Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue Crush...

Look how beautiful last nights sunset was! It made me that sort of happy that happens when you smile for unknown reasons, just because. Home. Where I live just does that to me. A day with friends & family or a day solo, I'm content all the same living where blue meets sand, where ocean meets sky, where green meets sunset & dark skies. All of the places all over this island.
I'm pretty sure the cops gave up on the search for the weirdo on a moped and I am over it too. I don't want him to get away with it or potentially get any other girls, but I am not willing to spend more waisted days or give him another moment of my life in the search for something ugly. I'm not giving up, if I see him I'll get the photo and report him again, but I'm so over chasing something other than sunny skies and good days.
Today I road on the trainer and will do so for the full week, I'm totally okay with it. In fact, today I LOVED it. Me and the "Blue Crush" movie made for a very good spin. Also there are tons of studies that trainers do what the road doesn't, so perhaps this weirdo has forced me to get faster :)
...of course I have back ups. Kainoa has finally earned his first belt in Karate! Now my side kick will be able to kick a little @$$. It was awesome to see him receive his belt, its a really big step. He had to be able to grasp the kicks and yesterday he got them! The little boy in front of the red belt boy is Kainoa doing a round house, hahaha... so proud! Karate belt today, driving soon, graduation, a wedding...he's really growing up!

...the Costa Rica shells are turning into some bracelets too. We have all sorts of projects happening at our house, at all times, and this is the newest one. Speaking of Costa Rica, I miss it so very much! Like a lot, so the shells are bringing back beautiful moments of sandy days along the coast of a place I love.
That's about it here on the island. Back into training, focusing on the next set of goals, and of course do my best to support the dreams of my favorite 4 year old. At the moment his big goal is to stand up surfing tomorrow. Hmmmm, the waves are so incredibly small so perhaps we can tackle that in the morning after I spin on the trainer (love the trainer), at least I can do that before he even wakes up & skip needing a baby sitter.
Happy weekend!


Lucy Francis said...

what a beautiful sunset. Here if the sky is red in the evening it's a sign of rain the next morning. something to do with the sunlight reflecting off the particles of moisture in the air.
keep up the training on the turbo and we can't wait to see your new bike. have a lovely weekend

John said...

oh.. so beautiful sunset.

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