Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reppin' The Bikini For Bikini Island....

ALRIGHT... You're turn. We need some votes!!
My GOAL was to get 56 people to put on a bikini in hopes of raising awareness of the Marshallese and the Bikini Island Bombing 56 years ago. Let me tell ya, getting people in a bikini was A LOT harder than I ever, EVER, imagined! Sadly, I missed my goal of 56, happily, those that did support the bikini contest were AWESOME!
The highlight for me was a handful of my guy pals, I really, REALLY wanted them to play. You'd think I'd ask them to chop their balls off getting in a bikini, it was looking sad. Last night was the deadline and in a desperate attempt to reach 56 I managed to get 3 more! One at the bike shop, one at the grocery store, and one at the beach. All of them were nearly causing me to give up hope, not even free surf trunks for winning the contest had them at all excited to wear a bikini. I think after seeing me pour my heart into this project they understood it was for more than a photo and beyond all expections, I ended up with not 3, but 4 of the guys in bikinis!
Really, truly, thank you from my heart to those that supported this, it meant a lot even if I didn't reach the 56 goal. Okay, now is your turn to help.... PLEASE vote for these awesome participants. The female gets a free bikini and the male with most votes get free surf trunks, (or a bikini if he was really into this project). In the comments just write the word under the photo you like, one girl and one boy. You can also vote "like" on facebook, yep...two votes count....
Big Island Massage Man
Fountain Girl
Canada Girl
Sandy KTA
Pool Shoot
Bikini Belly
Burrr buns
yoga momma
trainer girl
Iron woman
Stereo man
Bike boy
surf girl
itty bitty bikini

Friday, October 29, 2010

Candy Corns & Scary Movies...

Today is a day that if I was 5 (or 6) I'd be doing kart wheels up and down the beach, 'cause training is going that goooooood! Perhaps breathing a full breath makes that happen, or maybe making every session of the week and being able to finish it all the way without any major commotion, or maybe it's just that good to be back doing what I love with people I love. Yesterday's runs, (yes at sunrise and sunset), had me grinning like a girl on prom night, (not that I know, never been to prom), then waking up to the most challenging swim practice IN MONTHS and surviving has me pretty stoked too. Confession, the arms ACHE, they still are searching for distance, speed is on the horizon again though. The "challenge set" was a set of 50's on 35 and its been too long since I've swam that set, it hurt good, so good I needed to begin trick-or-treating early. " Knock, knock" on the neighbors door for breakfast refueling after that! That is the sweet part of Halloween week, forget the candy corns...TRAINING is SWEET.

The not so sweet part is scary. Not sure why but a friend and I made it a point to watch every scary movie that was playing in theaters this week. That's what happens when Kainoa is at his dads...scary. We did Chuckie DVD at home=no sleep. Next night, Paranormal Activity. Kinda boring watching cameras set up waiting for action, however when the action came it was by surprise and I may have given myself whip lash! Nearly jumped out of my seat. That movie was horrible. For me to sleep I need DARK and my feet MUST be out of the covers. About 10 minutes in bed Kainoa's toy truck went off in the other room and I about had a heart attack! Needless to say I ended up sleeping with a light on and my feet under the covers so nothing could grab them-bad nights sleep is an understatement.
Last night was SAW3D, GROSS. Twice I almost puked. And my mind is always in "tropical island thoughts", seeing that disturbs me like a kid seeing their parents naked for the first time. Again, it took a LONG time to fall asleep and that's having company till I was about to pass out and my head calmed down. I'm over the scary part of Halloween! The good news is, in Kainoa's mess of toys I found what was making that beep beep sound all by itself...
3 more nights of this Halloween madness, all the scary movies have been seen, treats have been baked, tricks have been played, now I just need a nap and massage to recover!!

