Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Got Pictures...

This is how I felt after the race, very much like a girl with her heart ripped out. As life goes, I'm not one to stay mad, grumpy, or sad for too long, so off to explore Cozumel we went. I adore this place so much that without even hesitating I was able to say, "Next year when I race here..." and I meant it. I want to return for the 3rd year in a row. The place, the course, the people, all of it is pretty much my ideal environment and loops, I love loops when I race. That's where I ended the chatter of triathlon and opened the doors to my entire life, not just swimbikerun. Every intention now is to just live fully with focus on just that...
Okay, so I did make my "2011 race list". I know, I know, pure punishment... enjoy a break and then come back to the list. BUT I could not resist, triathlon is very much a part of me and it felt good to have a tiny thought set in motion for whats to come, now Ill leave the list alone till January 2011 comes sweeping in. ALOHA HOLIDAY SEASON :)
I plan to overdose on coconuts, all things coconut! Climb coconut trees, paint them, eat them, cook and bake with them, rub them in my hair and on my skin... that's a start. For real though, the holidays will be around the kitchen with friends involved. Tonight was day 1 of that goal. Landed and for dinner Kainoa and I made a home made apple pie with coconut oil and acai for our guest! More time to create recipes... yes please!
AMIGOS... I'm looking forward to staying up past 8pm and meeting them later for swims. I'm looking forward to camping, exercising with them (not training), fishing, surfing, hiking, snorkeling, you name it, now is the time to let all the people that have been along for the ride know how much they mean to me...
Find some new adventures, like play in the snow on Mauna Kea!!
Yes, lots of beach time is in the near future.

It feels great to be home and I'm more than ready to let the Christmas season take over. Most all our lights are hung, tomorrow we go for the tree, and of course there are TONS of things to wrap up for the Marshallese project. Alright, that's pretty much all I got for the evening. It was 24 hours and 20 minutes of travel to get home to the island and my own bed sounds amazing tonight. I really appreciate the kindness lavished upon me for the less than exciting race performance Sunday, it means a lot to have support nearly unconditionally...
Time to unwind, cheers!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ironman Cozumel Race Report...

There will be no photos of today's event and I hope all the camera men and women that took photos do not share any of mine if they are messy...please. Thanks. Here is how the action went down...
Swim: I'm happy with my swim, lost my pack and was swallowed up by the chase group, it was a nice and easy free ride. Maybe the first time I have had a free ride for that much of a swim event, no complaints. The only problem was that it felt like a training day during a race as I wasn't working very hard, when I tried to make a move it was a cluster of maybe 9 of us together and getting around to save a maybe a minute or two would have probablly cost me more energy than worth it, so I used the patience that this season has taught me and followed feet.
Onto the bike, I had a single goal, "Faster than last years bike split". That was it. I knew the likes of Tyler Stewart and Yvonne were in the women's race, me bike with them... I WISH. SO rather than get caught up, swept into a pace that is not my own, we went with the HR rate monitor for this... no bike clock or cadence clock, nothing fidgety, easy for this girl...a heart rate.
Lap 1, lap 2, lap 3.... all of them were nearly the exact same HR and each lap got a tiny bit faster. This made me VERY happy. As the wind and heat picked up I was able to keep it steady. Goal achieved, 11 minutes faster than last season and I was finally able to focus on my own race. Thanks to following a HR heading into T2 I felt good too, hoping that meant my run would finally happen.
At this point I was very happy with my race so far. Its truly been an interesting year of racing. It seems I do better when coach gives me my own single goals and paces and I just stick to them no matter what is happening around me. Its more my style to try and hang onto whoever passes me but I'm just not there and usually end up with a pretty sour race after blowing up. Sticking to my own race is working and then we are finding what can make my own race better. The patience in all this is a bit of a challenge as I'm so hungry for a good race, one to reflect my training and passion, today I seriously thought it was bound to happen, finally...
Out onto the run, feeling pretty good after pacing smart and having a good nutrition day out there, it's all smiles for this girl. HR still good and I was running the pace coach and I had worked out from training. Man it was good to be running off the bike, brought back good memories of IM KY and running happy, only this time I was ready to do it a little faster. Mile one I get a few nice stairs, a couple guys point and laugh and say a few remarks. I blame it on the bar we passed, figure the men were drunk. My Spanish is good enough to tell something is going on and I'm the one being laughed at. And then the truth is told... this girl is on her period!
Oh, it was a nightmare like nothing that has ever happened to me before. Seriously?! I was darn determined to keep on running, so I went for mile 2...using the drinks at aid stations and water from others to try and "splash it off" was clearly not working. Thankfully the sharks didn't eat me, thankfully I didn't know about this on the bike so I could ride without worry, but now... the run! All of Mexico now knows Bree Wee was having a hard time of the month. I've always been rather thankful that while my chick friends are dealing with cramps, head aches, sore boobs, I get to skip the side effects... today I would have gladly taken a warning sign that the thing was coming.
Now what Bree?! Tampons, anyone, anyone? Clearly most of Latin America uses pads, no tampons from the spectators. Thought about it, but a diaper would not hold up in a marathon any better than what my bike shorts were doing. Okay then, I will finish this a little messy. Well, that idea did not work, I felt so bad for the volunteers, they were so grossed out despite wanting to help. I'm trying to spare you full details, but it was not pleasant, dripping down my legs and to make it all worse, I had on the white n' pink Kswiss tri kit, not even a Splish suit like I usually wear, so it was now very noticable. In the Splish I could have rinsed off my legs at least, you can't really rinse off bike shorts of that color (just to let you know). This girl was grossed out at herself. I thought about just finishing, but with over 23 miles to go it would only get worse and I could not do that to others. No worries about me, Im humbled everyday, but this was beyond bad...
I managed to get back to the hotel, shower, and clean undies on. More than you can imagine I want to go run a marathon, all ride long I was thinking only about that run, saving for it, patiently waiting for it, I wanted to run. Not sure how to feel at the moment. Thankful I suppose that I get to be a woman, sad about being all the way here and not even finishing the last race of my season, and somewhat having to laugh at myself as this is for certain the most embarressing thing that has ever happened to me.
What did I learn this race? Make sure my race kits never include light colors, always put shorts in my special needs bags just in case with some back up womanly stuff, and borrow someone's period cramps before a race so I know it's coming!
Alright, that is my season end race. Thanks for reading my disaster....
Laughing, grossed out, and now really hungry to race...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nachos For Breakfast....

