Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Ka Oi...

Today was simply the best ocean day of my entire life. For someone (me) who loves all things ocean more than just about anything, anywhere this is a major statement, and I mean it with all my heart & soul. Today Kainoa and I surfed together. For real surf, like rode waves all the way to shore, together.
Let's back up...this (see above) was Kainoa after his daddy and him had a little surf accident last year. In all things life, love, and sport, "accidents happen". This happened and it hurt me maybe more than it hurt Kainoa. He recovered nicely but seeing that little face stitched up crushed me and I never again mentioned surfing. Id surf, Id tell him about it, but I never tried to get him back in the water, as he had some fears to shake off. Made some wishes on stars that one day he would want back on a board and hoped with all my heart that we would surf together, then left it at that...
Yesterday he said, "Mom, we should go surf tomorrow." I about broke my own ears shouting in joy, that was music to this momma's ears! Without a thought "YES!!" popped out of my mouth and the arrangement for a beach day was in the making, WE WERE GOING SURFING, Kainoa was getting back on the board! Talk about proud!
Walking together to the ocean our smiles were both beaming, he was so ready. We paddled out, got in the line up, I told him to hold on, and before long we were on our first wave. I got up and he stayed laying down. As a mom you can sense when your child is just "testing the water". He wasn't ready to stand, that's cool. I reassured him we are together and the ocean is his friend, the safest spot on Earth. Next wave, paddle-paddle-paddle, I get up and he gets up! Kainoa stood and we were both up together riding the same wave on the same board just beaming with smiles! A group of guys on shore smiled and applauded us, it was incredible!
Kainoa was surfing again! After that wave he was addicted, he wanted another after another and we caught another after another. The bigger waves, the smaller ones, the ones with a face and the ones just a wall of white wash all had him excited. It was the best day in the ocean, no ka oi!!

It was a good day, a really good day here on the island. Nothing like home and the life that I am so blessed to live. As for training, I road bike AGAIN on the trainer. Its getting more fun than I imagined it could be after so many outdoor rides. Not able to say I "love it" but I do like it. Of course no Saturday is complete without the market, so we landed there too...
3 weeks from today is San Juan 70.3. Lots more swimbikerunning to go and this day totally fired me up to keep on going even when the board is shakey, you fall off, or simply paddling out is a challenge. Happy training!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue Crush...

Look how beautiful last nights sunset was! It made me that sort of happy that happens when you smile for unknown reasons, just because. Home. Where I live just does that to me. A day with friends & family or a day solo, I'm content all the same living where blue meets sand, where ocean meets sky, where green meets sunset & dark skies. All of the places all over this island.
I'm pretty sure the cops gave up on the search for the weirdo on a moped and I am over it too. I don't want him to get away with it or potentially get any other girls, but I am not willing to spend more waisted days or give him another moment of my life in the search for something ugly. I'm not giving up, if I see him I'll get the photo and report him again, but I'm so over chasing something other than sunny skies and good days.
Today I road on the trainer and will do so for the full week, I'm totally okay with it. In fact, today I LOVED it. Me and the "Blue Crush" movie made for a very good spin. Also there are tons of studies that trainers do what the road doesn't, so perhaps this weirdo has forced me to get faster :)
...of course I have back ups. Kainoa has finally earned his first belt in Karate! Now my side kick will be able to kick a little @$$. It was awesome to see him receive his belt, its a really big step. He had to be able to grasp the kicks and yesterday he got them! The little boy in front of the red belt boy is Kainoa doing a round house, hahaha... so proud! Karate belt today, driving soon, graduation, a wedding...he's really growing up!

...the Costa Rica shells are turning into some bracelets too. We have all sorts of projects happening at our house, at all times, and this is the newest one. Speaking of Costa Rica, I miss it so very much! Like a lot, so the shells are bringing back beautiful moments of sandy days along the coast of a place I love.
That's about it here on the island. Back into training, focusing on the next set of goals, and of course do my best to support the dreams of my favorite 4 year old. At the moment his big goal is to stand up surfing tomorrow. Hmmmm, the waves are so incredibly small so perhaps we can tackle that in the morning after I spin on the trainer (love the trainer), at least I can do that before he even wakes up & skip needing a baby sitter.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Ride on My Argon 18....

