Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Landed in a sweet spot...

When you've done something or been somewhere so many times, repeatedly, it helps keep the moments simple and familar. Being far from home is no big deal at the moment-thankfully, I've been in this country countless times before. Racing Sunday will hopefully fall as naturally into place, being that I have swam, biked, and ran SO MANY TIMES BEFORE. It's all about shaking out the off-season and getting going again....oh but those butterflies are creepin' in big time!
I read this thing Steve Rink posted this morning, taken from Dave Scott. It really set the mood for me. "If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race. It's up to you". Sounds so unbelievably simple and isn't that what it's all about when the gun goes off?! Just go, the body knows what to do, its always the thinking that gets in my way.

I love being here. This place smells the same as always, looks different though. The road is paved where it used to be dirt and now there are a dozen surf shops and hotels all over. This one at least had a bikini sale happening. I didn't buy one, but I want to.

...and the surf is up. It's super pretty out. Im playing on the computer to keep the temptation from playing outside far away. Ive never been good at sitting around so this recovery week in a sweet spot such as Costa Rica is enough to make a girl feel like Dennis the Menace, always up to something. In fact, I've already finished an entire book and started a second book! Thats what happens when BREE WEE is put inside 4 walls, speed reader! I'm always trying to soak up something new, if it can't be living it I wanna read about it...

Home from breakfast and now waiting 4 more minutes till Im taken from this little "out of the way, tucked under the palm trees, nook in the wall" place and taken to the pro "palace". Ive yet to see it but here it's amazing, ill let you know...
Adios for the moment,


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Enjoy the time you have in CR. You have chosen a great "career". Remember all jobs are called work for a reason. But yours is more fun than most!!

Lucy Francis said...

que isla bonita! te queda en tu habitacion hasta la "race"...ahahaha my spanish is terrible so here goes in portuguese: "Poupa a tua energia ate ao dia da competicao e depois ja poderas ir fazer surf. nao partas nenhum osso com acrobacias aquaticas, menina!"
and yep great time to bring your reading list up to date:-)
Forca Bree! (forca is read is if writen with SS)

Charisa said...

Have fun!

Clair said...

So beautiful. Good luck and have fun out there!

Ryan Oilar said...

Really?? You passed on the bikini? race shopping!

John said...

great photos.

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