In other trick, just a treat, YOU can win a free bikini! Here is how it works, kinda funny, but it's for a good cause (think BIKINI ISLAND). Today is "wear your bikini day" in support of the Bikini Island disaster. 56 years ago marks the mess so we want 56 (more would be cool) to support the cause. All you have to do is wear your bikini and prove you were in it by sending us a photo. SIMPLE. You don't have to go out of your way, or wear it at the beach, in fact we want you to live your normal life but spread a little aloha to the Marshallese by reppin' the bikini. The above photo is one of the entrants, a college girl just doing what college girls do, study at the library... but in a bikini! ha ha, this is awesome!

So far only 9 women and 2 men have entered (the contest is open to EVERYONE). Just email me your photo, it goes in an album for votes tomorrow, the winner with the most "likes" gets a free bikini (Hawaiian style). If you are a guy you can choose surf trunks if you win or the bikini for your wife/girl friend.

Happy Halloween and send me those photos! due by MIDNIGHT Hawaii time FRIDAY NIGHT, (that's tonight, Bikini Island Friday)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bikini Island....

"As soon as the war ended, we located the one spot on earth that hadn't been touched by the war and blew it to hell." -Bob Hope commenting on Operation Crossroads

Bikini Island, sort of sounds like a tropical little island full of island girls running around in little swim suits. To children Bikini Island is the home of Sponge Bob, (yeah that cartoon where the sponge lives in a pineapple under the sea, by the way, not that you asked, I'm Sponge Bob neon pink pants(not square pants) for Halloween). Bikini Island is actually an island in the Marshall Islands, nobody lives on it, it has the most beautiful fish in the world, you can't eat them... This my friends is Bikini Island (see above photo).
At one time Bikini Island had 167 residents. Most all those residents, (except the 40 something that died), now live on Big Island Hawaii in a little village down South. This beautiful island was chosen by the United States to test out their explosives because the population was small enough to move. This year marks the 56th year since the explosion and none of the Marshallese have been able to return home. Attempts have been made several times (recently 1997) only to find themselves questioning what they were told: "This is for the good of mankind and to end all world wars.”
After returning home, those that tried to begin again on Bikini Island began to face the side effects of the radioactive explosives that still linger in the land, fish, coral, and all the island. People were growing cancer, mothers were birthing babies without heads or limbs, and others were dying. America was left responsible and that is why nearly 2,000-3,000 live within the state of Hawaii, with a population of 250 in a village on the Big Island.
It's beyond sad to see what looks like a 3rd World country off the maps, on the beautiful Big Island. It's the part tourists don't see. It's the part that history books don't print for American children to learn about. It's a place tucked away where perhaps a bomb that went off 56 years ago will go unnoticed. I've noticed it and can't help but want to help...
Last week was the launching of "Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese". I'm thinking every Wednesday from now till Christmas will be my day to keep the Marshallese updates rolling. Without further due, here are updates for week one:
20 of the 250 filled shoe boxes are ready to roll!! 22 pairs of used shoes are ready to belong on the feet of shoeless people!! 2 boxes of clothes are washed and ready to go, 3 boxes of children's toys are ready for a new home, and we have a full crew to spend Christmas with the Marshallese, including a nurse that has volunteered to give up her time doing free exams and minor wound treatment! My BIG Mahalos that have rolled for week one: Fransico Villegas, Kevin & the Murarr family, Brooke Nelson, Bike Works, James & Daphney Prewitt, Becky Fitzula, Wendy Dewese, Dana Hendry, and Annamari Fhuls (my co-leader), for helping make this vision to help the Marshallese come true!! Also thank you to those that have spread the word. If a single week can bring in that much support I'm already eager to see what the next 8 weeks will bring in.... keep ya posted! Alright, I'm getting to fired up! On a lighter discovery of Bikini Island, the bikini was infact named after this situation. A fashion designer discovered how "explosive" a woman's body looked in less material, 2 pieces of fabric, and gave the 2 pieces the name "bikini" after the Bikini Island bombing.... girls, I say we break out our bikini's in honor of this entire mess to support the Marshallese!! Let's wear our bikinis Friday, all day, to work, to play, at dinner, and if anyone asks just tell them you are supporting the Marshallese that lost their beautiful Bikini Island. Who's with me??!