Ive been really, really fortunate to have been with the Argon18 crew for the last 2 seasons. I've loved my bike, let me repeat, I LOVE my bike, we have really bonded over the hundreds of miles and from this island to all over the world. SO, when the offer was given to ride for the team again this season and next, I said yes. It was an easy choice as the team, the bike, and the reps I respect so much. But then something happened. The man behind the scenes, the one who took me under his wing and became like family to me switched bike companies. With his switch (as in the tri world there is a lot of switching around) I was a little torn. Love the bike, love the man behind the bike, and soon I had an offer for another bike...
Swift Carbon is the other bike. After a long time thinking and researching and asking, I made the jump with the bike manager who has helped me so much the last 2 seasons. Let me tell you how much I trust him, Ive never even heard of this bike until a month ago. What's my point? Every now and then you get really fortunate to have amazing people in your life that you just "trust" and that's what I did. It was getting on the Argon18 team that I learned of having such a great group of people to be supported by. Anyways, I have a new bike coming and knew my race in Costa Rica would be my last race on the Argon18. I also knew it was then going to a new home.
My beloved bike has been bought and today I am supposed to send it away to a lovely girl on the mainland. All the parts, the new seat, the bars, my camo bar wrap, all to her. Happy the bike has found a new home (though it may be cold weather). Anyways, this morning I wanted one last ride on "Brenda's" bike to make sure its working perfect from the Costa Rica travel and just because. Something in me said, "no, its hers and I didn't ask", but I set out for 3 hours and decided to give her my favorite Argon 18 "kalani is wikiwiki" shirt that was specially made for me as a "mahalo" for letting me borrow it one last ride...
It felt wonderful to be cruising at home along the Kona Coast. One of those feel good rides. Let me just clue you in for a quick second, I'm the kind of girl that has guy friends that make butt comments, sometimes spank your butt on the pool deck or when they pass you running. I laugh, its them, guys/friends I know, sort of like being one of the boys in the locker room. And because I know them I know they respect me and wouldn't do that if they didn't know me like they do. Okay, that said, if a stranger does it I'm not a fan-at all. Here we go...
Cruising about 25 miles from home a man on a moped drives by slowly, stops, waits for me to pass. I pass. He drives by again, slows, smiles, and gives me a thumbs up. I give him a thumbs up thinking he is just paying a compliment that I'm jammin' pretty good out there. He then waits for me and says, "Good going, you look really strong, how far you going?" I say thanks and keep riding, he goes ahead. Then he stops and waits and literally rides next to me for about 2 miles. Like RIGHT next to me. He starts to get really close and I move over closer to the traffic cause I'm afraid he is going to get to close and knock me over, I am totally ignoring him and try to move faster. He then reaches out and grabs my butt. I scream and sit up out of aero position and tell him to stop and get away. He says, "I'm sorry, I just wanted to feel your butt while you ride." I'm more creeped out then ever and tell him to get away and then I slow in hopes he will stay ahead. He slows and gets so close I am in traffic now while he is reaching for me, he says,"can I grab you again?" I tell him get away, then he grabs my butt and sends me into traffic. At this point I'm so freaked out, no way will I stop, I'm scared he is going to knock me out. He goes away and I keep riding.
I'm not sure why I kept riding, I just did, I was in shock of what happened. Then I turn back towards home and he starts coming at me from the other direction. By this point I am so scared so I stop near a light and call for help, he continues to go back and forth, stop and go. I'm now scared, joke is over. Finally I get a ride home and the cops are looking for the weirdo. The above picture is my best drawing of him, if you see him be sure to notify the cops in Kona...
It has been a ridiculous waste of a beautiful day dealing with this man. He has not only robbed me of a beautiful ride but has a picture of me now and is looking for me. I'm a girl who enjoys riding alone every now and then, Ive never been nervous, ever, until this day. I'm not sure how I should or shouldn't have handled this situation, it was a new one for me. For the rest of the week though I'm stuck on a trainer in while this pervert is out there mopeding around. Ive also traded my sunglasses (those pink ones, so if anyone wants them you can have them), and I'm going to use a different helmet, I don't want to be the girl in a silver helmet with pink shades to him anymore. The positive thing was that I was on the Argon18 and my good ol' trusty bike kept me safe when I was moved into traffic on the second butt grab, and the bike is now moving to the mainland so no local girls on the island will be recognized with it while the weirdo wanders around.
As for my new bike, it will be here soon and I'm going to borrow my sisters bike, on the trainer of course. Don't worry, when my new ride arrives you all will be the first to receive a photo of it.
Ride safe...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting From Costa Rica to Hawaii...

