Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Couple Days After 140.6 Miles...

SO, the big question I've been getting is, "Did the underwear run help prerace?" Yeah, totally think so, the race (and 2007) was still so much better than the year I skipped the underwear parade. The only hard part is that photos from that day still are flying around and some should stay hidden! Thursday pre-Ironman will hold this tradition for me...
4 days post race and I'm doing good. It's so funky the things that happen after an Ironman. Putting so much effort, attention, and focus into a single day sure has a way of wrecking havoc on a routine for the days that follow it. However, this time of "flying by the seat of my pants" is refreshing until the "training train" comes back for me. So what's been up?? Oh, one day I slept till 8:42am (the longest sleep in session of my life), I didn't go to swim practice in the pool, I actually drank a beer and a half (most since KSwiss party last year) and then I felt like poop on a stick for the following 24 hours and was reminded why I don't drink, stayed up til 2am one day (that's a good 5 hours past my bed time), didn't make my bed 2 mornings in a row (that NEVER HAPPENS), ate junk food, and once took Kainoa to frozen yogurt twice in a single day! Oh there's more... but what happens on the island stays on the island and I know this blog is read off island so my lips are sealed.
I'm already ready to get back to my life, simple and routine oriented with more sleep and a fresh made bed without any beer and less junk food, more ocean and pool too.
Today I played follow the leader with the dolphins, so beautiful, as always it reminds me of everything I love on the island! And in triathlon excitement I made my 2011 race list! LOVE it, so many cool races going on, like the REV3 Costa Rica, ooooooh talk about STOKED! I've also added one more to this season, talk about "I love to race". Waiting for coach to give me the "yes or no" on it. The more businessy part of racing was looking at that "pro qualification" list, my gosh that thing makes the simple act of racing a big mathematical mess to say the least as you have to actually pull out a calculator (well, I did) to figure a way to score enough points to get back into Kona next year. It's not easy, did you know that the top 20 girls (except one) have all won an Ironman? Then the the next 10 had a few Ironman winners too, I was 22nd and that gave me a handful of points for next year, but dude, its gonna be insane only letting 25 girls in!
Thankful I'm totally motivated and will not be injured next season with busted ribs. I've even made a list of "lets work on this" for coach and I to build on. The high-light, my list is FULL, like really, really, really long! That means I've got room (plenty of it) for improvement...pheww....
Another awesome sunset is happening on the island. So much to be thankful for and I better make a mention of a few folks that keep me going: Trakkers team, honestly its been amazing having a sponsor that calls and texts and treats you like family (and puts up with you). KSwiss...they are one of the best reasons I'm able to ALWAYS run without injury, it's like Christmas the way they lavish us with shoes and clothes to keep training. Argon 18, it took me a while to embrace the new bike as I'm such a simple girl and the rear wheel drop out always tripped me up, but after 2 seasons with them it's my favorite bike and the team is so much fun to ride for. Those French Canadian bike dudes rule! Bike Works for taking care of my bike since I only know how to ride it and make it dirty (and for all the nutrition they let me take from the shop since I dont have a nutrition sponsor). Cera Sport for the salty drink powder a girl can get! Splish for keeping the fun in a swim suit! Healing Island Massage for keeping my body more fresh and loose than it would be without some hands on it! Blue Seventy for a speed skin ('cause ya know chasing dolphins requires a little speed), and Travis Blanton for all the behind the scenes things that this girl forgets about. Coach Steve & Kona Aquatics for the pool love, Coach Jimmy for the training plans, constant support, and taking on a trimomma (we are not the easiest to coach ya know). Mauna Lani Resort for letting me have 5 star rooms on the Kona Coast when I need to train in paradise then sleep in it too! Kainoa, family & friends, you too, MAHALO PLENTY!!

Well, its dark out now, last night I swam in the dark and found some mantas, talk about an underwater adventure under the stars! Tonight Ill take it a little easier, a movie...better get ready! Hope recovery and training is going good for all you...keep going, never let go of those dreams, the world is not a safe place without something to hold onto.


greyhound said...

I'm of two minds about the underwear run. Some of the photos are shocking, but at least this is the low body fat percentage crowd.

There's one thing that tips me into the pro-underwear-run camp: polka dots.

You rock the polka dots. Just sayin.

Charisa said...

Next season will be great! The KPR makes my head spin also....but one day at a time to get there :)

Lucy Francis said...

That underwear run is right up my street. would love to do it albeit with bigger pants (british term for knickers/underwear) in my case. All we have here is the midnight bra walk! :-)
only you to take pics of mantas and all sorts of lovely sea creatures! Amazing! on my way to work i only come across dogs, cats, the odd fox and yesterday a pigeon pooped on my head (turned out to be a lucky day!).
I'm also planning my racing calendar for 2011 (I'm an AG!) and choosing a few new places to race. have fun too doing the same Bree and thanks for posting such lovely sea images.

jesi said...

Bree, you're amazing! You're inspiring and your webpage makes me smile. You remind me of what's important in life and to enjoy each moment. It was awesome to see you cross the finish line at Kona (via the net)!! You were smiling and the love was just beaming from your face!

So thank you for being inspiring on every level! I hope to make it to Hawaii one day and Ironman, well, that's been a dream goal since grade school. :)

Much love from the deserts of AZ!

Sarah Giacomarra Schrader said...

Tell us about the new tattoo!