Friday, December 10, 2010

For The Love of A Run...

Two of my most favorite things collided yesterday morning, a run and picture perfect views. Until January 1st everything triathlon is more relaxed, including what time of day it happens. Thursday morning I was in the mood to run, to take a drive through the country, and to get out of town. All of that happened an hour from my home in one of my favorite run spots tucked neatly in green pastures... No IPOD, no set pace, and really no focus on anything other than the conversation that was flowing and the very simplicity of running. Back to the basics and it felt oh-so-good. Runs this simple and views this refreshing make it easy to sort out the meshing of emotions, reality, and other clutter that often takes place somewhere between the end of a season and the beginning of another one. Running along I was reminiscing on all the places triathlon has taken me this season, the results both good and bad, the days of training, the nights of sleep so deep, the early mornings freezing pool side, the hard work, sacrifices, and sheer passion that I have for triathlon. A couple miles later I asked my running buddy about next season...what, where, when, how? All the things triathlon that would need to come together to make 2011 a point on the map.
I have started putting lots of points on the map. Races all over and so many new challenging courses have me more than thrilled to get back at it. However, without a plan excitement comes to a halt and that is where I find me. This is the most I have EVER indulged in "off season". My hopes are it will bring out a better me than before. SO what am I thinking?? I'm thinking stuff I never thought before and some of the same-old. Until it's time to get back at it though, Ill just enjoy the views of running, swimming, biking for the love of it and not much else...

Time to get to work... it's raining, very happy about that as it means "possible snow day tomorrow", so off to the gym in search of some strength and maybe an arm wrestling match.


Laura Wheatley said...

Wow beautiful pictures!! :)

Oscarjet said...

Sigo pensando que vives en el paraiso Amiga!!
Carlitos ya camina y me lo llevo en bici a pasear !!
Besos y abrazos para ti y Kainoa!

Lucy Francis said...

that's exactly where i am right now, with my training, all very unstructured and easy efforts...I haven't yet learnt how to deal with it though:-(
Possible snow in Hawai'i??? I aasume that's faling in Manua Kea.
Can't wait to hear what races you'll be picking. take care

Dolphin Boy said...

Was this a Mana Rd run in upcountry? Love running that road!
Now it's snow time!