Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just A Little Update....

I've got a swim and run waiting for me, yet yesterday I let my Wednesday-Marshallese-Update slip away for massive post ride/swim recovery, so I owe it today...
Tuesday the team and I gathered in tight for a team huddle, not really, it was more of a "okay gang, next mission". And we are FIRED up to say the least. One of the girls on the team has been working hand n' hand with the Marshallese village for years and filled me in on any and all things Marshallese. A few times tears fell just hearing about the mess down there and how still to this day America is trying to settle up by giving them $9 a month (each) to make up for the "accidental devastation" of their beloved home. Oh don't think they sit around doing nothing, they try to get work and have found jobs at the fishing docks for $1 an hour. Picking coffee and mac nuts too for slightly more pay. Yeah, they can work other jobs (as America granted them legal immigrants), however they are struggling to get social security cards to get the jobs. Janine is taking over that part, getting them social security jobs.
Being a part of changing a life is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL thing. Next week we are planning a little sex ed class for the young girls of the village. You know, without education you just don't know...we are going to help! I'll need your help too. If you live local and can drop off a box of tampons, pads, and/or condoms that would be INCREDIBLE, to Bike Works. We need them by NEXT Thursday as Friday is class.
We are at 70 pairs of shoes and more are in the PO BOX waiting for me to pick them up! The support from all over the country as been such an amazing thing to be part of, you all are making it happen! You know, my sister was checking out all the shoes and she said, "Bree you know that saying...You don't know what its like to walk in another persons shoes, well...we should try on all these shoes". Um... I dont want to try them on (some are stinky, but we will gladly take them), but she was right, this project has opened my eyes a lot to those that need help and to those that are willing to help...lots of good in the world!

Shoe boxes are filling from the floor on up! Kainoa is loving this too! For him it's incredible to see what happens when the word "OHANA" comes to life! We have a lot of mahalo's this week:
Jason Gabriel, Reed Murrar, Dawn Henry, Gary Sheilds, Kevin Houghton, Megan Moore, Bill & Linda Greentree, Steve Rink, Wendy Deweese, Stephanie Corker, Big Island Running Company, and those that have dropped off toys, clothes, and shoes all week to Bike Works.

OKay.... that's that. Now my swim is calling me. Again, thank you for helping make this Christmas happen for an entire village!
Bree, Annamarie, Janine, and Deb


Steve Finnell said...

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SSB said...

Oh shoes. You're gonna have soooo many size 10 womens soon :-)

Oscarjet said...

Eres muy grande AMIGA MIA....!! big hug ! ;DDDDDDDDD

Ordinarylife said...

Looks like your project is flying - well done. They are going to be soo happy.