Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bustin' Out The Miles...

A little something I learned (the long way) is that you can't fake an Ironman. Yeah, a shorter race you can get away with a few missed miles here and there... but an Ironman, phewwwww, good luck with that one! Not exactly planned having a lot of time off on my rear pre-Kona, life happens. While the day wasn't a total loss, as I learned so much out there, and still enjoyed 140.6 miles under the Hawaiian sun. What was missed in miles, long swims, rides over 3 hours, and runs that were needed, sort of haunted me both mentally & physically. Yeah experience (as Ive done a good handful of Ironman's) does help A LOT, as you know what to expect, knowing the course does have an advantage too. However, there is nothing that compares to good ol' hard work-from start to finish of the Ironman block.
It's the piece of the puzzle that fits perfect as you tread water on the start line. You know what I'm talking about, when you wonder, "Am I ready?" If you have done all the work you know you are ready, there is nothing more you can do and now it's race time to let the hard work "happen", the fun part. If you can't answer yes to all the hard work it more or less becomes a day of chance, leaving it in hopes that your body will somehow, someway, just do a good job, and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't...
I'm not really up for another Ironman by chance. I want to be on the start line of Cozumel knowing I did all I could in the weeks after Kona: recovering, building up, holding on, easing off, then tapering into race day...

This past weekend was "weekend #1" of my Ironman Cozumel FOCUSED training. The recovery from Kona part happened. Now its the part where I gotta focus on getting in all the miles that coach gives me in swimbikerun. No sitting out with a broken body this time around, as I officially can say I had my first weekend of pain free-full breath training! It was hard. Really hard. Sort of felt like starting all over again from scratch, endurance was missing, speed was hiding out, and mentally it was funky going longer than usual solo. As we all know...it gets easier, and it did as the weekend went on and rolled into this new week.
Today felt like someone took the training wheels off my bike, my run was a run rather than "left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot". The distances are growing, the frequency is increasing, and sooner or later I'm hoping to see if I got some speed in me! These are the days that count, get them done, make them happen. Less than 5 weeks now and the head sweats, wrist bands, and all the other training stuff is on and in place as the side kick and me bust through the miles....

Just finishing up a sunset run, my absolute favorite. Got a group of boys to keep me company/honest on a semi-long ride tomorrow, then back in the pool! Yet to return to masters so it outta be interesting! Thursday will be the high-light of my week as it's "double run day", I LOVE THOSE MOST, then Friday through the weekend...bank building time! Lovin' this...



I know what you mean. You always have internal thoughts "Am I ready?". In my case, I am never ready due to level of training, but as you said, experience always gives you the knowledge of knowing what's to come next (body reactions) as the race progresses. That is important.

Julie said...

I meant to comment on your last post --- you should totally do a recipe book. I would buy it. And I am El Cheapo!!

I've used a few of your recipes you've posted on this site. I LOVE that they are so easy and quick, nutritious AND tasty.

I just wish my partner enjoyed the same foods as I do. All he wants is ground beef, cream of mushroom soup, all over mashed potatos. LOL!!!!

Kim said...

Awesome Bree - pain free run!! Yippee! That's great news and I'm glad to see you back on the train.. or horse.. or bike.. or whatever. Your side kick is also pumpin ME up and just knowing you are out there too STILL training definitely helps! Now, if it would just heat up in PA a little so I could get my acclimation on.. Yep, not happening! Have fun!

Lucy Francis said...

is Kainoa practicing his "poker face" for race day? you know what to do, taking each session at a time, those 5 weeks weeks will fly by.
when you mention your long run at sunset, it coudln't be more different than mine last saturday in pouring rain and cold(training for the Lisbon Marathon 5th dec). got home shivereing but got it done! phew!

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