Friday, October 22, 2010

In And Out Of The Dumps...

I'm SO THANKFUL it's Aloha Friday, this week has been a big up n' down roller coaster and while I dont like to wish my days away, I'm sort of ready to get off this ride. My body feels like poop on a stick. Getting up the stairs with Kainoa's pumpkin this afternoon was more tiring then climbing up them the night of Ironman! Yesterdays swim I was hoping for the waves to wash me to shore! Today's swim, in the pool had me thankful there was a wall every 25 yards. I'm blaming the swimming on the fact yesterdays swim was 2.4 miles and I've only swam that far 2 other times since August - that includes the day of Ironman (maybe just a little lack of swim distance training). It's a little frustrating, of course I'm respecting the fact Ironman was only 2 weeks ago... but I want my old body back.
Breathing still frustrates me and I think that explains why my muscles get so pooped, they just don't get the oxgyen they need. That and the fact my swim suit doesn't fit has me in the dumps a little...however, that horrible flu that was covering Kona with the thousands of people that came to town for Ironman has landed, gave me a day of fever, and has left the body! THANKFULLY!
I keep having this wishful thinking that my body will be strong and healthy again in time for Ironman Cozumel. Yes, Ironman Kona was a blast and most the day I was enjoying it all, but I really want to race and it feels almost like getting robbed doing an Ironman without the "race suffering" when you do it at what feels like "training day pace" . It'll be my last race of the season, so even more so I want to get in a race. You know, something so totally not like me happened in the pool today...a thought came in that said, "maybe I should just call it a season and be done, let my ribs get 100% not 88% or whatever they are, get my breathing back good, get fitting back into my swim suit, and call it off season". Then I swam another lap and my thoughts were, "Push this lap Bree, see if you can go hard and get a breath and see if your legs will reach that burn feeling when you kick hard, just try..." . I actually ended up grabbing a kick board (which I never use) and made myself kick really hard, REALLY, REALLY HARD, in an attempt to "exercise my lungs and breathing". Breathing in my body feels like it grew lazy and doesnt like to grab a quick breath (is that possible??), I used the board so my face was out of the water and just made myself have to breathe heavy and hard..... dont ask, I just wanted to experiment because my body is frustrating me.
Of course, the highs of this week, other than the collection of flowers Kainoa has picked all week long, is of course "Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese". That project has totally helped ease the focus from frustration to sheer joy. Each day has brought on so much hope and excitement that I can't even allow myself to feel sad about my body when all this good is pouring in from all over the world! Literally, hands have reached from near and far to help! Talk about people coming together for the good of others!! Let me give you some examples...
Without saying a word a friend has offered 250 tooth brushes!!! On my "Hope to make happen list" was a tooth brush for EVERYONE in the village, and now its happening! In only 2 days since announcing the details we've raised over $1,000!! Shoe boxes and shoes have started to collect in Kainoas room, (he has offered to let his room become the storage center), friends have volunteered to help wrap all these boxes with me, we have a crew that is willing to travel down with us on actual Christmas day to spend with the Marshallese rather than their own families! WOW. A couple bakers/chefs in town are happy to prepare food for the feast, and get this... the WORD IS SPREADING LIKE FIRE! It has brought tears to my eyes! On FB alone 94 others have posted it as their status up date which then was shared with all their friends and from there their friends and you get the idea. People that have never even heard of Marshallese now know! That's only the start, a few girls have passed the word to their entire triathlon teams and each member is now packing a box! Its unreal...all this support is going to change a life, I just know it! Maybe even a few lives... when people feel loved like the kind of love that is rolling in it can't help but change things....
Alright, I could chat for hours about this project, enough said.... mahalo plenty!! From tomorrow, 5 weeks till IM Cozumel, plenty of time :)


Christi said...

You are doing such a great thing with by spreading Christmas to the unfortunate. You are a wonderful role model not only for the triathlon world but the world overall!

Thanks for being the loving caring person that you are!

And I am sending healing powers your way! Get well soon! said...


I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.
I have added your site to my site.

Please link my site to your site.
Thank you!

Lucy Francis said...

I've just read your post on the marshallese and I'm keen to help but being so far away I think the best way is to send a donation rather than a shoe box. just let us know how we can do that.

This is such a lovely idea and is going to bring you such good karma for IM Conzumel:-)

Heather said...

Something tells me, after reading your posts for some time now, that you would never be content if you didn't take a crack at Cozumel. I hope to see that look of race pace hurt you seem to love ;) as I too am out on that course. Gonna be a great day, I just got that feeling yah know? :)

Nibbles said...

Hi, Bree,

Do you have the PayPal account set up yet?

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