Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today I got to hang out with my beautiful sister and nephew, they aren't into the camera so I had to sneak this when she wasn't looking. She is great company for a rib injury as she has smashed all of hers and collapsed the lung too, to the point she needed a tube to help her breathe. A sneeze today had me crying, she understood. Laughing was horrible, she understood. And so today, I was in perfect company...
Not to my surprise, this world is FILLED full of amazing people who just continuously care genuinely about people, even if they barely know the person... I was smiling with a lot of encouraging letters again this morning and of course a few good laughs from some of the guy friends, such as this...
Please look after your right boob Bree! My heart goes out to it and hopes it gets better very soon..oh and you too:-) From all the men that love small right boobs!
Aza.. Keep smiling:-)

Laughing my friends really is the best medicine even if it hurts!! Before attempting my swim to the 6th buoy this morning I ate a dragon fruit smoothie...I was hoping the GRRR and ferocious dragon power would have me swimming again. Ahh, not much more than a floating. I did break 30 minutes though (barely), yes I am on the way to breaking 5 minutes again!! Every bit keeps me focused, determined, and fired up. When I got out of the water instantly I wanted back in, because for the moments in the ocean it feels as if I'm being held. The way the water allows me to float, to just lay still without having to do a thing, its as if everything is okay and I'm fixed again, good as new.
Giovanni was just finishing his swim too. On my mind was how the ladies aqua jogging passed me and I was wondering if this swimming is making me better or worse. He reminded me of how much I love the ocean and that it's where I belong, so weather or not its actually helping the injury it is helping me from living injured...truly, I'm beyond thankful for my friends. And of course for coach, you know never once has he said anything to make me feel bad or guilty for what I have done this close to Ironman after we have worked so hard to get to this point. He just keeps me focused on getting better and working towards the goal we set out to achieve at the start of the season, and for that I'm thankful. Other than overdosing on pineapple to fight the inflammation I saw yet another doctor today. This time I had some more work done in that lovely right rib/boob area and an injection of some licorice. Well, licorice is the name I can say, it has some fancy scientific name, but pretty much with the stubborn attitude of mine to take some meds this doctor understood me and used the licorice stuff (because licorice fights inflammation too), if you could have an injection of pineapple I'd do that, but you can't, I asked. Then I got a patch on the area and some acupuncture points focused on the "upper Pectoral Nerve Neuropathy along with the intercostal strain/sprain". Did that sound smart? It makes no sense to me, easier to just say darn I hurt "here" and touch the spots.
This doc and I got to chatting and he reminded me of all the hands that are helping me, that on the bright side I am meeting some amazing people that I would have never met if I didnt visit a doctor (or 2) every day of this week. So true...but I would have rather met them at a beach BBQ. Then he reminded me that with all I'm doing it might be a lot all at once, seeing so many different people, and I agree, but I also agree that those I've reached out to and reach out to me share the same healing philosophy and are on the same page, so I'm thinking it's all good, at least mentally I'm feeling like I am being proactive in the recovery, because I've never been good at just standing by....but that is the plan for the weekend=chill, no doctors, let nature take it's course.
Speaking of "feeling the love & support". KSwiss showed up in Hawaii for this girl!! 19 pairs of shoes, I am not joking!! I suppose qualifying for the World Champs as a KSwisser they really want to make sure you are able to train in what you need and try out all the shoes so you can race in what feels like "race day 26.2 shoes made for you". The above are the 5 I like best and the 2 on the bottom are my VERY favorites. I was fortunate enough to try out the Glides (bottom right) at IM Kentucky and just LOVE them. They are sort of like a racing flat made for girls that aren't really "racing flat weight for 26.2 miles"-in my opinion. Because they are super light, but more durable than something a 100 pound girl would handle, they are like the "Sweet spot" between a light weight racer and a training cushion. Oh, clothes came too. A lot. In fact, I've never seen so many clothes in my house at one time and I was slightly embarrassed bringing them up my stairs. The neighbor boy who usually sees me taking boxes out to donate gave me a weird look taking that much clothes into my you are in Kona and forget your sports bra, I might be able to help :)

And now that I have written an entire bed time story, a HUGE thank you goes out to Kainoa. Really he is a champ! He has done the dishes, (including leaving me bubbles in all the cups), he has made his own smoothie because he thought it would hurt me to push the blender buttons, and today he asked to do all the grocery shopping and push the cart, so I can rest my body. I was laughing all through the market as he pushed the cart and put in the things "mommy would maybe buy", notice the GIANT pineapple, ha ha!
What a beautiful day on the island. Tomorrow coach and I agreed to take a break from attempting that swim of mine and just ride bike and run as best as I can. Very much looking forward to sweating out a brick in the Kona sun and feeling that feel of "Ironman training". It wont be a long day out there, but it will be what I can manage...
Good night!!


Debbie said...

Reading what you wrote about Kainoa reminded me of my son when I injured my foot 10 days before my very first triathlon. I was sobbing thinking I wouldn't be able to compete and he asked, "Mommy, what can I do to make it better?" That alone made it better. So, let him and everyone else help nurse you back to health and hang in there! PS...If you're closet is too small for all those shoes and clothes, I'd be happy to help you out with that! ;)

miles99999 said...

So awesome about the shoes and clothes. I am very jealous...I am actually about a week away from ordering a pair of K-SWISS Blade-Light Run (w/laces), once payday comes around.

Also great that your boy is being such a big help while you are recovering from your rib injury. Hope your ribs get better soon!

Christi said...

You have a great team! I thought of you yesterday as I was learning my flip turns. I looked like a goof but I was enjoying the beautiful outdoor pool that I was in. I decided to just "float" like Bree would do!

Sue said...

Oh know Chloe & I read all your stuff and that we think of you every single day..and that your name comes up often in our lil house of 4:) So my lil friend from Kona, we heart you in a big way, Chloe has been eating pineapple on your behalf and her race this weekend is dedicated to you...XO


If they sent you some 11.5 by mistake, you know where I live.

Who knows, time off may be the new secret weapon!!

Dawn said...

Sending lots of healing wishes your way! Sounds like you have a bunch of great helpers over there, including the best one... Kainoa, so sweet! Here's to all your natural foods and remedies, I am the same way. Hope you feel better soon... and yes, rest is a good thing, may be just what you need! Hang in there, we are all cheering for you already. ;)

CoachLiz said...

My son asked me today, "How is Miss Bree doing?" Well, here I am checking in to find out for him. It sounds like you are hanging in there and that you are getting some "good vibes" from K-Swiss, Giovanni, your coach, your sister, and Kainoa.

I have never had a Dragon Fruit so I am really interested to know what they taste like. I will have to go to our HEB Central Market (the fancy grocery) to see if they have any.