Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday on The Rock...

After 3 days of more than this girl has done in WEEKS, I felt like a slug crawling out of bed. It was that good slug feeling where you know you must have pushed hard and dug deep enough to make the training count, to be at least a tiny bit better than you were the day before. I'm celebrating small gains here and appreciating even the baby steps...
That said, one thing was on my mind this morning- BJ PENN. After reading his book a while ago and getting to meet some of the crew he scraps with, I sort of grew a small fascination. Twirling in my head were tons of questions I just wish I could ask him, the kind of questions that if I could hear answers from someone who smacks the $H!t out of people I'd be a little more ready to rumble myself. SO I did something, I called someone who knows him and asked about making that chat happen, too bad for me he is off island training, then into his season, and next time he lands in Hawaii it will be on Oahu. Nice try. Time to ride some hills...
Less than a mile from my house this was happening (see above). I let the "A frame" picture perfect wave only entertain me long enough to be on time for the group ride. From there it was only thoughts of getting up hills and getting the job done. After 4hrs it was a short run, again it was focus on running, and surprisingly waves dancing only entertained me enough to block out how hot it was but not distract me from what I was supposed to be doing. I think having coach on island is keeping me more focused than ever, or maybe I just really care about training these days, probably both.
The run kicked me pretty good in the okole. Today with 8-12 footers I discovered something, I think I'm growing up. Really, because all I could think of was swimbikerun. Anyways, my thirst for water was soon quenched with swim practice. Ahhhh, happy laps. I swam in the back, recovery style, and from there crawled out of the pool ready for the sunset to happen and the day to wrap up.

Pit stop on the bike :)
Found him near my pit stop too, he didn't want to stay in my jersey pocket long enough to take home to Kainoa.

Oh those beautiful waves, taking over all of the Hawaiian islands. 2 beaches closed today for the big swells. Hope coach puts "ocean swim" on the plan tomorrow!
Finally, a sunset! On the way home from swim we stopped at the beach to refuel, to watch the surf, take photos of whales breaching, and just unwind from the long day of training. Surprise, surprise my board was there waiting for me. Hmmmm, just one, okay a couple, it was cool down if you ask me. It was perfect too, just what I needed. Thankfully Pele was on my side and made the waves big enough for a short board and the reef soft enough for crash landings :)
Thursday was a goooooood day.


Kim said...

Glad you had a great day and are getting in a good groove! Yippee for 2011 Bree!! Hope to meet you someday!!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Hooray for perfect days! What is that on your leg?

donna furse said...

So perfect, what a day. I especially like the sand and blood dripping down your leg, success. Have a good one.

Lucy Francis said...

what perfect training conditions you have on your beautiful island. If i lived there I would spend the whole time outdoors, not sure if I would be able to keep my eyes on the road though!
I'm just getting into the groove of training too: got dropped by my cycling club today and had to complete the rest of the session all on my own, but rejoined everyone at the coffee shop. swimming session went well but no whales or dolphins for me- just tiles.
Happy surfing, catch a wave for me:-)