Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bikini Island....

"As soon as the war ended, we located the one spot on earth that hadn't been touched by the war and blew it to hell." -Bob Hope commenting on Operation Crossroads

Bikini Island, sort of sounds like a tropical little island full of island girls running around in little swim suits. To children Bikini Island is the home of Sponge Bob, (yeah that cartoon where the sponge lives in a pineapple under the sea, by the way, not that you asked, I'm Sponge Bob neon pink pants(not square pants) for Halloween). Bikini Island is actually an island in the Marshall Islands, nobody lives on it, it has the most beautiful fish in the world, you can't eat them... This my friends is Bikini Island (see above photo).
At one time Bikini Island had 167 residents. Most all those residents, (except the 40 something that died), now live on Big Island Hawaii in a little village down South. This beautiful island was chosen by the United States to test out their explosives because the population was small enough to move. This year marks the 56th year since the explosion and none of the Marshallese have been able to return home. Attempts have been made several times (recently 1997) only to find themselves questioning what they were told: "This is for the good of mankind and to end all world wars.”
After returning home, those that tried to begin again on Bikini Island began to face the side effects of the radioactive explosives that still linger in the land, fish, coral, and all the island. People were growing cancer, mothers were birthing babies without heads or limbs, and others were dying. America was left responsible and that is why nearly 2,000-3,000 live within the state of Hawaii, with a population of 250 in a village on the Big Island.
It's beyond sad to see what looks like a 3rd World country off the maps, on the beautiful Big Island. It's the part tourists don't see. It's the part that history books don't print for American children to learn about. It's a place tucked away where perhaps a bomb that went off 56 years ago will go unnoticed. I've noticed it and can't help but want to help...
Last week was the launching of "Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese". I'm thinking every Wednesday from now till Christmas will be my day to keep the Marshallese updates rolling. Without further due, here are updates for week one:
20 of the 250 filled shoe boxes are ready to roll!! 22 pairs of used shoes are ready to belong on the feet of shoeless people!! 2 boxes of clothes are washed and ready to go, 3 boxes of children's toys are ready for a new home, and we have a full crew to spend Christmas with the Marshallese, including a nurse that has volunteered to give up her time doing free exams and minor wound treatment! My BIG Mahalos that have rolled for week one: Fransico Villegas, Kevin & the Murarr family, Brooke Nelson, Bike Works, James & Daphney Prewitt, Becky Fitzula, Wendy Dewese, Dana Hendry, and Annamari Fhuls (my co-leader), for helping make this vision to help the Marshallese come true!! Also thank you to those that have spread the word. If a single week can bring in that much support I'm already eager to see what the next 8 weeks will bring in.... keep ya posted! Alright, I'm getting to fired up! On a lighter discovery of Bikini Island, the bikini was infact named after this situation. A fashion designer discovered how "explosive" a woman's body looked in less material, 2 pieces of fabric, and gave the 2 pieces the name "bikini" after the Bikini Island bombing.... girls, I say we break out our bikini's in honor of this entire mess to support the Marshallese!! Let's wear our bikinis Friday, all day, to work, to play, at dinner, and if anyone asks just tell them you are supporting the Marshallese that lost their beautiful Bikini Island. Who's with me??!


PS: Shoe boxes & your shoes can be sent to Bree Wee PO BOX 1033 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745. MAHALO PLENTY!!!


Jill Costantino said...

Oh Bree - I am SO in. At least this is ONE chance to wear one of my bikini's hehehehe! You are such a beautiful person - the world needs more people like you in it Chica! Keep on keeping on - you do the BEST job of being YOU:)

t-odd said...

I don't have a bikini. (Actually, I do, but I only wear it on very special occasions.)

I have a challenge. I love new shoes. I have more shoes than my wife, not even counting all the running shoes I have. Don't you all love new shoes? They feel great and look clean and fresh. Don't you think everyone likes new shoes? I do. Can't we get these folks some new shoes? Bree, throw out some common sizes you need, boys and girls, athletic or dress shoes. I'll start by buying one pair of shoes for a boy and a girl (or a man and a woman) from Zappos and have them shipped to you. (This is not to say that the recycled pairs of shoes aren't appreciated, keep those coming as well.)

Let me know what else I can do to help.

BreeWee said...


chr15 said...


It's not hard to send 2nd hand runners to Hawaii but postage on something bulky is costly, money may be better spent on getting a new pair to you, so I'll join Todd and donate a new pair. I can either order online from a US retailer and get shipped to you or, paypal you a donation for you sort out your end. I'm guessing the former would be less hassle for you, if you post some common sizes, as Todd also suggests i'll sort it out.

In the meantime I'll donate my old shoes locally.

Now to encourage the bikini friday thing...

Monica Kvas said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing all this Bree! Sad that the US is still bombing places...I will definitely spread the word and send some stuff! Actually my friend just gave me a few pairs of brand new shoes that I don't need...
I have a feeling that Kainoa's room is going to be jammed packed with boxes in the upcoming weeks!!!

Nibbles said...

Bree, Are you still going to set up a PayPal account? Thanks!

BreeWee said...

Nibbles.... my co leader is in charge of the paypal account, Ill post it when it is safe and good to go. We have another Marshallese meeting Tuesday.

Shoe sizes, ANY, seriously ANY. THANK YOU :)

Lucy Francis said...

Let us know as soon as.
the bikini on friday will have to be worn under my jumper and trousers:-) eheheh

Kim said...

I have shoes coming to you within the next week! I hope they like used Newtons! Get those track stars ready!! They are going to be running fast!

Dawn said...

Love this blog, so neat! What a beautiful person you are... and what a wonderful thing you are doing! :) Take care and happy training!!!

Francisco Villegas..Marathoner/Triathlete said...

Mahola Bree, it is an honor to help you and those who are in need. Keep on rollin'.

CoachLiz said...


I have about 15 pairs of shoes to send your way. I have to go get a box big enough to ship them off in this weekend.

If I wore a bikini to work today, I might be able to pull it off with Halloween being this weekend. But then I run the risk of having creepy old dudes hit on me at the gym like they did 2 years ago when I dressed up as Elasti-girl from The Incredibles.

I have 20 minutes to make my decision...

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