Friday, November 12, 2010

FULL Plate Lunch...

(light plate lunch, yummy. Photo courtesy of Tanioka's)
This week has been fully loaded. Like really full with a bit of this and some of that, a few of these here and there...kinda looks like a Hawaiian plate lunch! It's pretty 'cause it's all the stuff you enjoy and a random combination of all flavors that don't really make sense but mesh well in the belly. Yep, that is my life this week, a big ol' plate lunch fully loaded. It would be so easy to just order rice and eggs, (or just take life a day at a time), but I keep on putting all the things I like on the plate and then trying to eat them all at once-you get the idea.
My plate was working A LOT on the Marshallese Project as boxes and shoes from all over the world have rolled in, (mahalo), and Kainoa's room became a spectacular MESS. Finally, I said "enough", realizing it will all be there after Ironman Mexico and I need to focus on my race at the moment then go back to the project. Sadly, one of my team leaders is on the mainland and our mission for today was postponed to the village. That means finally update the blog and nap, very needed!
Serious training load and loving it. So fun to train when you can breathe and the body is functioning good. Pretty stoked about that. Lots n' lots of good sessions this week and more than usual I've been trying to finish them off with recovery of massage, ice, and some salts.
I've also taken on helping spread the word about the Kona Surf Film Festival, yeah better put that on the plate, it's really exciting. Check it out for a weekend of fun if you live Big Island. Then, I decided to say "yes" to helping with a tri-camp out at Mauna can I say "no"? Thankfully, I had the courage to say AFTER Ironman Mexico I'll help with the planning...stuffed. And because I LOVE teaching I sort of put myself back in the class room next week for a Math lesson, (remedial style), my favorite working with the children who just don't get it and English gets in the way of understanding. It's Wendy's class and my lesson plan is already in the works to take over her students!! She also helps coach the Kealakehe swim team and needed me to paddle for them during an open water swim...of course I said yes...then I (or full plate) was spilling over the edges and the last thing I want/need is to burn out.
Of course all of it is stuff I enjoy, like hanging more Christmas lights, baking for friends, and making sure to empty the calendar the week as Kainoa's little brother is due anytime and I gotta be ready to help if his dad needs to get to the hospital with Tara, pretty exciting all around.
Of course all of this would not be possible and the plate would not be this full if it weren't for Coach Jimmy loading my training calendar and the MAN-ager making sure I take a few trips to the fax machine to sign contracts and send them to you guys! As with all full plates a little balance is needed so yesterday was dessert...the beach! Much needed girl time at the "spa" better known as salty tide pools in warm water.

I also got tired of waiting on Santa, (begged him for a new board for Christmas after giving both of mine away to the little groms), so I got Dom's old board. Don't worry, I wont use it till after Ironman Mexico, as I owe that wave to Andy Irons. So with the full plate and Mexico on the way I just tried it out on my bed...rough waters, ha ha! Finally, recovery Friday before the last big weekend of training. Today is opening a bunch of boxes from all over the world in support of the Marshallese project. BIG MAHALO'S to: Monica Kvas, Trimomma, Francisco Villegas, Wendy Smith, Cynthia Smith, Argon 18 crew, The Kesten Family, Ricci Racela, Jackie Lai, Darold Craigsundine, Bill Griensle, and the anonymous shoe donors :)
Alright I'm stuffed now... time to relax. ENJOY the weekend!


Francisco Villegas..Marathoner/Triathlete said...

Big Mahalo's to you Bree, you are an exceptional person and athlete.

t-odd said...

Glad to hear the stuff is still rolling in. (Did my stuff from Zappos arrive?)

Jill Costantino said...

hahaha - I bet you had music on when you where bed surfing! (that sounds a bit naughty)! You are doing such wonderful things Chica! Love the board!

Lucy Francis said...

what a great analogy for life - plate lunch:-) let's all get stuffed!