Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Week Away....

This is where I was all night long. At the beach, watching sunset, stayed until bed time, in the dark, just looking up at the sky and listening to the ocean. I'm pretty sure if I had company I would have slept on the beach over night.... but you know, not the safest place for a girl alone with all these crazy triathletes in town-dangerous crew!! In a week the very spot I was taking a break will be full of runners passing by, crowds, aid stations, and all the silence that kept me company tonight will be cluttered with cheers and words of support as so many of us get to make dreams of crossing a finish line after 140.6 miles come true.

I've officially started my massive poke grinding...
Life has been almost totally normal despite the bumper to bumper traffic in the ocean (there is a lot more than fish in there right now). It's pretty cool seeing so many people enjoy Hawaii, it makes me happy to sit back and watch them oooh and ahhh at all the little things that make me smile almost everyday. It's tempting to get carried away with all the activities, invites, and other Ironman fun, but I've kept it simple and sort of kept my distance as I watch the small town where everyone knows each other transform into a place where all of us are now just a face in the crowd.
Of course, a few little mischief activities still happen on a daily basis, but that's just my everyday life too. Yesterday we noticed Chris "former Ironman Champ" Maccas scooter after swim practice, so you know us island girls, we just had a little fun while he did his laps...ha ha! Later that day while cruising Alii Drive with a couple of the board short boys, Chrissie the Ironman Champ herself ran past us and of course one of the local boys decided to run her down not knowing who she was...oh I WISH I had a photo of that! It was hilarious to say the least! He did manage to hang with her for a while, long enough for us to fall over in tears of laughter, I think she enjoyed the pre race laughter from a local boy in surf trunks!
Things are still fairly mello a week out from race day. Most the athletes, pros and amatures alike, are still pretty friendly & sociable with each other, of course we know as the week becomes days, then hours, a little shift sometimes happens as pre race nerves, butterflies, and anxiety take over. But it's so far, so good still, and I personally enjoy this vibe. In fact, I was fortunate enough to have Kate Majors personal massage guru work on my ribs, shoulders, and back for almost 2 hours yesterday. Kate reached out and said, "SHE CAN HELP". It meant the world to me to see one of the best women in the world take the time to think about me. It's cool to see that in our sport, and I have so much respect for Kate in helping me like that...
Tomorrow 2.4 swim, very excited as I have not been able to swim to that buoy in over a month! YES YES YES I have missed it and coach gave me the green light to give it a go tomorrow! Rest easy,


Bre said...

the island is so beautiful even in the dark :)
too funny about the local boy running down Chrissie!
and how nice is that your ribs got some extra love, you are lucky to have such wonderful friends!
how did the swim to the buoy go??

Kelly said...

Hey, Bree...haven't left a comment in a while, but not because I haven't been following along! Enjoy the week, soak up the atmosphere, store things in your mind to pull out next week. No matter the result, I know you will race with your whole heart and that is why we love you!!

Oscarjet said...

Muy bien AMIGAAA ! sigue sonriendo ! una semana! UNA SEMANA !!!! vamos Bree vamooooos!
abrazos !

Libby said...

so excited for your race week girl!!! keep up the perfect attitude and enjoy your hometown race!!!! go bree!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a good week ahead of you! Take it all in for your big day! How neat you get to see all the athletes & pros, btw... I got to meet Chrissie here in IL a few months ago, she is amazing. And so are you! I will be cheering for you here in Chicago, as I will be getting ready to run the marathon next weekend! Have a great week - we know you will race with all your heart as you inspire us as always! :)