PS: Shoe boxes & your shoes can be sent to Bree Wee PO BOX 1033 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745. MAHALO PLENTY!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bustin' Out The Miles...

A little something I learned (the long way) is that you can't fake an Ironman. Yeah, a shorter race you can get away with a few missed miles here and there... but an Ironman, phewwwww, good luck with that one! Not exactly planned having a lot of time off on my rear pre-Kona, life happens. While the day wasn't a total loss, as I learned so much out there, and still enjoyed 140.6 miles under the Hawaiian sun. What was missed in miles, long swims, rides over 3 hours, and runs that were needed, sort of haunted me both mentally & physically. Yeah experience (as Ive done a good handful of Ironman's) does help A LOT, as you know what to expect, knowing the course does have an advantage too. However, there is nothing that compares to good ol' hard work-from start to finish of the Ironman block.
It's the piece of the puzzle that fits perfect as you tread water on the start line. You know what I'm talking about, when you wonder, "Am I ready?" If you have done all the work you know you are ready, there is nothing more you can do and now it's race time to let the hard work "happen", the fun part. If you can't answer yes to all the hard work it more or less becomes a day of chance, leaving it in hopes that your body will somehow, someway, just do a good job, and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't...
I'm not really up for another Ironman by chance. I want to be on the start line of Cozumel knowing I did all I could in the weeks after Kona: recovering, building up, holding on, easing off, then tapering into race day...

This past weekend was "weekend #1" of my Ironman Cozumel FOCUSED training. The recovery from Kona part happened. Now its the part where I gotta focus on getting in all the miles that coach gives me in swimbikerun. No sitting out with a broken body this time around, as I officially can say I had my first weekend of pain free-full breath training! It was hard. Really hard. Sort of felt like starting all over again from scratch, endurance was missing, speed was hiding out, and mentally it was funky going longer than usual solo. As we all gets easier, and it did as the weekend went on and rolled into this new week.
Today felt like someone took the training wheels off my bike, my run was a run rather than "left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot". The distances are growing, the frequency is increasing, and sooner or later I'm hoping to see if I got some speed in me! These are the days that count, get them done, make them happen. Less than 5 weeks now and the head sweats, wrist bands, and all the other training stuff is on and in place as the side kick and me bust through the miles....

Just finishing up a sunset run, my absolute favorite. Got a group of boys to keep me company/honest on a semi-long ride tomorrow, then back in the pool! Yet to return to masters so it outta be interesting! Thursday will be the high-light of my week as it's "double run day", I LOVE THOSE MOST, then Friday through the building time! Lovin' this...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Easy Pumpkin.....

This entire week has been all about the pumpkin. We carved pumpkins, colored them, baked with them, and then spent the day up North at the Pumpkin Festival. After I write this we will then hang Christmas lights and Ill officially be known as the neighbor that everyone says, "Why did she do that, it's not even Thanksgiving yet". You know you have those neighbors that put them up super early, (or the ones that just leave them up all year long), I'm about to be one of those early birds...but we aren't skipping Halloween or Thanksgiving, we are just kind of going head first into the holidays, all of them at once. It's Kainoa's fault, he's begging for Christmas lights since he saw one of the shops in town put theirs up this week. The tree & stockings however will not happen till after Thanksgiving!!!