Have you ever gone from one place to another and not really known how you got there? Like from home to the office, or mile 3-7 of a 10 mile run, something like that. As if the body has gone through the motions and shown up for the ride but your mind has stayed mentally absent from attending a moment of the day. That’s exactly how I feel.

I’m on flight 2 of 3 on my 16 hour and 42 minute journey home, (It will eventually become 18 hours, more on that later). I know how I got from La Hacienda Panilla in Costa Rica to the Airport, pure survival mode. But from that airport to this flight is a giant blur, maybe I need a nap. The day began at 3:30am. 4 of us would make the hour and twenty minute taxi ride to the airport and from there- our homes. Well, the 4am taxi never showed. At 4:30 we signal for help. At 4:30 Amanda has the brilliant idea to call the gate keeper and request permission to let our taxi into the “palace”. Mind you, Costa Rica is lovely but missing our flights would result in one thing, not getting home. The gate keeper says, “Ahhh, si, si, si, esta aqui (yep, the taxi is there), I will let him in, so sorry, so sorry senorita”. 15 minutes later no taxi. We call the gate keeper. “Ahhh, si, si, si, so sorry, so sorry, the taxi went to the hotel, not for you”. Wonderful, we let some other taxi into the palace grounds but he scooped up another set of people needing a ride. No ride for us.

Now 5am, my flight leaves in an hour and 50 minutes, I’m still a little hopeful. An hour 20 minute drive would give me 30 minutes to spare if we left PRONTO. We called another taxi and he assured us he could have us there PRONTO and would be here PRONTO. At 5:12 am we set off for the airport in what would become the ride of our lives. I’m talking full on NASCAR racing on the dirt roads of Costa Rica. We ran chickens, school children, and dogs off the road. At one point we were head on facing a bus at 100k an hour (dirt road) around a turn. All of us scream and took cover. We landed the right 2 wheels of the taxi in the soft sand of the shoulder and proceeded to tail slide, spin out, and piss our pants. Brian put on a seat belt, Mailika grabbed her video camera to document her death in case it ends that way, and Amanda and I held onto the “oh $h!t bars”. You know those bars that are fixed to the seats or sides of a jeep in case you flip, those. Not sure to cry or laugh, we all laughed at our speed and adventure up and over the tiny hills of Guanacaste.

We “barely” survived, I mean arrived, at 6:10am. That was 58 minutes of dare devil driving compared to the usual hour twenty. We flew, the taxi man talked on the cell phone, even stopped at a friend’s house to change drivers (don’t ask). Honestly, I thought we would be written up on Slow Twitch or some other Triathlete website as the headline, “four pros lose their lives in an over turned taxi on the way to the airport”. No joke, but I had 38 minutes till my flight, 28 minutes after I begged a man in the departure tax line to let me in front of him in hopes I get to my check in on time.. Lets just sum this up… I did not make my flight and would not be making it till March 21st, a month later. The thought of training in beautiful Costa Rica for a month crossed my mind, but thoughts of Kainoa paraded through even faster, I wanted home. 90 minutes of my best Spanglish had me on the next flight to Texas, then LA. That’s where I am now, on a flight to LA.
I really have no idea how I made it from that airport to this plane. Maybe I drank bad water. I do remember something, clearly not a dream because the man is on my flight and reminded me of this when I took my seat. Tomorrow I have to have no fruits (another story for another day), so I ordered a double sized smoothie loaded with LOTS of fruits. The man in front of me, a complete stranger, ordered who knows what. The counter help girl placed his food on the counter and I literally stuck my fingers in his bowl and took out a nut. It never really struck me that I don’t know the man, that the food was his, I was waiting for a double fruit smoothie. He looks at me, I look at him, then the light clicked on…DING DING DING, I stole a stranger’s peanut! I apologize repeatedly, offer to buy him another bowl of whatever that was, and tell him how jet lagged I am, again so sorry. He tells me to relax, where he is from that sort of thing is cool. I tell him, “I’m from Hawaii, we share everything so I’m cool, but I’m on the mainland and this sort of thing scares me here, places here people shoot people for things like this”. He laughs and tells me he is from a beach in Florida. “Fantastic, beach boys get it” I tell him. Then he offers me more. We got a laugh despite my embarrassment and desperate need for sleep. Anyways, I just boarded this plane and on the way to my seat I pass him relaxing with some nuts in first class. He tells me, “Hey I know you, you owe me a nut”. I tell him, “Sure, Ill have them send some up to first class for you”, We both laugh, now I am ready to be home where it’s safe to take your neighbors food from trees, gardens, and plates without fear of being shot in an airport.

