Monday, December 13, 2010

Ocean Floor...

Yesterday was all about the ocean. It was a little exciting to go from snow covered volcano as far up as you can go on the island to the ocean floor, (50ft was our deepest). If the holidays are the time of year for over indulgement then I'm really good at holidays. Really good at finding outside fun. Had a chat with coach and that has sent me into 2011 eagerness. Not totally sure what it will hold but I do know I want it. However, it's not time yet. This off-season adventure seeking girl will continue to hike mountains and dive oceans until it's all about the swimbikerun again.
This week has taken a tiny twist though. The wake-up and wonder what the day holds is now, wake up and find exercise. Not "training" just yet. Just letting the body get moving again, feel the swim, feel the bike, and feel the run. Nothing major...nothing big...nothing hard...

In the big blue, dolphins have surrounded the recent swim sessions and I've even taken to a new found excitement. Spears and three prongs! No kidding, they are totally addicting! It's like you get so close to poking a fish and you can't help but to go for another, another, another... At first I felt bad but then I came to conclude its the same as going to the market and buying fish or getting it from friends. Now I'm hooked! If Santa really was in the mood to check his naughty and nice list and I happened to be on the right list, I'd be hoping for my own three prong! The spear was a little challenging for me to hook back up under water without dropping it to the ocean floor, not to mention I almost shot someones head off!

So... this week is more of the same, wrapping up for the Marshallese project, (almost show time!!), getting back on the bike and less of the "island specialty sports", and of course making that 2011 race list. Knowing the first triathlon of the season is helping me kick it from beach bum to triathlete though...I'm crazy about getting back into the transition area, racking a bike, and putting back on the bib. After a little run with Chris Lieto, (yes he is on the island), I've received a good pep talk about the importance of this break that I MUST take. Oh, speaking of first race though, REV3 Costa Rica is mine and in honor of it here is a little somethin' to read if you plan to race or want an empanada recipe :)

Thanks for reading!


Triathlete23 said...

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It's called 220 TriLog.

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tinaparker87 said...

What are you shooting with the lense affect on the camera? Beautiful pictures.

kizzy said...

Great post..Very extraordinary cool photos..
--I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - mountain hardwear

TriGirl Kate O said...

Bree, that picture of the dolphins is GORGEOUS! One of these days I will come to the big island and go swim with you.

Have a wonderful Christmas! Abrazos!

stella latwinski said...

So fun! I fell in love with spear fishing in the Bahamas. :)

Lucy Francis said...

What brilliant pictures and SO MANY fish! this is swimming heaven for me.
Right know the only open wanter swim that awaits me is the christmas day swim )(20 yards only!) at the Hampstead Heath ponds which are covered in ice and snow and the temperature should be a 1 degree celsius if I'm lucky....BRRrrrrrr
do yow wanna swap?:-)

Dawn said...

... such a beautiful life! Love how you live it, Bree. Good for you. :)