Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Night Before The UHAUL...

Today was the sweet part, enough sugar to feed 250 people! In fact, there was more than enough sweet stuff going on in the kitchen! We baked till the oven about cooked us, we mixed, stirred, poured, and sprinkled till we ran out of butter. Then we called it good. A handful of us tackled the job in record time and now we can rest easy knowing a party for 250 is ready to roll. As for the bitter sweet part...the UHAUL.

Tomorrow is the "loading day". Everything that has taken over in Kainoa's room, the lanai, and everywhere else has to find it's way into the giant truck. As Wendy and I wrapped 73 boxes yesterday, and 35 more are starring at me tonight, it got almost bitter sweet. The end is in site! This project became bigger than I ever imagined and tonight I got very overwhelmed trying to tie up the loose ends. Its been some of the best days working with friends to make it all happen, not to mention all the new people I've met, and of course the support from all over. It really feels like Christmas around here. However, I AM READY FOR THURSDAY to be here already!
Tomorrow the ocean is a must to unwind from the hustle and bustle. From there it's gather the last of the boxes and baked goods from Bike Works, Waimea to meet up with Hilo support (yes we got more boxes from the other side of the island). Then coach said to ride my bike so Ill do that, maybe ride it to get the UHAUL then drive the UHAUL home with my bike in it :) LET THE FUN BEGIN...load the UHAUL. Highly considering to pay the neighborhood boys 20 bucks each to do the job. I'm supposed to do a recovery jog too... like 30 minutes. By the time that happens it might be dark out, it was dark by the time I finally got to run tonight. By then I'm sure to just pass out as the Marshallese Christmas Eve will be here! Thursday morning-pick up Kainoa from his dads house, meet up with the 20 volunteers that are going to "spread the aloha" with us, then roll down South!
Okay, no more procrastinating, time to wrap! As the final hours are coming to an end, THANK YOU to those that have been supporting this project since the idea became a dream turned reality. It has been amazing...
Bring on the wrapping paper,
PS: Thank you so much to those that have sent us funding to make the feast for 250 people possible! WOW... we took over Costco thanks to you!


Oscarjet said...

Feliz Navidad Bree y Kainoa !!!
Besos y abrazos de vuestros amigos Da Spain !!!
Carlitos, Belen y Oscar.

Thorsten said...

Hi Bree and Kainoa,

happy Christmas to you .. I loved the "Hannes Hawaii Tours" bags you use to store all the stuff - reminded me of a great training week I got to spend with them this spring.


Christi said...

Merry Christmas Bree! You are doing such a great thing and you truly embody the spirit of the holidays and triathlon!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You guys are the happiest and fittest bakers I've ever seen! Rest up and pay those boys to the do the heavy lifting.

Lucy Francis said...

WOW those cokkies lok so good! Happy christmas Bree

CoachLiz said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time. Hope it goes fantastic tomorrow!