I should land in LA in a few more hours. From there who knows when I land home. The Costa Rican airport could only get me as far as LA. I settled for that for a grand total of $150 bucks rather than being retained in the country I love second only to an island I love, till March 21st. I’m going to try really hard to get on a plane to Kona, it’s that or swim home across the Pacific. Sometimes I wonder how I ever make it from point A to point B in my daily life. Perhaps stealing peanuts causes me enough humor to stay awake through the daily moments that just sort of happen.

Several hours later…

My flight from Texas landed, I missed the 5pm flight I was hoping to get on and wound up with a departure ticket for 9am tomorrow morning. Holding my ticket the way a child holds broccoli, I don’t want it. I know it’s good for me but it’s not what I want, I wanted home tonight. The tears almost flow when I ask if there is any other airline anywhere in California going to Kona tonight. She tells me in 20 minutes American Air has a flight. I run 4 gates away as fast as I can, literally causing people to cheer for me as if I am in the race of my life. Never mind my luggage; I don’t know where it is anyway. With 14 minutes to spare I run to the check in counter (ignoring the massive line of people) and beg to get on the flight. The man tells me it’s boarding, I tell him I can run. He tells me the most outrageous price for a last minute ticket and I begin to cry. I have to get Kainoa tonight from his dad, I promised him I would be there to pick him up. A mother never promises a child a promise she can’t keep. Without even thinking I pass my credit card to the man and say, “please hurry”. Some would count it a loss of lots of money or the opportunity to party in LA for a night. To me, it was keeping a promise to the boy who counts on me more than anyone. Now I need to sell my truck to pay off that flight! (Slight exaggeration).

With the ticket in my hand I run through the lolly gaggers possibly faster than my best mile time. I arrive to the gate, boarding-departing-but still on the run way. I cry, I beg, I do the thing girls do that sometimes make a man’s strong heart get soft so they side with us, and I get on the plane. Now I’m happily over the Pacific, on the way to my son. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and this will be another one of my travel stories, the one that cost me a lot of dollars but saved a little boy from being let down by his mom….
The final flight home, adios LA...ALOHA KONA!

Next up for this travel loving, adventure seeking, triathlon racing momma is San Juan 70.3. In 3 weeks I get to do this giant trip across the USA all over again. Truly, I love it. I’m excited the next 3 weeks at home I will have lots of training to focus on, lots of lessons learned to grow from, and more goals to keep the motivation thriving. Of course, there is that 4 year old alongside me to keep it all balanced…

Happy traveling,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Just Love This Place, This Race, This Sport, This Life...

