun to wear all that on race day, so that's still a plan in the making. Okay, I think its time for swim practice now. The pool is calling me and I want to keep moving over down the lanes.
Life is good.


Jill Costantino said...

Hey Super Star Chica - Just keep doing what you've been doing in practice for KONA and let the spirit of the race carry you through your SO deserved day! You will do it and with all the cheering/support/posters/road msgs the pain will be gone!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love hearing about your training, I am in Awe over it. and your adventures are so fun

Kim said...

Glad you're healing up and swimming again! You'll get there Bree!! Small steps of progress, just like in the beginning. GO back to your roots!! That's all! Almost to the big show where you can finish with a HUGE smile on your face! what an honor to be part of that crew!

IAN said...

Don't worry about it. Adrenaline is about the most powerful drug in the world. Just continue to work and adrenaline will take care of the rib pain come 6:30am on October 9th.

Beth said...

My suggestion for getting through the swim on race day? DRUGS!! Lots of them! Painkillers work! :) I can understand why you don't want to take them now but on race get through the swim and then not be in searing pain on the bike...drugs. They work wonders. :) And adrenaline works wonders too like Ian said. :)

Lucy Francis said...

Bree you still have 2 weeks 'till race day. you may find you will be absolutely fien on the 9th. if it is any consolation I did an ironman 10 weeks after having broken my collarbone really badly (and having had an operation to repair it) and on race day i didn't feel any pain. perhaps it was adrenaline, the excitment? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you

Oscarjet said...

que bonita foto saltando de la boya!!!! vamos bree vamos !!!!!
rock and roll !!