Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today in Training...

First track workout of the season IS IN MY LEGS! It wasn't anything scary, nothing too painful, and certainly not the kind that have stars fluttering in your eyes and barf nearly coming up. It was just the beginning of running in circles again. Here, I'll share the workout. Totally easy for wherever you are at this point in the season. It serves a few purposes, the ones specific to me were of course pacing, getting my legs to turn over (not shuffle), and just getting back to business.
Warm up: 15 minutes cruise, include some drills and a few pick ups.Main Set: 3 miles nonstop running (12 loops). The curves are cruise, the straights are "pick up the pace, open up, build". It's not race pace yet, its just getting out of the shuffle. As for pacing, each mile of the 3 should get get faster than the next. Example: Our first was 7:25, second was 6:35, and the third was 6:20. So we never hit any records, just built over the 3 miles (on the straights, keep the curves easy, easy, easy). AS the season progresses it's a fun one to see where you are at from starting at the bottom (like today).
Cool down :)
From track to ocean. Pretty much it felt like a track workout in the ocean! The high school swim team is some of my FAVORITE people on Earth and today we got to be eaten alive by the fastest in the state. Don't let the happy photo fool you, as soon as the camera was tucked back in the swim suit it was a full on run-for-your-money back to the beach! I'm talking elbows and jockey for position. I LOVE IT! These kids totally motivate me.
Some eggs in a burrito. Chill out. Then an EASY little 30 minute jog. That was pretty much my day and every minute of it, (the pleasantly painful and effortlessly enjoyable), I loved...
Of course it didn't end there. Grabbed Kainoa from school and was delighted to see he is a better (much better) student at 4 than I was! Of course I'm stoked he loves the whales as much as me too! Now we are packing for our New Year's trip to the volcano. We plan to see some fire! Then camp on Mauna Loa. It's a whopping HEAT STROKE at the lava and in the 30's at the camp spot, but that's the way we roll: Fire and ice baby!
MOST Happy New Year's everyone!!


Dolphin Boy said...

Happy New Year Breezy! Have fun with Fire & Ice! Drive safe!! Cheers!!

Furacán said...

Happy New Year Bree!

Christi said...

Happy New Year Bree! I hope the New Year brings you great adventures!

Lucy Francis said...

Happy New Year Bree! I wish i got to train in such a warm environment at this time of the year but maybe not on the track.
I know what you mean about young swimmers, they're just like sardines slipping through the water effortlessly.
I loved Kainoa's description of the whales, it could almost be apllied to triathletes: migrate to hawaii (to do the race).....and bask in the warmer water (pre and after race). Brilliant :-) Have a lovely camping trip you two

Teresa said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Happy new year girl!


CoachLiz said...

Looking forward to pictures of the Fire and Ice trip.

How is it that Kainoa, at 4 years old, has better hand writing than my kid at 12 ??? Hmmm, I had better get on that.

Bria said...


Thanks for sharing your track workout - always cool to see what the pros are doing :) You are fast, woman!

Dawn said...

Happy New Year, Bree! Loved hearing about your "fire and ice" adventure! ;) Hope 2011 brings many happy chapters in your journey... I can only imagine what lies ahead for you! Thanks for always inspiring us!! :)