Monday, January 31, 2011

Catching the island...

Spent some time fishing this weekend, mostly caught Big Island. It was the PERFECT recovery, A LOT of beach time and Kainoa time. 2 weeks from today will be time to fly...oh yes, it's that time of year again when this momma jumps on planes across the Pacific Ocean to swimbikerun her heart out for another triathlon season. Let's get this show on the road! I'm pretty excited and even more excited that "round #1" will take place in Costa Rica!

As the season flows along Ill be sure to share all the things my eyes see, my legs and arms feel as they move, ache, and everything else from start lines to finish lines, and of course share the ups & downs of sport in my life. Check out these eyes (poked them out of one of the fish that became bait this weekend).
The travel is the most bitter sweet part of the year for me. It means a lot of things, like leaving behind Kainoa, (most races anyway), and the simplicity of slippers and swimsuits. It also means new opportunity, cultures, and experiences though, those things keep me feeling alive. The people I meet sometimes change my life and the people I get to return home too always have me feeling blessed. Sleepy nights await me, new time zones steal my rest, and sunrises and sunsets in other places have me looking forward to keeping my eyes wide open.
Being able to live a dream, something that you want to do with all your heart is something I never take for granted, something I know will change one day and can be taken away another day. Something that Ive been fortunate enough to have been given this opportunity despite the hundreds of others who want it just as bad. Its something I wish I was better at and will keep reaching towards becoming better at until there isn't another reach in me. It's swimbikerun, it's what I do, its how my life is lived most everyday, it's more than a job but just a job at the same time...
2 weeks till I get on that plane, step on another start line, go as hard as I can, cross another finish line, and then return home as "mom" to my favorite 4 year is good.


And Miles 2 Go said...

"It's something I wish I was better at and will keep reaching towards becoming better at until there isn't another reach in me."

THAT is poetry! :)

Lucy Francis said...

But the island you're going to race in is beautiful too and the weather is good. Of course you'll miss Kainoa but after a few days you'll be back together again.
You can only do your best on race day, enjoy the least your job doesn't involve doing business analysis and reports (very boring!) just remember that

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I simply cannot believe it's already time for you to race again - the off season went by super fast!

alina said...

like your blog very much!
what about following each other ?
i would be happy!