Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In A Week....

This time next week the trucks will be loaded with shoes, clothes, school supplies, gifts, food, and everything else that has come in from all over the world. The following day, down to Ocean View!! That's it, only a week left and the "Spreading Aloha to The Marshallese" will make it's way into the hands of a small village! I'm still in shock it's already here. Feels like we have been working on this for months. I'll be honest, it grew bigger than imagined and has at times not only broke my heart with all we have found out about the living conditions, it's also broke my back carrying the heaviest boxes!
This project has really impacted Kainoa and for that I'm thankful. It's brought in a lot of support from all over and within the community too, for that I'm thankful. For the hands that have reached to help me and those that have offered, I'm thankful. It's gonna be so good, and this time next week will be the "night before".
Alright, I'm super tired. Coach has me back training with a program again after a few weeks of major off season slumber so this is all I got to report on. It's supper time then bed for this girl! Thanks again for all the support with this project, its super close to my heart and it wouldn't be possible without everyone!! Oh, if you want more to read, check West Hawaii Today, Kainoa made the front page! SO proud of him.... (read here).
Aloha ahiahi,


tinaparker87 said...

You, Kianoa and the community are amazing to help so many people!

IAN said...

Awesome. Great to see Carolyn wrote the article too! said...

Hau'oli lā hānau Bree!

CoachLiz said...

That is awesome about the couple from Las Vegas. You and Kainoa will be blessed many times over for your adoption of the Marshallese.

Lucy Francis said...

Let's hope that with such news coverage, the local government and businesses step in to look at the long term situation of the Marshallese people. What you and Kainoa are doing is admirable and a step in the right direction.