I watched the sunset tonight and just felt amazed in complete astonishment at the life I've been given...what a beautiful life. My season began in South Africa with the sunrises and it's about to come to a close in Mexico with a sunrise, so amazed. There is nothing easy about racing 140.6 miles and its nothing short of a very big accomplishment. Tomorrow will be the 10th time I run across an Ironman finish line and I'm still humbled during the journey leading up to the race and still holding respect for the distance. Even after a handful of races this season a few strong butterflies dance in my belly. It never gets easy for me to pack the transition bags then settle in for a smooth night sleep the night before, I've only learned to go with it...

If I look only at what tomorrow holds the day more than excites me... it's so much of what I love. Open water swimming is a passion that compares second to very few things in my life. The bike and I have ridden all over the world and yet I want on it more and more. Running is perhaps one of the very best parts of most days of my life. To be in Mexico, to have great people all around me, it sets the day up for a fearless day of fun. When you throw in the word "race" I'm still listening. To toss in goals, yes please. The rest, these feelings, I'm not sure how they got there or how to explain them. Maybe it's a tiny bit of pressure I place on me, knowing this is how the roof stays over Kainoa's head, perhaps that is the fear that sometimes trys to creep into all that I love about tomorrow...Kainoa, tomorrow is for you.
Loving Mexico again this year, a place I hope to return to many times in this life. It's a beautiful place with gorgeous people and little beaches that hug the bluest of blue water. Tomorrow I'm athlete number46. Or...Bimbo#46. At any other time I'd prefer not to have that word meshed with my name, but for tomorrow, Bimbo#46 will be just fine and I'll be sure to enjoy it all up!
Bimbo #46 is ready to rock n' roll. Or swimbikerun. The bike and bags are checked, the prerace meal is in the belly, including nachos at breakfast. I'm not sure how nachos replace cereal here at some mornings, but I ate them. When given food in a country such as Mexico it's impolite to say no...there is now a fiesta in my belly!
LOTS of "thanks" and muchas gracias go out to those that have supported the beauty of my dreams. From sponsors, family, friends, to people you meet in the streets, it's been one of the best parts of having a dream. Being surrounded by encouragement really helps keep everything in motion, forward motion and I'd never be this far along the path without those that invest their time and energy into me, THANK YOU. Gracias to my amigos here on the island that have helped keep me from homesickness and of course the Spanglish that often gets me into some unwanted trouble. Back home on the island, thank you to my swim team & training partners that push n' punish me. To the greatest friends a girl could ever have, to my sister and her family for the help along the way, to a certain boy that I can't wait to hug again, and to Kainoa- the entire reason why everything in this life is as beautiful as it is for me, I love you son.
Alright, last race of the season... time to give it all that I got and you all are along for the ride. Hula girl n' me, lo tenemos! Todo lo mejor (all the best) to all the athletes racing tomorrow, see you at the finish line. And volunteers, thank you in advance... you are priceless!
Buenos Noches from Bimbo#46!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It would take a very long time to make out an "I am thankful list" like we had to write in grade school. It would also just repeat my daily life and photos that you always see, so I'll skip the list and just say, "I'm so thankful for the life I've been given and the people in it". Onto Mexico...
At the moment I'm in Mexico and loving every minute of it, take that back...missing Kainoa yesterday and not having my bike arrive with me wasn't exact joy for this momma, but all in all this is a dream job come true and I'm beyond happy in Mexico...