REV3 Costa Rica is now in my top 3 favorite races, ever. Seriously it was one of the best race experiences of my sporting life. The crew they reved up down here, the course they laid out, all of it just had me so fired up to jump back into sport. Sport events in Central America aren't usually the most smooth sailing so of course getting around was bumpy and you guessed it, the race was bumpy!
This race I had LOTS of goals. #1 Finish, (you know my last race was DNF so of course to finish means I'm already improving upon last season). I've been working on my swim more now that the ribs are totally healed and Coach came to Hawaii to bike with me earlier this year in a little bike focus. #2 Hold onto those Olympic fish swimmers for as long as possible. #3 Ride that damn bike the way I was riding with coach. #4 Run all the way to the finsish as fast as I can. You know, this race is Olympic distance, there really isn't much thinking, just GOOOOOOOING as fast as you can 'cause its short!
The bump of the swim was is being slightly longer than a half iron distance swim, but I could spend all day in the ocean so no worries. 2 loops, I held onto the lead pack the first loop and was stoked about that, the second loop when we got out of the water to run around a buoy then run back in was a disaster for me. Totally faded, died like a dog, but hung on to a chase pack and got off on the bike with a goal-get to the front.
Being a short race and not very confident in my run YET, I knew to have any chance of a podium with these girls I'd have to bike my heart out, literally. I just rode hard. Came back into T2 second with a couple girls from the front pack and the fastest bike split. I'll take that and needed it to keep from being eaten alive by the girls behind me. Leaving T2 with 3 women and all I saw were their butts. This is what I was expecting, not hoping, but expecting. My focus became holding my position. It wasn't easy and I forced myself to try to catch up to the butts in front of me so I wouldn't just settle for my spot (that can be too easy to do). Finished up 5th. No complaints here, lots to work on, LOTS learned, and a payday in Costa Rica-sweet!
and post race.... la playa. We borrowed some boards and played at Tamarindo. It was all sorts of fun and just the recovery we were aiming for after the race. REV3, super job with the event! For sure this is going to be on my list for next year!

LOVE this view, I will really miss Costa Rica. Beyond thankful to have been able to race here and begin the season here...

Tomorrow it is home-sweet-home and even though I love this place and hold it close to my heart, there is no place like home. Thanks a lot for the cheers, the support, and taking a minute to read this (or just look at pictures), means the world to me. And a giant shout out to REV3 for a first class event and of course that help me to make it all possible, I could not do it without you...
Adios from Costa Rica,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do It Like The First Time...

.Yesterdays children's tri-clinic. Only one little athlete showed up but she is the reason behind this post. Her only focus was to go race and she was lovin' it...
This time tomorrow I will be finishing up the run of my first triathlon of the season. Having took that massive break, the off-season/recovery season/unwind season/regroup/back to the drawing board, (whatever you like to call it season), it feels like a long enough time to go without racing. Let’s get this season started!
I’m not a big fan of looking back except to move forward. Let’s take a quick peek back, my last race of the season was a DNF. Not too exciting, at all. The one and only thing I can feel okay about that is knowing I’m at the very bottom so the only way to go is up. Seriously, I just can’t get worse than that. That leaves me with only one feeling, how it felt at the beginning of all of this triathlon life of mine.
Reminisce back to your very first triathlon. I’m betting you didn’t even think about what kind of shape you were in (off season, in season, tapered, rested, over trained). I’m guessing the bike you road, the outfit you raced in, the run shoes you wore, maybe even a snorkel mask in the swim, didn’t stop you from getting on the start line with good feelings. I bet you just wanted to be there with or without care of what others were thinking. You were about to race a triathlon! My first one was hilarious! Literally hilarious! And you better believe I love each and every moment of it.
I was of course, in a 2 piece. During the swim I swam next to a friend, side by side, stroke for stroke. Never knew of drafting, I just wanted to swim next her ‘cause she had raced once before I trusted she knew where to turn (never mind what the buoys were for). The hilarious part is the fact it was a sprint yet my bike was set for an Ultraman. I had 3 bottles, a bento box filled to the top with food, an aero bottle with sport drink, and the gels of course taped to the top tube. I knew nothing more than to go, go, go and that people usually use food in racing. I’m pretty sure I never touched any food. The run began only after I found my bike (that I lost) in transition. Of course a race belt was not on my “must have list” back then and I tied the strap from my backpack around my waist and called it good. Cussing through the entire run, reassuring myself I’d survive and can cross triathlon off my “to do before I die” list, I finished. Then something wonderful happened, the most gigantic smile ever beamed across my face and I was on top of the world wondering when I can do another one.
No way, I was not even close to winning the thing. I wasn’t one of those girls that ran or swam in college then landed in triathlon and just was amazing from the start. Nobody in my family had ever done one either. I just loved it so much and that was pretty much all I had going for me, like I REALLY loved it. Thought about it, talked about it, read about it every chance I got. Triathlon was amazing. From that first race to my DNF last race so much has gotten in the way, mostly me.

