Monday, February 7, 2011


Monday started out like usual-"let's get this party started". Ive always been a big fan of Mondays, it's the "fresh start" thing I suppose. On the drive to the bay they always announce the horoscopes, I don't believe them but listen anyways. Mine said, "11am is your lucky hour". Let's just say my morning got flipped turned upside down and the swim happened much later then it was supposed to, after the run, after a bunch of other things. But I was pretending 11 would be my "lucky hour" anyways.

Guess it was my lucky hour at 11am because I was deep in the ocean!! (ignore the fact my watch says Saturday May 19, gotta fix that). It was one of those runs this morning where I wanted to run longer and this swim was one I wanted to swim longer, love those training days and wish they always felt that desired. Anyways, I was loving the swim so much more than usual. I ran into a fish Id never even seen in all my bajillion ocean swims, it looked like Rainbow Brite with gills, it was so beautiful! Then I actually felt like I was a fish, not just floating, it felt like strong swimming. Happy, very happy. It set me up for the perfect start to a new week... baby puffer :)
During cool down I was wondering how on Earth I got my ocean passion from the parents I was born too. My dad was a farmer, still does all the barn/country things. My moms sport was water ballet for a little while. Maybe that's where I learned to hold my breath underwater, but her grace and skills skipped me. I tried to hold my legs up above the water like she would and they came crashing back down, nearly had a boat come rescue me for the awkward poses I was attempting.
Guess what else happened? My lucky puka fell off. The ocean peeps say my wish will come true when the string breaks, it broke. My wrist now feels naked but if my wish comes true I'm cool with that. Back to Monday... it wasn't all beautiful. On the run something ugly came into view.
There was a visiting from the mainland family walking along the Honls seawall and the little girl wanted to stop and watch the surfers. Her dad grabbed her hand firmly and pulled her away from the views that captured her attention. She ran back and he grabbed her away again. She cried out, "I just want to see, just once". He wanted her out of the sand and on time to breakfast. Tears soon flooded her face and she walked grudgingly with her head down to breakfast.
My heart broke for her. I cant imagine being in that big of a rush to anywhere, to not allow a child a moment to see something that grabbed her heart so much. I'm not sure how often she gets to even see a beach much less Hawaiian surfers on beautiful waves. That made me really appreciate the fact the pace of life I live always has time to enjoy the moment. Speaking of moments, a donkey showed up post swim down at the Bay. And yes, I took time out to pet him. Life is so much sweeter when you appreciate the moment you are in so much that yesterday and tomorrow aren't even tempting you to think on them.

Tomorrow is my "challenge day". I have one of those every week to help me learn to push out of my comfort zone not just physically but mentally. Those days are very much needed in this girls sporting life. On that note, Monday is now star covered and moon lit, time to call it a day. Aloha ahiahi,



tinaparker87 said...

You know, thanks. I think I give just before I push my body to the next level. The adrennal is going, but I nedd to go past that point. Maybe I can do that this week. Beautiful pictures.

Lucy Francis said...

You're very lucky to have a more relaxed pace of life. With me is rush, rush all the time, always multi-tasking.
oh bree! get another Puka bracelet soon. I've just googled it and it says it keeps the wearer "traveling" safe in the sea!
enjoy your beautiful island and every single detail. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your thouhts. they always brighten my day.:-)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Puffer fish are my favorite!

Furacán said...

I love the pic with the donkey. A beautiful spanish word for this animal: jumento, do you know?

marian said...

i have petted that donkey too!
aloha to manini beach. i miss it.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

You know I normally enjoy Mondays too. It is Tuesdays that normally kick my ass.