Running on new routes alongside tiny white beaches, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in shades of blues, and riding through tropical island breezes has me eyes wide open. Pretty much it's training in paradise and every part of me wants to swimbikerun further and further than the taper workouts I've been given. Holding myself back has become the goal, knowing Sunday I'll get to ride around the entire island of Cozumel 3x and run through the town 3x times, after swimming over the old coral for 2.4 miles. For the most part everything feels the same as last year and not much has caused me to wander or feel tempted to explore beyond the patio. For me this is a really, really good thing as new places are dangerous for a girl wild at heart mid taper! The patio, my books, and computer are helping me rest easy. Of course I did find a man with a horse that was eager to let me go ride during a run, with my bigger than usual focus on the Ironman I told him not yet-but of course made plans for Monday morning :)
One swim had me challeged too as the ocean floor was covered in giant conch shells, I felt like the little mermaid! Coach had me doing some pick ups, on the speedy part I'd swim my little heart out, on the recovery I'd scan the ocean floor for treasures. During cool down I'd dive down and pick them up, check to see if anything was in them. I found a few creatures and one had an awesome little octopus looking guy! Got a picture for sure, but.... I broke the waterproof camera yesterday. DO NOT worry...bought a throw away for instant use till I'm home to fix mine!

Feet up... in the shade...it's all good...beyond thankful. AND thankful for my Mexican amigos here on the island to keep me company and help me with my Spanish! Last night at the market an hombre told me if he didn't have what I wanted he would steal it for me...good thing I got amigos to keep me from trouble! Love practicing the Spanish though and the high-light of the market... finding Kainoa a Nacho Libre mask! Kainoa and I watch that all the time and he LOVES to attack me and say, "I nacho libre-ed you mom!" while trying to slam me! He will LOVE the mask, can't wait! The other thing this momma is stoked to bring him home is one of the giant conch shells I found during the swim!

Its been a tradition since before Kainoa was walking to collect shells together at tide pools. We have a huge glass box we keep them in, only the best ones. This one he will totally love! And this race, its all for my boy back home! Alright, most Happy Thanksgiving to you all, eat turkey for me... besos y abrazos desde Mexico!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yo Voy.....

A little adios to my favorite Island and now I'm on the way to MEXICO! Another island...life is good. It's truly been a fast-forward kind of journey into this Ironman. All of it has been exciting as things really have just flowed along. Thankfully a handful of my favorite training partners have been able to extend their season and push me along rather then crawl into the "off season" just yet. Others have just been along for the ride and it's meant the world to me. The support that comes from just working towards a goal or dream is never shy of amazing...

Of course, the best is that of my son. I cried most the ride to the airport, I am a crybaby. I admit with all my heart and soul that there is part of me that will never fade when it comes to being homesick-no matter where in the world I go. I remember my dad once telling me I'm the toughest crybaby he knows, I cry easy but I don't quit easy. That sums up my life thus far. So, off to Mexico at another airport with 2 good books, a camera, my journal, and of course the most fun gear any girl with her dream career could possibly pack: swimbikerun stuff! I am beyond excited.

Yesterday was Poke Shack, today was U Make Da Roll...tomorrow, burritos in Mexico. It's been recovery on the island in the way of fishing, snorkeling, and collecting seashells and broken sea glass. Truly...I'm happy.

Alright, my plane is about to board. Time for this girl to fly. I'll try to take you along for the ride and my Ironman Cozumel adventure of 2010...
Nos vemos,