I am so excited to rack my bike tomorrow morning, to swim like the first time I swam, to ride as if I know what I’m doing, (this time without the ultraman fuel), then to run to the point I’m cussing at myself, just like in that first race, (that should be easy, the run is pretty darn sandy tomorrow). Back to day one is the coolest feeling, starting all over again, nothing to lose.
To all the REV3 triathletes tomorrow, hope your day is nothing but lovin’ it, kinda like your first triathlon…


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Locked Out...

It's been like this, beach-mansion-beach. I'll explain. I got to Costa Rica a little before the REV3 crew to shake out the legs from the massive travel from Hawaii and of course, just to be here. All was amazing, little town, little beach, pretty much the way I've always known this place to look, feel, and smell. Then came the day we get to check into the REV3 palace... it looks like this, see below...
Truly clueless that places like this even existed here. It's beautiful for sure, but it left me missing the little shacks snuggled under palm trees and the chickens all over the place. Oh believe me Ive enjoyed the warm water showers (first time having warm water in Central America). The giant room with a patio wrapping all around it has had me totally feeling like a princess, but now I want some Latin Lover to come serenade me like in the movies. I guess when REV3 said it would be a "first class" experience they were not kidding.
So whats been happening at the palace? Nothing. Its a great spot for me to stay out of trouble. The high-lights of the morning were dancing to the Spanish top 10 count down. Yep, the salsa was happening in room 18 of the palace! Then I went to the beach and of course got locked out. Man that never happens in the hood, we can bust through a window or something, so of course I had to find a way and I did. Now Im waiting to go swim at the race site-SO EXCITED to see it!

The best part of the morning was a run through the 4,500 acres of farm land we are hiding in. Its truly beautiful. I found a nice trail that lead to a nice beach. The biking is pretty cool too, a lot like being on a roller coaster with 2 wheels and you move the thing with your legs, "up and down, up and over". So happy and so blessed is how I am feeling right now, dont let my passion for the untouched simple life that I adore be mistaken for the sarcasm I am putting on my new life in the palace. It's good for this trip, new for me, but of course, the beach and simple life will always have my name written all over it...

Playa Langosta I ran to this morning (no photos, sorry, I was working). Langosta I have surfed at before and its the same as it always was. This beach (above) we took the local transport to. Its the same as ever too. Its such a different vibe being here as a triathlete and not as a surfer. In a really special, undescribable kind of way Im happy about the way life has unraveled for me. As for getting my race day focus on...yes. I'm so excited to race and as it gets closer to Sunday the butterflies grow, the heart pounds a little faster, and my entire body wants to get swept up in the adrenaline of this sport that has now replaced a surf board and some wax. Oh, ignore all the spelling mistakes, my computer is trying to change everything to Spanish and not letting me do English spell check...gracias.

Pura Vida,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Landed in a sweet spot...

When you've done something or been somewhere so many times, repeatedly, it helps keep the moments simple and familar. Being far from home is no big deal at the moment-thankfully, I've been in this country countless times before. Racing Sunday will hopefully fall as naturally into place, being that I have swam, biked, and ran SO MANY TIMES BEFORE. It's all about shaking out the off-season and getting going again....oh but those butterflies are creepin' in big time!
I read this thing Steve Rink posted this morning, taken from Dave Scott. It really set the mood for me. "If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race. It's up to you". Sounds so unbelievably simple and isn't that what it's all about when the gun goes off?! Just go, the body knows what to do, its always the thinking that gets in my way.

I love being here. This place smells the same as always, looks different though. The road is paved where it used to be dirt and now there are a dozen surf shops and hotels all over. This one at least had a bikini sale happening. I didn't buy one, but I want to.

...and the surf is up. It's super pretty out. Im playing on the computer to keep the temptation from playing outside far away. Ive never been good at sitting around so this recovery week in a sweet spot such as Costa Rica is enough to make a girl feel like Dennis the Menace, always up to something. In fact, I've already finished an entire book and started a second book! Thats what happens when BREE WEE is put inside 4 walls, speed reader! I'm always trying to soak up something new, if it can't be living it I wanna read about it...

Home from breakfast and now waiting 4 more minutes till Im taken from this little "out of the way, tucked under the palm trees, nook in the wall" place and taken to the pro "palace". Ive yet to see it but here it's amazing, ill let you know...
Adios for the moment,