Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recovery Dive...

2 weeks from today is Ironman number 5 of the season and I am just as thrilled for it as I was for the first race of the season, (not because it means I get holiday after). Truly it was all about the beauty of finding balance that has let me stay "race happy" and "training passionate". Yes the season had a few little rollers, some unpleasantries, and a few dips in the road. But the highs out weighed the lows and my heart was able to keep everything prioritized.
With 2 weeks till Ironman Mexico this week pretty much smashed me and the weekend had me spending a lot of time with my head on a pillow. It was the final push. Yesterdays ride was a total quad buster as the boys on the group ride showed me what holding on for dear life really means. After they were done I was left to ride a couple more hours solo, I take that back, the IPOD sung me along. From there my head hit the pillow and I don't remember much else. A little run this morning with some "pacey stuff" took the final remains of my legs soreness.
AND then... breathe! Time to break into recovery mode, a little taper action. To get it started off it was all about the ocean! A little diving action to shake out the legs, swim without "swimming", and to just let the salty sea float me away. However, it was a little more scary than usual. Today we went to a secret spot I'd never been too. That tends to happen when you go with a real diver and not a "wanna be mermaid".

Let's just say the underwater views had me so amazed that I forgot all about the new ocean I was exploring. With the giant fins it was easy to get far effortlessly and fast. In fact I found myself so far North that below me was all sorts of coral caves, reef tables, and schools of fish I never knew existed! It was unbelievable, recovery at it's finest! The only concern, I looked around for my partner in crime and he was nowhere in sight! Trying to remain calm yet a little freaked being whale/shark season the "where are you" began to venture from my mouth. Generally I don't mind but this spot was a little sketchy, (not to mention I had no idea how to get back on shore up the rocks). Then, there it was, that sharky "think its a shark anyways" view.

I was over the solo cave exploring sessions and sooner than later found Cody playing underwater back near the first cave. Yeah, this place is going on my "to-do list" as I did not see nearly enough and had to keep it "recovery". Believe me, next time though I'm bringing a rope to tie myself to my partner so I don't wander away again.

Alright.... time to hit the pillows (again). A week to go on the island, then off to Mexico. Life is good and it's about to get 140.6 miles more exciting!!
Aloha ahiahi,


Lucy Francis said...

Bree, be careful, the pictures are great but all i see is danger: hitting your head on a rock, being eaten by a shark....try and get to Mexico in 1 piece and with all the bits please:-) by the way the udnerwater pics brightened my day, which has been very blustery and cold...

Libby said...

oh my word bree! that must have been the scariest feeling on earth! looks like some cool stuff there though! HUGE good luck to ya in mexico! rest up and go get 'em bree!!!