Thursday, November 25, 2010


It would take a very long time to make out an "I am thankful list" like we had to write in grade school. It would also just repeat my daily life and photos that you always see, so I'll skip the list and just say, "I'm so thankful for the life I've been given and the people in it". Onto Mexico...
At the moment I'm in Mexico and loving every minute of it, take that back...missing Kainoa yesterday and not having my bike arrive with me wasn't exact joy for this momma, but all in all this is a dream job come true and I'm beyond happy in Mexico...
Running on new routes alongside tiny white beaches, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in shades of blues, and riding through tropical island breezes has me eyes wide open. Pretty much it's training in paradise and every part of me wants to swimbikerun further and further than the taper workouts I've been given. Holding myself back has become the goal, knowing Sunday I'll get to ride around the entire island of Cozumel 3x and run through the town 3x times, after swimming over the old coral for 2.4 miles. For the most part everything feels the same as last year and not much has caused me to wander or feel tempted to explore beyond the patio. For me this is a really, really good thing as new places are dangerous for a girl wild at heart mid taper! The patio, my books, and computer are helping me rest easy. Of course I did find a man with a horse that was eager to let me go ride during a run, with my bigger than usual focus on the Ironman I told him not yet-but of course made plans for Monday morning :)
One swim had me challeged too as the ocean floor was covered in giant conch shells, I felt like the little mermaid! Coach had me doing some pick ups, on the speedy part I'd swim my little heart out, on the recovery I'd scan the ocean floor for treasures. During cool down I'd dive down and pick them up, check to see if anything was in them. I found a few creatures and one had an awesome little octopus looking guy! Got a picture for sure, but.... I broke the waterproof camera yesterday. DO NOT worry...bought a throw away for instant use till I'm home to fix mine!

Feet up... in the's all good...beyond thankful. AND thankful for my Mexican amigos here on the island to keep me company and help me with my Spanish! Last night at the market an hombre told me if he didn't have what I wanted he would steal it for me...good thing I got amigos to keep me from trouble! Love practicing the Spanish though and the high-light of the market... finding Kainoa a Nacho Libre mask! Kainoa and I watch that all the time and he LOVES to attack me and say, "I nacho libre-ed you mom!" while trying to slam me! He will LOVE the mask, can't wait! The other thing this momma is stoked to bring him home is one of the giant conch shells I found during the swim!

Its been a tradition since before Kainoa was walking to collect shells together at tide pools. We have a huge glass box we keep them in, only the best ones. This one he will totally love! And this race, its all for my boy back home! Alright, most Happy Thanksgiving to you all, eat turkey for me... besos y abrazos desde Mexico!!


Lucy Francis said...

Bree how can there be an island even more tropical and beautiful than Hawai'i? yes you're very lucky and right now i wish i could in your flip flops:-)
I also have a glass bowl full of shells i've picked up in my travels and a huge conch shell form Barbados but i'm sure your collection is far more impressive than mine. You'll be back with your little boy in no time and the race on sunday will go really well. I'll try to follow it online and send you some vibes too.

Furacán said...

Mucha suerte Bree! Ándale! :-D


Good luck this weekend.
Just like home but less hills..