What's so easy about a pumpkin? This Pumpkin Pie Bar recipe I'm about to pass on from my cookbook to yours is easy. Real easy. Easy to make, easy to clean, easy ingredients, (as you most likely have most of them on hand).
Shopping list (or check your cupboard list):
  • 15 oz can of pumpkin (no other ingredients, just pumpkin in there)
  • 2 bananas
  • cinamon
  • 10oz of dates (no pits)
  • 1 cup mac nuts (pecans or walnuts taste good in there too)
  • 1/4 cup agave syrup (or maple syrup)
  • 1 cup oats (Coaches Oats work best, whatever you have is ok)
  • coconut shreds or carob/chocolate chips optional

To do:

  • In a food processor combine the mac nuts, a few shakes of cinnamon, and the dates. Process about 2 minutes, until it gets really soft and forms sort of a dough ball. That is the crust. Simple. Spray a pie pan with cooking spray, evenly flatten the crust mixture onto the pie pan. (above photo, in the black pie pan is my crust laid out).
  • In a bowl combine 2 bananas mashed, the pumpkin, 2 shakes of cinamon, agave syrup, and the oats. Mix well then spread evenly over the crust.
  • Bake on 350* for 20-25 minutes. (check it as your oven might be faster or slower than mine). Let cool then enjoy with a scoop of yogurt on top, if you are Kainoa, (he puts yogurt on everything).
  • The optional ingredients: We sometimes add 1/2 cup of coconut shreds to our crust to make the mac nut and coconut Hawaiian crust flavor. The carob (or chocolate chips), 1/2 cup or so give the pumpkin pie a different twist for the holidays...

That's it. Simple. And in case you are one of those that don't let yourself indulge in holiday treats or feasts this one is pretty safe, (without the coconut shreds or carob/chocolate chips), each slice of this is roughly 180-200 calories. The traditional pumpkin pie is roughly 350-700 calories a slice. Its also vegan friendly for those that come to your holiday parties and annoy you because they wont eat the turkey, ham, or any pie with milk or dairy in it...tell them to eat this.

Off to hang up those Christmas lights...

Friday, October 22, 2010

In And Out Of The Dumps...

I'm SO THANKFUL it's Aloha Friday, this week has been a big up n' down roller coaster and while I dont like to wish my days away, I'm sort of ready to get off this ride. My body feels like poop on a stick. Getting up the stairs with Kainoa's pumpkin this afternoon was more tiring then climbing up them the night of Ironman! Yesterdays swim I was hoping for the waves to wash me to shore! Today's swim, in the pool had me thankful there was a wall every 25 yards. I'm blaming the swimming on the fact yesterdays swim was 2.4 miles and I've only swam that far 2 other times since August - that includes the day of Ironman (maybe just a little lack of swim distance training). It's a little frustrating, of course I'm respecting the fact Ironman was only 2 weeks ago... but I want my old body back.
Breathing still frustrates me and I think that explains why my muscles get so pooped, they just don't get the oxgyen they need. That and the fact my swim suit doesn't fit has me in the dumps a little...however, that horrible flu that was covering Kona with the thousands of people that came to town for Ironman has landed, gave me a day of fever, and has left the body! THANKFULLY!
I keep having this wishful thinking that my body will be strong and healthy again in time for Ironman Cozumel. Yes, Ironman Kona was a blast and most the day I was enjoying it all, but I really want to race and it feels almost like getting robbed doing an Ironman without the "race suffering" when you do it at what feels like "training day pace" . It'll be my last race of the season, so even more so I want to get in a race. You know, something so totally not like me happened in the pool today...a thought came in that said, "maybe I should just call it a season and be done, let my ribs get 100% not 88% or whatever they are, get my breathing back good, get fitting back into my swim suit, and call it off season". Then I swam another lap and my thoughts were, "Push this lap Bree, see if you can go hard and get a breath and see if your legs will reach that burn feeling when you kick hard, just try..." . I actually ended up grabbing a kick board (which I never use) and made myself kick really hard, REALLY, REALLY HARD, in an attempt to "exercise my lungs and breathing". Breathing in my body feels like it grew lazy and doesnt like to grab a quick breath (is that possible??), I used the board so my face was out of the water and just made myself have to breathe heavy and hard..... dont ask, I just wanted to experiment because my body is frustrating me.
Of course, the highs of this week, other than the collection of flowers Kainoa has picked all week long, is of course "Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese". That project has totally helped ease the focus from frustration to sheer joy. Each day has brought on so much hope and excitement that I can't even allow myself to feel sad about my body when all this good is pouring in from all over the world! Literally, hands have reached from near and far to help! Talk about people coming together for the good of others!! Let me give you some examples...
Without saying a word a friend has offered 250 tooth brushes!!! On my "Hope to make happen list" was a tooth brush for EVERYONE in the village, and now its happening! In only 2 days since announcing the details we've raised over $1,000!! Shoe boxes and shoes have started to collect in Kainoas room, (he has offered to let his room become the storage center), friends have volunteered to help wrap all these boxes with me, we have a crew that is willing to travel down with us on actual Christmas day to spend with the Marshallese rather than their own families! WOW. A couple bakers/chefs in town are happy to prepare food for the feast, and get this... the WORD IS SPREADING LIKE FIRE! It has brought tears to my eyes! On FB alone 94 others have posted it as their status up date which then was shared with all their friends and from there their friends and you get the idea. People that have never even heard of Marshallese now know! That's only the start, a few girls have passed the word to their entire triathlon teams and each member is now packing a box! Its unreal...all this support is going to change a life, I just know it! Maybe even a few lives... when people feel loved like the kind of love that is rolling in it can't help but change things....
Alright, I could chat for hours about this project, enough said.... mahalo plenty!! From tomorrow, 5 weeks till IM Cozumel, plenty of time :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese...

