Friday, October 29, 2010

Candy Corns & Scary Movies...

Today is a day that if I was 5 (or 6) I'd be doing kart wheels up and down the beach, 'cause training is going that goooooood! Perhaps breathing a full breath makes that happen, or maybe making every session of the week and being able to finish it all the way without any major commotion, or maybe it's just that good to be back doing what I love with people I love. Yesterday's runs, (yes at sunrise and sunset), had me grinning like a girl on prom night, (not that I know, never been to prom), then waking up to the most challenging swim practice IN MONTHS and surviving has me pretty stoked too. Confession, the arms ACHE, they still are searching for distance, speed is on the horizon again though. The "challenge set" was a set of 50's on 35 and its been too long since I've swam that set, it hurt good, so good I needed to begin trick-or-treating early. " Knock, knock" on the neighbors door for breakfast refueling after that! That is the sweet part of Halloween week, forget the candy corns...TRAINING is SWEET.

The not so sweet part is scary. Not sure why but a friend and I made it a point to watch every scary movie that was playing in theaters this week. That's what happens when Kainoa is at his dads...scary. We did Chuckie DVD at home=no sleep. Next night, Paranormal Activity. Kinda boring watching cameras set up waiting for action, however when the action came it was by surprise and I may have given myself whip lash! Nearly jumped out of my seat. That movie was horrible. For me to sleep I need DARK and my feet MUST be out of the covers. About 10 minutes in bed Kainoa's toy truck went off in the other room and I about had a heart attack! Needless to say I ended up sleeping with a light on and my feet under the covers so nothing could grab them-bad nights sleep is an understatement.
Last night was SAW3D, GROSS. Twice I almost puked. And my mind is always in "tropical island thoughts", seeing that disturbs me like a kid seeing their parents naked for the first time. Again, it took a LONG time to fall asleep and that's having company till I was about to pass out and my head calmed down. I'm over the scary part of Halloween! The good news is, in Kainoa's mess of toys I found what was making that beep beep sound all by itself...
3 more nights of this Halloween madness, all the scary movies have been seen, treats have been baked, tricks have been played, now I just need a nap and massage to recover!!

In other trick, just a treat, YOU can win a free bikini! Here is how it works, kinda funny, but it's for a good cause (think BIKINI ISLAND). Today is "wear your bikini day" in support of the Bikini Island disaster. 56 years ago marks the mess so we want 56 (more would be cool) to support the cause. All you have to do is wear your bikini and prove you were in it by sending us a photo. SIMPLE. You don't have to go out of your way, or wear it at the beach, in fact we want you to live your normal life but spread a little aloha to the Marshallese by reppin' the bikini. The above photo is one of the entrants, a college girl just doing what college girls do, study at the library... but in a bikini! ha ha, this is awesome!

So far only 9 women and 2 men have entered (the contest is open to EVERYONE). Just email me your photo, it goes in an album for votes tomorrow, the winner with the most "likes" gets a free bikini (Hawaiian style). If you are a guy you can choose surf trunks if you win or the bikini for your wife/girl friend.

Happy Halloween and send me those photos! due by MIDNIGHT Hawaii time FRIDAY NIGHT, (that's tonight, Bikini Island Friday)



ShirleyPerly said...

Well, I guess I should be glad the contest is to wear a bikini, not see all the scary movies playing. I am even more chicken for the second one!!

sallyaston said...

Glad you are able to breath and get the most out of your training again. I broke 2 ribs, 2 weeks ago in a bike crash and it's horrible. Still cant lay on my back or tummy without pain, I am able to break into a slow run so I guess that is some improvement.
I was freaked out by Paranormal Activity, and I love the scary stuff. No way I am seeing #2.
Happy Halloween! :-)

Lucy Francis said...

Now you got me thinking: where can i wear my bikini in public and not get arrested. hahaha.

I'll think of something:-)

Dr. Pat said...

bikini belly two votes. one for mom one for baby. Diane Mccary

Same for me two votes for bikini belly. Pat McCary

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