Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My yesterday started out very pretty. You know, tropical Hawaiian breezes, plumerias by the sea, and of course a little sand on the feet. Despite the swell that rolled in, the ocean was still perfect for a good swim session in the Pacific. Doing my best to soak up the salty water and appreciate the easy start to what would get challenging, I knew a little ugly was about to happen. Once a week this ugly happens and it always makes me want to cuss, paint my nails black or dark blue, and give dirty looks. Don't ask, the ride that I do brings out a really different, slightly dark side of me.

My ride starts here, the helicopter landing down in the pit. It's a cool spot, ancient Hawaiians are buried all around here and one of my favorite cliff jumping spots is just a walk away. The end of last season coach added this to my training maybe once or twice a month. We climb out of the pit, along the back end of Alii rollers, then hang a right up Kam3 and head to the highway to finish it off. It's not a super steep climb but it's not a flat ride either. It's a hill that you can "race" not just grind though burning the quads.
Last year it always took me roughly 13-14 minutes from the pit to the top. Coach has me do it 3x after an hour ride, the recovery is riding back to the start point. The start of the season we decided I would do this once a week and learn to push for a goal of breaking 12 minutes (I need goals, mini ones like this). last month I finally broke 13 minutes. 3 weeks ago I had Cody with me and got 12:19. Last week I made 12:09 on the 3rd round (1st up is mello, round 2 is push, round 3 is go for the goal). Yesterday I was so tired, my legs ached, and my head was suffering the "I need a nap" thing. BUT this day only comes once a week and I really wanted to make it count. So... I rode my bike as best as I could without excuses and told myself the workout isn't going away. Round#1, 12:19. Happiness flooded my entire body, all the "harden up" and cussing I did at myself must have talked me out of the excuses that tried to entertain me, my mello one had me believing this day could be the day...
Round #2. I was going for it, I know round 2 is "push" and round 3 is the "race" but I decided to go now, must have been the cussing and blue nail polish. Reaching the top-11:53!!!!! Never have my legs shook like that, my head spun like that, or has my head believed like that. Jaw dropping for this girl. Coach always told me I had a sub 12 in me and that it would take hard work and doing this weekly but Id get there, and finally I did. Sooner than I was expecting (Yeah, I know, my sour self confidence at the moment was thinking maybe by April), but it happened Tuesday. Then the day got super breakfast came back up and I fell over into a pile of "I just kicked my own @$$". Some man walking his dog started to clap for me, thank you.
Back down into the pit, catching my breath, I looked over at the burials that crowd the area and thought of all the ancient Hawaiians that suffered just to make it to that point (End of the world is what we call the location). I'm not supposed to stop there, it's hit the bottom and go back up 3x nonstop. But I stopped, still holding back my breakfast, and I learned something. It feels SO GOOD to reach a goal. I have not reached my goals in a VERY long time. I almost forget how amazing it feels. In fact, when you go so long without reaching any goals two things can happen, both happened to me over the last several months. The first is that you continuously fall short over and over again that you lose confidence and begin to let doubts and fears entertain you. The other is that you risk having to question what you are reaching for, what the goal was from the start.
This ride, what coach did, is provide me with an opportunity to succeed and to continuously see improvements (a step closer to the goal). That's a good thing for a girl like me. It was a goal that each week I got to reach for, it was one that hurt enough the hard work would build up confidence, and at the same time it was one I believed was possible despite not knowing when exactly.
From there it was another hour of riding, then a run. The day smashed me up good, better than I've been smashed up in a long time. Pretty much it was a kick where I needed to be kicked. It was far from the pretty plumerias, I really need to get away from them a little more to hurt this good. Then I got a cool Hawaiian quote to go with the effort: I mua e na poki'i a inu i ka wai 'awa'awa, 'a'ohe ho e ho'i mai ai (Move forward, persist). Sometimes that is all you can do, move forward, and today the babysteps finally reached the destination.
The evening ended with Kainoa's banana splits and filling water bottles for a 5hr ride the next morning. A few more days like these, then time to pack for Costa Rica REV3. Oh believe me I am beyond excited. Way beyond....
Happy Training,


chr15 said...

I generally save the puke setting on my effort-o-meter for race days. Awesome. But so glad you saved us the 'full screen' photgraphic detail :)

The Lazy Triathlete said...

You have to love a woman that is not scared to show us her "breakfast".

Lucy Francis said...

do you know what my spinning instructor says?"if you're about to throw up....that's the right intensity" kidding Bree, he would 've loved you being in his class :-)
as always, the only way to achieve a goal is to keep at it until you get there.
If you hear about the cycling route for london olympics, that's got a nasty puke inducing hill - Box hill:

where we also train in spring/summer

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Any day that ends with a banana split is a mighty fine day.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work on the hill despite the puke, puking sucks, but sometimes we go so hard that we do puke.

So.. Congratulations, You won the Pukie Award, It is an award and recogintion for hard work that leads to puke, stop by my blog, it is towards the bottom of todays posting if you like to see and claim your award. Its a big deal for the age groupers to recieve it and the love it, you are the first pro to earn it

have a great day


I have never gotten the BDD Pukie Award myself, so congratulations.
Do you really have to show banana splits after vomit.... I'm working on a Pukie award right now and I am at my desk working..

Jason said...

That is a great workout and proof that with hardwork all is possible. I love the fact that you put blind faith in your coach and did it.

As for the Pukie Award....pure awesomeness. I earned my first pukie last week and still 'glowing' about it ?!?!

I encourage you to head over to BDDs blog ( and claim your award. The other AG'ers would love to see you there.

Good luck to you in the upcoming season.

Rob said...

Move forward and persist..Good advise your going well girl keep digging deep..