Sometimes something happens in your heart, like a little idea, thought, or even a dream. Most people question it, wonder about it, or do a little research to see if it's realistic. I'd be lying if I said I was like that, instead I just go with it...sometimes landing face first. Because the beauty of following your heart is landing in place you never knew existed, and I love being amazed.
I am officially amazed in this moment. Sitting on the lanai last week a thought popped in my heart..."Make Christmas beautiful for a family close to home". Last year I was blessed enough to spend Christmas in Nicaragua and do just that for a family I'd never even met, that experience changed me and them, in so many ways. In that instance on the lanai I agreed with my heart and now "Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese" is in FULL motion.
What began as loving on a single family, grew to 100 people, and after today's meeting and discovering the entire Marshallese Village in Ocean View is 250, I'm going all the way-let's make it beautiful for the entire village, all 250!
A little about what's going on down South:
There are roughly 250 Marshallese living in third world conditions, 150 of them are children surviving in an area that is economically, educationally, and socially stagnant, basically they are unable to find work, lacking in skills such as English & the ability to communicate. Marshallese come to Hawaii as legal non-immigrants under the Compact of Free Association between the United States and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and why/how? Well, The United States used one of the Marshall islands for nuclear bomb testing...yes explosive and dangerous. This caused the entire little island and all those that lived on it forced to move, as it was a life threatening situation. The United States was left responsible and of the 50 states they chose Big Island Hawaii to move the Marshallese, giving them a small chunk of land in Ocean View to start all over, "Welcome to America". Did I mention Ocean View has next to nothing down there?
Let's check out the living conditions..."The homes are basic shelters made of plywood nailed together and are without toilets and water lines. Electricity hook up is made with extension cords that run from one unit to the next. The Marshallese dwell in crowded quarters with relatives, to such an extent that some children sleep on carpets placed on the lava fields that serve as the floor or bed. The Hawaiian Ocean View Estates has no water line. Water must be fetched from public spigots, and most families lacking resources are only able to haul water to their homes by carpooling, thus hauling the water in quantities barely adequate for drinking and cooking, and only seldom for bathing and washing."Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved.
I'm fully aware that people all over the world are struggling in some way or another, but I'm also very aware that some people are doing pretty good and those that are don't mind helping. I'm beyond excited to see what the Big Island community can do to help a little town down South, so very close to home. In fact, offers to help from other states have been rolling in! AMAZING...
Here is the plan: Get a shoe box and fill it (new things only, please). Here is a sample of one of them Kainoa made yesterday. A shirt $3, a tooth brush/tooth paste $1, band aids $1, crayons .25, a color book $1, and a snack .75. We got that at Target, roughly $7. If you do some smart shopping you can totally score deals and help one of the children feel like a million bucks!
After you pack the shoe box (wrapping is optional), please put a tag on it to let us know if you shopped for a girl or a boy and the age. Listen to your heart, maybe you feel led to help an adult. There are young women there (20-30) that would love a new dress, put a dress in a shoe box. Think of high school aged kids, maybe new books or hair brushes, bracelets and hair clips. Other ideas are soaps, shampoos, snacks, any kind of school supplies for children, books, bags, underwear, little toys.
Of the children only half of them make it through school and 1% have gone to college, anything that has to do with school will make them happy. In fact, a group that recently went to visit the village brought down news papers and scissors, this had the children happy and smiling in amazement for a few hours! Anything and everything will be valuable.
What about used stuff? I'll take your shoes please. All sizes. The plan is Christmas morning to arrive in Ocean View with truck loads of support and just show how much we care about this small town that is basically off the maps to the rest of the world, dropped off, shipped over, after having their island home exploded. In true Big Island Fashion-Ohana Style at it's finest, we have an entire team forming to spend Christmas with the Marshallese. Other than the gifts, shoes, and toys, we are forming a giant feast too! It won't be a drop-off-n'-go kind of morning, it's going to be a celebration. If you think I'm excited, you should see Kainoa, he has robbed his piggy bank to fill shoe boxes for children he can't wait to play with!
Where do you drop off/send?? Good question!
Bike Works will happily take the shoe boxes filled with toys/gifts and the used shoes. Please drop them off in the giant box and I'll continue to empty it as it fills (that's if you live local on the Big Island). You have until Christmas Eve to donate. If you are wanting to help from the mainland, you can send your shoe boxes stuffed or old shoes to me: Bree Wee PO BOX 1033 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you don't want to stuff a shoe box but want to help (or want me to stuff one in your support) that's cool too. 100% of all funds sent will be put into "Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese" Make checks payable to:UNKF and we will get a paypal account in the next couple days :)
Finally, if you live on the Big Island and you are interested in getting more involved, we plan to take a small team down to Ocean View on Christmas day. Currently we are still looking for Santa :) hint, hint! And all you bakers & food makers, we need some treats! Anything you want to bake for the feast we plan to throw would be awesome! More on that later, (as we will be in touch so I can grab it from you Christmas week).
A giant MAHALO from my heart! This is going to be amazing...

