Sunday, September 19, 2010

World Champs IPOD Playlist

This morning Sam & I were running out of E-Lab back up to Queen K when the most amazing up-a-tiny-hot-hill song came on, it was enough to make me almost break out some dance moves in the middle of a long run...seriously, it was awesome.
Then we thought about this time 3 Saturdays from this morning we will be racing in the Ironman! At that moment I had to give a shout out, a great big mahalo to all the great singers of the world that have landed on my IPOD and sung me through so many rides & runs right into race day...
My friends, these are just a few of my IPOD songs jammin' at the moment...ENJOY :) Oh, if you came here for something to read rather than listen, you can read an interview here that I did a couple weeks ago with Florida boy Joel. He has A LOT of pro interviews, so check him out :)

  • Pure Aloha by Sudden Rush/BET (I Listen to this song first every work out to set the mood for appreciating the island while I ride & run all over it)
  • Numba 1 (Tide is High) by Kardinal Offishall (this is the song that got me out of E-Lab and jammin' back to K-Town)
  • Ocean by Kimie (Gotta support the Kona girl)
  • Superman by Goldfinger (Goldfinger was my favorite band in High School, we always played their cd's on the way to surf, so you know, I had to toss a few of their songs to run with now).
  • Akaku by Tierra Kekaula (this is BY FAR one of my most favorite songs in the universe, get it on ITunes because she is not on You Tube).
  • Just the way you are by Bruno Mars
  • Billionaire remixed by Bruno Mars & BET (Bruno has a few versions but of course I love the one with BET tossed in for the island jams of it. I always get crap for liking this song from some friends, but really its so fun to sing too...)
  • If I by Ryan Hiraoka (Big Island boy that I totally admire, 'nuff said)
  • Love I by The Green (this was my best song when I was sad about liking a boy that didnt like me back, it brings back super memories of strong running)
  • Genuine by Ace/Sudden Rush/Ho'okoa (absolutely LOVE this song...Hawaii represent, cheeehooooo!! Wish they had a You Tube so you could hear it, but it's Hawaii boys jammin')
  • Tropically Fine by Oshen
  • Shine on by Needtobreath
  • Island boy by Ilona
  • Smokin' Session by Fiji
  • Tequila Sunrise by Fji (it's a bummer You Tube doesn't have their original but I found this one so you can have a tiny bit of an idea)
  • 808 by Southern Kumiford (it's a naughty song that totally tells it like it is on the island)
  • Nice to know ya by J Boog
  • Wrong Way by Sublime (Parents DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS see this....well, there are a few Sublime songs on the list and this one has my favorite beats in music, but I warned you, this band is not G-rated okay under 18 year olds)
  • Bathroom Floor by Shaggy (confession, been a Shaggy fan for most my life and somethings never change, it was on last years IPOD list too, of course my mom never approved of this when I lived at home...)
  • All Nighter by Elan & Gwen Stephani
  • Temperature by Sean Paul (um.... dont watch this video if you don't do anything over G-rated, its not bad but you can think naughty about it, sadly it's like I'm still in 8th grade at a school dance with the songs of his on my IPOD, just can't help it sometimes).

Okay, I think that's enough songs, it would take forever to put them all on here and I have an easy sunset run to do with Jason, love double run Sunday.... happy swimbikerunning :)



Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

The right tunes make all the difference! Glad you are feeling better each day Bree! Beautiful photo of Kainoa

Lucy Francis said...

Cool tunes, all very chilled! have to share my fave with you at the moment:
Dynamite - taio cruz :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Alot of songs I havent heard before, I like alot of them, thanks for sharing.

Regina said...

This gets a star in th reader...I need new tunes....bad! Thanks for taking the time to do all those links!

David said...

Thanks for posting these, Bree. I have been listening to Kardinal Offishall - Numba 1 since you posted last week (the version with Keri Hilson is better, I think, than the version with Rihanna).

Bob Almighty said...

Nice that you threw out some kudos to Sublime. Good luck in the big show.

Lisa T said...

Yeah! I love new song tips! Thanks!