250 shoe boxes, Piece of CAKE!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pinata Breaking Time...

I'm officially between training sessions to bust a pinata (not really) but I do have news.... coach gave me the GREEN LIGHT to return to Ironman Cozumel! This mornings ride was filled with Mexican memories. My run is now lingering, I'll tackle it after I take a time out to tell you how excited I am, I'M SO EXCITED! Mambo number 5!! I mean Ironman number 5 this year, the reason Im so stoked on it, (other than the fact I love Mexico), is that it will mark my 10th Ironman hoooorah! Double digits, you know how happy that makes a kid feel to turn two full hands, I feel like that. Then a proper recovery session will be on the program and 2010 season will be in put in the scrap books, memories, and photo albums.
This race fits so ideal for this momma too. It happens to fall on the week Kainoa is at his dads (Thanksgiving with his pops this year too), that leaves me able to work without worry. He will be safely scarfing down turkey while I'm chowing down gels and salts!
This week is already smoother than last week. Training again, (still really minimal as it's more or less recovery style), having Kainoa home, and once again having a goal-I love goals. I've also taken on a Christmas project, more on that later. And we did our Halloween costume shopping! I LOVE this time of year, holidays are here! Everyone seems to be in a good mood, the air is cooling off a little (by Hawaii standards that is), and all the fun recipe books are out. This morning was pumpkin smoothies! After school Kainoa has begged to make pumpkin cookies (it's our tradition every Halloween time). Holidays are amazing with a child, they get so excited that it makes you so excited and they never forget traditions that you began just a year or 2 ago...
Thankfully packing for Mexico will be easy. ha ha.... that beach cracked me up last year and sadly as the bike course zoomed past it there was not a person on the beach! I could use a laugh mid 112 miles. Alright, that run is calling my name...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Biggest Pua I Could Find...

An over sized hat hung slightly above my eyes, long sleeves covered my arms, and slippers were on my feet, it was as if I was a little girl again riding my bike with no destination, no thoughts of sport, just cruising with my kaikaina (lil sister). We rolled through beautiful country side, up and over little hills, on trails, next to lava tubes, and under canopies of giant green trees. The breeze was cool, smells of farm land lingered in the air, and the sunshine radiated in our laughter.
It's days like this that have me entirely too deep in thought, mostly about how much I value the fact I've always followed my heart, also pensive about trying to figure out and understand what next. I just never want to miss any single moment and up to this point in life I've done everything that ever entertained my heart and head and no regrets ever cross my mind... so I thought a little too much about who knows what... Replacing my fancy Speed Play pedals with some $3 Walmart pedals on my road bike was certainly the best way to spend a Sunday morning, a morning where recovery is still on my plan, not training or race focus mode, just cruise and stay active mode. The little sister, Nick, and their baby kept me company, for sure we tried to race up and over little hills and dodge a dead cow that had our noses hurting, but it was all fun and games. We even took time out to smell the puas (flowers) and hide in lava tubes.

After overdosing on lychee it hit me. As much as I try to escape the fact that I don't like speedos, bike shorts irritate me, gels are probably worse for me than Spam, and men who run in surf trunks drive me wild far more than triathletes, I AM A TRIATHLETE and it has seriously caused this surfer girl, beach bum, Hawaii sun loving girl to find passion far greater than I ever thought possible. All of the swimbikerun for me started so innocently and it just grew into something I adore and day dream about. So here I am, wishing to indulge more and more into sport...count me in.
It feels like just yesterday I raced my first triathlon and wondered to myself, "Am I triathlete now because I did one?" It amazes me that this sport still drives me crazy, in a good way, in a way that I want to wake up and do it and plan for another day on the bike, another swim in the ocean, another mile on my run. At the end of the day, after the big races, the passion I have is still greater than the gains that sometimes happen. It's almost as if I am getting in my own way, expecting all the hard work to just magically transform into a "perfect race". Daily I need to remind myself to be patient and not give up or give in despite the sacrifices, challenges, and sometimes difficult to swallow results...
Anyways, on my bike cruise I just kept wondering what next, what next, what next...perhaps a break. I dont want one. I really want another race, another Ironman. That would make 5 in a single year, whoa. Mexico is on my mind, I'd love to go back there. Once again I'm rambling deep in triathlon thoughts...just one more, then I can call it a season. Tomorrow officially ends my "play, party, get a tattoo, stay up too late, hit all the movies, eat too much food that makes my opu (belly) hurt after an hour, no training plan" week. I'm glad it's ending. My life works better when I have a goal to chase and purpose for being awake. Also, there is a new bikini I want and right now it does NOT fit. Mexico would be a good way to end the season, ill keep you posted if coach gives me one more 140.6 miles.

Just finished looking at all the Ironman Hawaii photos. Here is the moment just before climbing the Palani Hill, I was so excited to get up that hill and onto Queen K. Seeing this moment captured in a photo has me really wanting to relive another Ironman. At this moment I can't even put it into words the way I feel to be a triathlete. Simply put, I love it. Totally blessed that this is what happens everyday in my life, swimbikerun...

Okay, I better sleep on it. Tomorrow starts back some organization to this mess I've made of my routine post Ironman. Kainoa also returns from his dads house & Ill need all the energy I can muster up to tell him that his pet gecko is not sleeping (he had me rubbing it's belly), but its dead. Good thing geckos clutter the island...